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15 Best Pitch Deck Templates: For Business Plan PowerPoint Presentations. Accenture Drones Construction Service. Construction monitoring by drones. The Top Commercial Drone Construction Videos - Part 1 - Commercial UAV News. We’ve looked at videos which showcase how drones are being used in utilities, agriculture, search & rescue and mining, all of which have demonstrated the versatility of UAVs.

The Top Commercial Drone Construction Videos - Part 1 - Commercial UAV News

In many of these industries, the restrictions around flying beyond visual line-of-sight present challenges for operators, since they’ll usually have vast areas they’ll want to fly over. Construction sites are typically much more limited in scope, making drones the ideal tool to document what is and isn’t happening for various stakeholders. Most of these videos below do a great job of illustrating the info and data that can be captured via a drone, but understanding the specific ways construction professionals use this data aren’t always as apparent.

To get some specific insight from professionals around how they’ve been using these tools, check out a recent webinar from Skycatch that details how drones are creating new opportunities within the construction industry, as well as one hosted by sister site SPAR 3D. 6 Great Uses for Contruction Drones - Dronethusiast. By Blake Anderson Are you a construction engineer or are you perhaps rebuilding your home?

6 Great Uses for Contruction Drones - Dronethusiast

Or just remodeling your home for a fresh look? From scoping out the big picture above to drastically improving safety and efficiency in your business, drones are a great way to make sure that your construction project is the best it can be. For as long as humans have been on the planet, the construction industry has existed in one form or another. Though it may have been primitive, there were many different projects being erected, from temples and ancient structures, right on up to luxury homes with 4-car garages. These days you will see many more of the latter going up, as well as mid sized homes and condominium lofts.

With rising population in huge cities, many building projects must go up, as they did in Sao Paulo and Hong Kong decades ago. It boggles the mind to try and think about what those landscapes must have looked like with all of these towering structures in the making. Planning Summary. Drones for Construction. Drone Software for Construction & Surveying. 6 Things Drones Will Improve Next Year. If you time traveled from the 90s to today, many parts of society would look different.

6 Things Drones Will Improve Next Year

However, there are parts that haven’t changed a bit. One part being, the sky. The sky is still relatively naked, save a plane or two. This emptiness, however, won’t last for long. But, before you start seeing how it will change, it’s important to define the layers of the sky. Commercial planes have been assigned up to 39,000, typically staying between 30,000 ft and 39,000 ft. In 2012, President Obama assigned Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), aka drones, up to 300 feet. However, during last Christmas, it was anticipated for drone sales to touch 1 million units, which was a major concern for (FAA) as it significantly increases the probability of malicious use and accidents, for those reasons (FAA) made it mandatory for all UAS to register. Now let’s look at how drones will impact various industries. 1. The contractor space is extremely competitive. However, prevention is always the cure. 2. Groundbreaking. Uso de drones para el sector de la construcción.

Aplicaciones en sectores Mientras esperamos recibir una pizza voladora, nos debemos fijar en el importante servicio que pueden aportar desde el cielo recopilando gran cantidad de datos, ya que en sectores como la agricultura o la construcción es donde está la verdadera revolución.

Uso de drones para el sector de la construcción

Agricultura Se espera que en los próximos años el uso de drones para tareas agrícolas llegue al 80% en los Estados Unidos, ya que hay muchas más aplicaciones en este campo que en cualquier otro. Un dron puede volar y crear un mapa 3D de una parcela, lo que permitirá comparar el índice de vegetación, las elevaciones, así como cualquier otra información relevante expresada con una precisión bastante aceptable.

Esto podrá permitir monitorizar el estado de los campos, incluso diariamente para poder comprobar a “vista de pájaro” cuál es el estado del cultivo, llegando incluso a tratar con fertilizantes o pesticidas aquellas zonas que estén afectadas únicamente. Construcción. Supervisión aérea con drones de construcciones y obra civil - Skydron. Drones para todas las necesidades. La edición 2014 de ExpoAgro (en la Argentina) permitió apreciar las bondades de los drones en la industria agropecuaria.

Drones para todas las necesidades

Para muchos proveedores locales —buena parte de los cuáles proveen soluciones a medida, armadas por profesionales que vienen principalmente del aeromodelismo y del tratamiento de imágenes— hubo “un antes y un después”. Sin embargo, la realidad muestra que, en los últimos años, los drones están siendo empleados en numerosas aplicaciones civiles, y los casos de uso (y las industrias verticales involucradas) se multiplican. “ICAP se posicionó durante este año como el principal proveedor en soluciones de drones para la Argentina y América Latina”, sostiene Patricio Etchegaray, Product Manager de la línea Drones de ICAP. En este mercado emergente, ICAP supo capitalizar rápidamente las necesidades de los clientes, brindando asesoramiento sobre el nuevo abanico de soluciones y mostrando las nuevas posibilidades que estas tecnologías permiten.

Energía, Oil & Gas.