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Hi there! We are Tina, Morgan, and Masha: three college students looking to make the grade (literally, this account is for a class). Our goal is to create funny, relatable pop culture content and share it with you. Take a look at our collection and share what you like!

21 things that will restore your faith in humanity. Especially in the light of current events across the US and in Paris, I think we could all use a reminder that humans are capable of some pretty wonderful things.

21 things that will restore your faith in humanity

Here is a video (and descriptions underneath in case you can’t watch) of 21 acts of kindness that cross all social and cultural lines. Hopefully it leaves you feeling just a little better about the world we live in! 1. A dog owner shares tennis balls with the public in loving memory of his old kanine best friend, Phoebe. 2. 3. 4. Which DIY Snack Should You Make? 18 reasons you hate your middle- school self. Ahh, middle school: the years we all try to block out as much as possible, and for good reason.

18 reasons you hate your middle- school self

Here are 18 of the endless reasons why you now hate your early- teenage self. 1. “My mom can take if your mom will pick up” you rolled up everywhere in a packed mini- van and no shame. 2. looking back on it, you regret pretty much all of your wardrobe choices Bermuda shorts and birkenstocks were somehow fashionable, and all of your shirts had to have "aeropastle" or "Hollister" slapped across the chest. it was not a flattering time in your history, to say the least. 3. you threw the peace sign in every. single. picture. literally. Can you guess which years these 10 movies were released?

Step Brothers Correct!

Can you guess which years these 10 movies were released?

Wrong! Home Alone Lion King Star Wars The Hunger Games Dirty Dancing Forest Gump The Titanic Spider-Man Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. 10 little kid vines that relate to college life. How well do you know your current events? 10 “People of Walmart” photos that will make you cringe. Walmart is known for their low prices……and their unique clientele?

10 “People of Walmart” photos that will make you cringe

Check out some of the Walmart-goers who made it into the infamous “People of Walmart” fan club. Be prepared to cringe, throw-up, and avoid Walmart for the next few weeks. 10 Signs You Know You’re a Student Athlete. Whether you have been an athlete your whole life, picked up a favorite sport in high school, or are a retired athlete, you know what life is like when you have dedicated everything to the sport you love.

10 Signs You Know You’re a Student Athlete

If you’ve ever been a student- athlete, you’ve probably experienced these struggles that may sometimes seem bizarre to the rest of the population. 1. 10 Disney Releases to Look Forward to in 2016/17. We all have a Disney fanatic inside of us.

10 Disney Releases to Look Forward to in 2016/17

Whether it is the animation films or Dreamwork’s creations, Disney has been our favorite film and animation house since pretty much the day we were born. We thought it couldn’t get any better but just wait until you see the for their upcoming releases in 2016 and 2017! Anybody up for camping outside the theater till they come out? 1. The most anticipated animation film?

2. 15 Struggles of Being an International Student. Nothing is as exciting as finding out that you will be studying in the United States for at least the next four years.

15 Struggles of Being an International Student

Images of American Pie, huge sorority and fraternity parties, and naked mile runs fill your mind. 10 Ultimate Twitter Fails. There are just some people that should never EVER be allowed near a computer.

10 Ultimate Twitter Fails

Ever. 1. The andabuda what?? 7 Things Frozen Taught You About Life. Frozen was the first Disney movie to give us at least some realistic views of how relationships and life work.

7 Things Frozen Taught You About Life

Among many other things, we learned that life is messy, that nobody’s perfect (although Hannah Montana already covered that one), and that love is a crazy, unexpected thing. We also learned things about independence and perseverance, and we can’t help but respect the movie for bringing this to light for people of all ages. Here are some of the main points the movie subtly gave to us. 2. Relationships need time to develop Unlike any other Disney movie, Frozen taught us that marrying someone after only knowing them a day is ridiculous. 6 Funniest Wisdom Teeth Videos. What Wedding Dress Style Are You? Which Harry Potter Character are you?

Which FRIENDS Character Are You Most Like? Which Ice Cream Flavor Matches Your Personality? Besides deciding who you will spend the rest of your life with, one of the hardest decisions is probably choosing which ice cream flavor to buy at the store.

Which Ice Cream Flavor Matches Your Personality?

There are just so many options to pick from, each promising twenty minutes of sugary, ice- cold bliss. However, we have a theory about how to make this decision easier. 16 Best and Worst Dressed at the VMA’s. Every year the MTV Video Music Awards bring some hot and not so hot looks out on the red carpet. Whether its a perfectly fitted gown or an overly revealing onesie, we have seen it all! Or have we…. Lets take a look at this years stars that dazzled and the offenders that should be escorted off the red carpet and into the office of a stylist. Which Starbucks Drink Is Right for You? Starbucks has outgrown its association with white girl nation; now, everyone across the country knows about Starbucks and wants in on the fun. This general, brief run- down of Starbucks drinks can help you determine which drink best fits your needs, or it may even convince you to try a new one if you’re already a loyal customer! Some people need the caffeine, while others are more concerned about taste, and still others prefer a mix in- between.

Find out what drink could be your signature, and try it out next time you’re in the neighborhood! 1. Plain Drip Coffee. Which Best Actor/Actress are you? (2015 Emmy Awards)