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31 Must-Read SEO Experiments and Test Findings. How do you completely de-personalize Google results? I asked this question to Twitter the other day but didn't get any answers I hadn't heard before.

How do you completely de-personalize Google results?

I'm hoping this post uncovers something new. A bit of background. SEO Project Management - MozCon 2012 - By Aleyda Solis. New notifications about inbound links. Webmaster level: Advanced Lots of site owners use our webmaster console to see how their site is doing in Google.

New notifications about inbound links

Last week we began sending new messages to sites with a pattern of unnatural links pointing to them, and I wanted to give more context about these new messages. Original Link Messages First, let's talk about the original link messages that we've been sending out for months. When we see unnatural links pointing to a site, there are different ways we can respond. In a few situations, we have heard about directories or blog networks that won't take links down. Google Pushing Out Panda Update 3.9 Tonight. Gaming Report. What is Link Building?

Gaming Report

At its essence, link building is the process of getting other websites to link to yours. Traditionally, link building has been an "active" process, meaning that you go to other websites, directories, etc, and request, purchase or exchange a link from that site. Recently, however, the practice of creating engaging and "link-worthy" content (such as you are reading right now) has become a "passive" form of link building, where your website gains links on its own merit. Whichever method you prefer or your market requires, in the end, any strategy or tactic that is executed with the intent of gaining links to your website qualifies as link building. Link Building Campaign Strategies, Tips & Techniques. Share photos and videos on Twitter. Gifts, Non-Events Report. How Huffington Post's Clever Traffic-Generation Machine Works. Kung-fu Panda vs. Ninja SEO - Carlos Redondo en Congreso SEO Profesional. Carlos Redondo hablará de Panda y de Pengüin.

Kung-fu Panda vs. Ninja SEO - Carlos Redondo en Congreso SEO Profesional

Essential Enterprise SEO Reading: Happy 4th of July. While many are on vacation this week, we’ve collected a list of must-read articles for the SEO professional.

Essential Enterprise SEO Reading: Happy 4th of July

We hope you had a relaxing 4th of July! Infographic: Just How Interested is the World in SEO? Mashable featured an infographic by BlueCaribu today, featuring some aggregate statistics about searches on SEO. An interesting one: the United States ranks 4th among countries interested in SEO – behind India, Pakistan, and the Philippines. See the full infographic. Linkbuilding en redes de blogs - Miguel Pascual en Congreso SEO Profesional. Financial Services Report. Hotels Report. One-Word Queries Up 19 Percent In Last Year, Hitwise Says. It looks like searcher behavior is changing.

One-Word Queries Up 19 Percent In Last Year, Hitwise Says

The folks at Experian Hitwise said yesterday that one-word search queries are up 19 percent since last year. Here’s the chart: I always like to point out that this isn’t exactly a measurement of all search queries — as you can see in the headline of that graphic, it’s a measurement of searches that produced clicks. In other words, a search like “weather in los angeles” may not produce a click because Google, Bing and Yahoo all show the weather forecast right on the search results page — the searcher doesn’t need to click.

One to the Four to a Seven and a Ten if a Thirteenizzlish in the Sixteen. Quick answer: the 12-word limit includes stop words.

One to the Four to a Seven and a Ten if a Thirteenizzlish in the Sixteen

That is, Google will only index the first 12 words of a title, regardless of whether or not they are stop words. This conclusion is derived from the fact that searching for this post by the first 12 words–some of which are stop words–returns at least 1 intitle: match, but searching by the 13th word returns 0 intitle: matches. However, a search for the 13th word without the intitle: operator returns at least 1 result, which suggests that Google indexes all words of a title but only counts the first 12 as title hits. In simple terms, this can be translated into an SEO best practice: Make sure your keywords appear within the first 12 words of your page titles.

In my previous experiment, I hesitantly concluded that Google only indexes the first 12 words in a title. I’m not sure this is accurate. However, this doesn’t necessarily disprove the 12-word limit theory. Google only indexes the first 12 words in a title. 9 YouTube video SEO Tips and tricks for better ranking. As a follow-up to last week’s post on video SEO, this week we take a deep dive into how to optimize your videos for YouTube.

9 YouTube video SEO Tips and tricks for better ranking

It goes without saying that every e-commerce site should be on YouTube. As the second largest search engine after Google, the site is visited by over 800 million unique users every month. How do you maximize your presence on YouTube? A Model For Link Building: Beyond “Great Content” Content isn’t everything.

A Model For Link Building: Beyond “Great Content”

Content isn’t the only thing. Often, it’s not a thing at all. I would say “content is king” is accurate, but only because there are only 44 current monarchs, the system doesn’t work everywhere, and those monarchies only account for a small proportion of the world’s population. If you’ve read my post on content link efficacy, you know that content as an explanatory model for everything link building is simply ludicrous. Creating the best piece of content, ever, on an insurance website will not produce the same results that the best piece of content – ever – will evoke on I Can Haz Cheeseburger. Apple Products Report. Tickets for SEO+You: Edición SEO+Developers, CAMON Madrid, Madrid, June 20. Novedades en Congreso SEO 2012. You Want Link Building? You Need Something Else! Are you interested in link building?

You Want Link Building? You Need Something Else!

