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Are you looking for landscaping companies in Sonoma County? Sweetwater Landscape provides a wide range of water installation and landscape services. Contact our team to get started today

Best Landscaping Companies Near Windsor. There are more benefits of landscaping with flowers than you could imagine.

Best Landscaping Companies Near Windsor

Flowers contribute color and interest to a landscape. Many flowers cleanse the soil and water of contaminants. When creating a landscape plan, you must choose flowers very carefully. Maintaining seasonal flowers is quite a difficult task. Ways a Water Feature Can Positively Impact Your Business. Adding a water feature to your workplace is one of the most effective ways to enhance its aesthetic appeal.

Ways a Water Feature Can Positively Impact Your Business

A water feature can add visual interest and serve as a focal point. The benefits of a water feature go beyond aesthetics. It can add a sense of calm, helping reduce stress and anxiety. Here are some benefits a water feature will bring to your business. Water Feature Installation Companies Santa Rosa. Landscape Construction Companies Near Me. Building a pond is an excellent way to enhance the look of your property, and it is critical to find a pond contractor near you that is reliable and has the necessary experience.

Landscape Construction Companies Near Me

Of course, each pond contractor is different, and it is a good idea to ask them a few simple yet important questions to determine if they are the right fit for the job. Here are five essential things to consider when looking searching for a “pond contractor near me.” #1 Standard Warranty Does the pond building company offer a standard one-year warranty? A standard one-year warranty should consist of any repair work and additional replacement parts.

Choosing a company that focuses on providing superior customer service is the first step in ensuring that everything operates as smoothly as possible. #2 Pond Upkeep Services Another important thing to consider is if the pond building company offers any upkeep services. 5 Tips for Choosing the Right Landscape Contractor. Did you know that landscaping your garden could increase your property value by 77 percent?

5 Tips for Choosing the Right Landscape Contractor

No wonder landscaping is one of the most popular home improvement projects. If you cannot go outside to spend some time in nature, why not bring nature into your home? Pond Contractors near me. Sonoma County Landscape Design. Pond Contractors Near me. Pond contractors near me. Water Feature Contractors Near Me. Maintaining Your Outdoor Water Feature. Water features are both functional and attractive.

Maintaining Your Outdoor Water Feature

A water feature will add sound, texture, and movement to your landscaping. In addition to increasing the aesthetic appeal of your property, a carefully planned water feature will provide several health benefits. The sound of water moving, along with wildlife sounds, will soothe your mind, body, and soul. An outdoor water feature is exposed to the elements. Top 4 Pond Problems and Solutions. When you consider building a pond in your yard, you imagine the beautiful natural ponds that occur in nature.

Top 4 Pond Problems and Solutions

You imagine the sound of the rushing water soothing you as you relax outside with your family. You imagine the butterflies and dragonflies enjoying your new beautiful yard. And when you finally take the leap and create your own paradise, you might be faced with some pond problems. These problems shouldn’t scare you off from owning your own backyard oasis, but you should know that they may occur and have fairly easy solutions. Keep Your Pond Ecosystem Eco-Friendly. A pond is an ecosystem that provides food, water, oxygen, and shelter for various plants and animals.

Keep Your Pond Ecosystem Eco-Friendly

Many plants and animals live and reproduce in your pond. The plants and animals in your pond work together to maintain their health. 4 Things To Think About When Planning Your Landscape Design. A well-planned landscape can transform your home into the jewel of the neighborhood.

4 Things To Think About When Planning Your Landscape Design

Year Round Flowers in California. String Algae. String Algae The Monster of the Pond and Pondless Waterfalls Algae ‘Mother Natures’ most aggressive plant has been the scourge of ponds and water features since the very first one.

String Algae

Often brought on by the warming temperatures of spring and encouraged by decaying plant matter, Algae can get out of control in a flash. To simplify Algae (because there is said to be tens of thousands of species of living algae) we will break it down to two types, String Algae (stringy long, hairy) and and Pea Soup (green water) Algae. Today we are going to focus on String Algae, the causes and treatments to control Algae.

7 Ways to Keep Predators Out of Your Pond. You went out one morning and were excited to see the fish swarming the food you just threw into your pond.

