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Gaurav Gupta

I am gaurav gupta living at Noida in India.

How Digitalization has changed the face of Indian Economy. How the Digital Economy has flourished for years: We have been hearing Digital India, Digitalization, Digital world etc for last one year and most of us feel that the words are famous because of the initiatives taken by the incumbent government headed by Mr. Modi . But unknowingly we have been a part of Digitization for last so many years. Most of you have used digital platform for years unknowingly becoming a part of digital world by making railway reservation online, buying Air tickets, bus tickets online or making payments by credit card, debit card, etc. Promoting Digitalization is a Governmental initiative to give all services to every citizen on their portals or electronically, to make the transactions transparent and smooth. The latest push is going to usher in a new era (like how computerization did in public as well as private sector almost two decades back) where currency notes will be a thing of past. digitization explained in layman’s language is simple.

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