Yes, that’s what you think. In reality you need something else though. Let me explain. Ponentes. Movies Report. Mortgage Report. Albany Search Engine Optimization Company - SEO Elite. Verve Search » Blog Archive Have you got the SEO Force? In that order. Ok, so technically you don’t actually need to be a Sci-Fi, chocolate and comedy fan to work here. Google Tests a New Interface for Info Panes. Last year, Google started to test a new sidebar that offers useful information about your query. As the Wall Street Journal mentioned in a recent article, Google will soon "present more facts and direct answers to queries at the top of the search-results page".

There's a large database of entities and each one has a list of relevant attributes. For example, you could search for [California] and Google displays the capital of the US state, a list of important cities, attractions, the Secretary of State, a map and a snippet from Wikipedia. SEO and the Flight To Quality. Posted by Adam Audette | May 11, 2012 | 7 comments The topic of negative SEO is a contentious one. Already, camps are forming. When experienced veterans like Danny Sullivan, John Andrews, and Aaron Wall debate hotly in threads like this one, you know it’s a subject that requires some attention.

Google reports that the Penguin update is performing well, while many sites complain loudly that they’ve been unjustifiably penalized. It’s hard to find answers, yet, in all this noise. Top SEO blogs by Blog Rank. Conversion Conference London: The First 58 Takeaways. There were many great tips at Conversion Conference London last week – too many to fit into one blog post. Here are the first 58 takeaways from the first day. More to come soon! Mobile and Real Time Optimisation The conference started with Amy Africa, CEO of Eight By Eight, packing many tips for mobile conversion optimisation into her forty-five minute keynote. Mitos del SEO que vale la pena revisar.

Mitos del SEO que vale la pena revisar Es habitual, en las conferencias y cursos para empresarios y entidades, que ciertas preguntas se repitan durante las pausas para el café, fruto del poco conocimiento que se tiene en los mandos intermedios y directivos de las técnicas de marketing online: SEO, PPC, analítica web, SMO, etc. How does Google use human raters in web search? The Biggest SEO Mistake: Spamming. Identifying Link Patterns with SEO Tools. Sharebar The other day I was doing competitor backlinking strategy analysis for a client of mine.

Essentially, they wanted to know the backlink strategies of their competitors so that they could see where opportunity exists. I want to share the strategy that I used with you, so that you can use it to fairly quickly and easily identify your client’s (or your own) main competitors, and even further which competitors you need to examine more closely for their backlink strategies. The tools I used were: High Risk SEO: 33 Ways to Get Penalised by Google. On SEO forums one of the most often discussed topics are Google penalties. Webmasters seek help to determine whether and why they have been penalised by Google. They also want to know how to deal with the penalty once it’s established that they have been hit by one. What is a Google penalty and what isn’t? There seem to be different definitions floating around. While Google employees will tell you that many SEO issues described as penalties aren’t actually penalties, most people seem to consider sudden and unexplained ranking and/or search traffic drops as a penalty.

Comments on: 5. Мартин Макдоналд на Link Love London’12: «Как победить в борьбе за ссылки: советы бывалых» User Experience and Ranking Factors - our first Seattle... Panda 3.4 drops Google News website traffic by 98 percent. Google’s New Speed Index Metric. Sign In. BrightonSEO 2012 - The Best Bits. Ponentes. Entradas para el Congreso SEO 2012. Digesting the EU Cookie Legislation. Perhaps it’s been the way in which the new legislation has been communicated, but there certainly seems to be an air of confusion.

At SEOgadget we’ve been doing quite a lot of work recently to better understand the directive ourselves, and also to work out how best to advise clients on the most appropriate action to take. Rather than writing a definitive ‘how to comply’ type post, I thought it would be pretty interesting to put down some thoughts on the matter, and discuss some of the more confusing aspects of the legislation. The challenge here is that we’re advising on a legal document, and whilst we understand cookies and the part they play in websites, we’re definitely not qualified lawyers. The Ultimate Resource Guide for Link Builders from Distilled LinkLove 2012. BlueGlass LA Interview with Chris Winfield.

In the last in our series of conference interviews (for now at least), I’m talking to Chris Winfield ahead of the BlueGlass LA conference later this month. Personally I find it incredibly useful attending US conferences in order to keep up with how the industry is developing in the States – this has included SMX Advanced in Seattle and Pubcon Las Vegas in the past – and this year I’m heading over to the BlueGlass LA event. Entrevista a Jorge González de Publigrup. Link Love London SEO Conference 2012 Recap · seohimanshu. Adding Semantics to News Video. We Will Need To Work On Authority. Does Google Index My # Anchor Links? Web Performance Optimization, Web Page Load Speed Optimization.

Most Important SEO Patents Part 10: Just the Beginning. Community-curated Marketing News. 44 Google Webmaster Tools Resources. Search Scientists Break New Ground on Search Results. SEO Explained in 90 Seconds - Specials. 10 Keys to Ranking on Google & Bing During Breaking News Events [Study] The Goth’s Guide To Link Building. Implementing Pagination Attributes Correctly For Google. Tips For Growing Keyword Seeds With Excel Formulas. How to Turn Your PR Team Into SEOs.

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Link Building Tools We Use at Distilled. Video! The search quality meeting, uncut (annotated) Understand and Rock the Google Venice Update - YouMoz. 10 Use Cases for SEO Specialists and Other Business People. The Secret Double Life of Blog Posts. Google Webmaster Tools Revamps Crawl Errors, But Is It For The Better? The Next Generation. Google Research: Yes, You Still Need To Keep Buying Search Ads.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Python! — pythonguide 0.0.1 documentation. Eight Useful Excel Functions for SEO. Python.