7 Ways to Keep Predators Out of Your Pond

The fish are reluctant to feed and continue to hide. What happened? How to Keep Your Pond Cool in Summer. Summer can be a challenging time for pond and water feature enthusiasts. Rising temperatures can affect the health of your plants, animals, and bacteria in the water. Further increase in temperature can cause oxygen levels to fall drastically, forcing your fish to come very close to the surface to get fresh air. Why is It Illegal to Collect Rainwater in California. Before 2012, it was illegal to capture rainwater without obtaining the appropriate permit. California’s Governor Brown in 2012 passed the Rainwater Capture Act which legalized the capturing of rainwater off of rooftops.

Where many people get confused about the legality of capturing rainwater is that it is still illegal to capture water that has entered a drain off their property like a storm drain or stream channel. Another restriction to rainwater usage is that the harvested water in most states can only be used outside the house. California voters last year passed Proposition 1, which will allocate state funds to support rainwater harvesting. Some cities like San Francisco, Santa Monica, and Los Angeles have or are developing policies on new construction codes to require commercial developments to use recycled water from rainwater harvesting efforts for irrigation and toilets.

Why even care that California passed the Rainwater Capture Act? Protecting Koi From Predators. What Flowers Bloom All Year Round in California. Landscape Companies in Santa Rosa. Each year Sweetwater Landscape Inc is contacted by hundreds of home owners that live in Sonoma County and thegreater Santa Rosa Ca area about landscape construction. Some of the most common work we get contacted for is irrigation installation and repair, drainage, patios, walkways, walls, water features, landscape lighting and landscape design.

We look forward to speaking with every person that contacts us about their vision for their landscape and we always look forward to answering questions they may have. We have even been asked on occasion who would you recommend, if for some reason you could not do our project? Tips to Care for Hot Weather Plants in Your Landscape. Summer can be a testing time for plants. The summer heat can take a toll on the health of your plants. When temperatures increase, the rate of photosynthesis begins to decline rapidly. High temperatures can cause excessive water loss due to evapotranspiration. If extreme heat continues for a few weeks, your landscape plants may perish. Plants, like children, need your love and care. Everything You Need to Know About Pond Fountains.

There are several benefits of installing a pond fountain. Pond fountains attract wildlife, create a relaxing environment, and promote healthy air circulation. Is It Illegal to Collect Rainwater in California. How to Design Your Own Front Yard Landscape? The concept of landscape design in Sonoma County has reached new heights; courtesy goes to the nurturing of an amazing culture that blends fresh artistic talent with experienced craftsmanship. As we speak, times have changed. Mosquito Prevention and Water Features. Gravel in a Koi Pond. “The Age Old Debate” Business Benefits of Hiring a Commercial Landscaping Company.

Business owners must consider creating a visually stunning and inspiring landscape a necessity, not an afterthought. When someone visits your business, one of the first things they will notice is the exterior of your building, which includes the landscaping. Tips for Choosing an Outdoor Water Fountain. There are several benefits of having an outdoor water fountain in your garden. Fountains add charm to gardens. Children's Museum: Russian River. We are happy to announce that a project we worked on was awarded a global honor. The Children’s Museum of Sonoma county was voted #1 by the Landscape Architects Network as the best place to take your child globally. The criteria was meeting a child’s learning/exploratory needs that is not a play ground. Landscape Design in Sonoma County. In choosing landscaping companies in Sonoma County, it’s first important that you understand their working process.

How do they achieve their landscaping goals, and what are the key steps involved in each project? The team at Sweetwater Landscape has significant experience in the landscaping industry and in this latest post, they’re highlighting their guide to landscape design. The first step – site analysis In the first step of their working process, landscaping companies in Sonoma County will analyze the property and review ground conditions. They’ll look at the size of the space and the maintenance required. The second step – confirming client requirements The second step in the process involves working with the client to discuss their requirements and comparing their request with the available space and their budget. The third step – crafting a functional design In the third step, the landscape design team will begin on a functional design for the space. Add Life to Your Interior with Indoor Water Features. Tips to Install and Maintain a Koi Pond.

Tips for Maintaining Pondless Waterfalls. Capturing Rainwater in California.