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Explorer is here to help young kids to learn electronics and understand how their daily utility electronic appliances work.

Great Inventors of Electronics: William Gilbert. Electricity.

Great Inventors of Electronics: William Gilbert

It is the term on which our overall product has been based upon. Our journey in developing different experiments and testing them again and again, involves electricity and electronics which we consider as our holy text. Every single time when we were using those acronyms, words and syllables a curiosity arose in our mind that how those words did come into existence and who are the people behind them. Great Inventors of Electronics: Michael Faraday. “Nothing is too wonderful to be true if it be consistent with the laws of nature.”

Great Inventors of Electronics: Michael Faraday

These are the powerful words of a simple man who not only change the course of science in his era but also of coming future of mankind. His name is Michael faraday and he is the reason why we are able to illuminate our lives with a single switch and use all the electronic devices surrounding our home, workplace, companies, factories, shops, schools, hospitals etc. explorer kit is a simple example of how faraday is still making an influence on our lives and motivating us to explore new and exciting horizons. Explorer kit for kids is meant for kids and we want kids to learn, enjoy and understand the basics of electronics and also about those great inventors who shaped the path of science and technology which we are following today. He was not formally educated. Michael faraday was born in a poor family on 22nd Sep, 1791. Books brought the interest of science to him- He was a chemist too.

Everything you need to know about Inductors. Inductors are the passive electronic elements that resist the inflow change in the incoming current and store energy in form of magnetic field.

Everything you need to know about Inductors

It is quite easy to recognize any inductor as they are shaped like a coil which resembles a spring and engineers take the benefit of it the magnetic property of the element from which it is made. Generally, you will see the maximum number of inductors is made from copper. The capacity of any inductor is known as inductance and inductance depends on upon the no. of coils, the diameter of inductor and material used. Everything you need to know about PCB's.

In our journey of learning electronics we have covered many important part of every electronic circuit like transistors, resistors, capacitors etc. but the platform on which everything is placed upon is the unsung hero of electronics which always sits in the dark and is hardly mentioned.

Everything you need to know about PCB's

So, now we will talk about PCB (Plastic Circuit Board) which is the physical board on which all the electronic components are placed and connected with each other as per the need. Earlier in circuit boards there was a peer to peer connection in which wires were connected directly to the circuit and there were lots of difficulty to maintain them. For ex, there were lots of short-circuits, power failures, heat problems, connection problem at junctions and whole boards could lead to failure due to old age and cracking.

With the advancement of transistors and reduced use of vacuum tubes, now PCB got support of Integrated circuits, transistors, resistors, capacitors etc. Everything you need to know about diodes. In electronics, diodes are the two terminal active components which are used to flow current in one direction while blocking current in opposite direction.

Everything you need to know about diodes

This unidirectional behavior is called rectification and is used to convert alternating current (A.C) to direct current (D.C). explorer – Diodes However, Instead of simple on-off action, diodes can have more complicated behavior because of their nonlinear current-voltage characteristics. Everything you need to know about IntegratedCircuit. If you see an aerial shot of your city, you will find out that almost looks like an integrated circuit.

Everything you need to know about IntegratedCircuit

It has many roads which are like electronic circuits. You will find much bigger, smaller and different types of buildings which are similar to transistors, capacitors, and resistors in the Integrated circuits. An integrated circuit is really a city which has many residents in it. The number of residents can vary in size like they could be some hundreds, thousands, millions or even billions. These residents are transistors, capacitors, resistors which are fabricated over different layers and give IC a capability to become a timer, an amplifier, a computer memory or even a microprocessor. explorer – IC Before ICs came into the scene, to hold a computer’s memory people needed computers which were bigger than a double Decker bus and consumed enough power which is needed to sustain a whole neighborhood.

Everything you need to know about transistors. Transistors are semiconductor device which is considered the most important part of any electronic circuits.

Everything you need to know about transistors

They have changed the horizons of electronics and made it possible for electronic products to be much smaller and effective than earlier ones. Transistors have basically two works to perform; amplify and switch. In amplification, transistor takes lesser input and provides a much higher output. Such usability of transistors has made it a quite popular and its creators American physicists John Bardeen, Walter Brattain, and William Shockley were awarded with 1956’s Nobel Prize for physics. Everything you need to know about LED. “Oh no, not again”, my bulb went off again and I was frustrated by my inability to do anything.

Everything you need to know about LED.

It was the third time in a week that the bulb had stopped working and I was fed up of purchasing a new bulb every time. My exams were coming near and every single second was important for me and this bulb was conspiring against me. I knew that what was the simple solution to it and that was a LED. It will solve all my problems about electricity. I had heard from my neighbors and friends that they had switched from normal lights and are getting the better result. Why capacitors are also important as resistors.

After completing resistors we are moving on to next part of an electronic circuit and it is capacitors which have the same importance as resistors in electronic devices.

Why capacitors are also important as resistors.

Capacitors are also known as condensers and as the name suggests it has the capacity to store electric charge in it. It can store charge for a short amount of time and works as a small buffer area for storing charge. Capacitors are also passive electronic components like resistors, but they do not resist the electricity but just store them in the form of the electrostatic field. Everything you need to know about resistor or ohm. When we started working on explorer kit, we were so excited that we would be able to share our expertise in electronics with kids and they would be entertained too.

Everything you need to know about resistor or ohm

Is solar energy answer to power crisis? Do you remember our childhood days when we used to burn paper through a lens? We use to focus on a point and soon the paper got hot and in just some moments paper would have caught fire. It was a matter of joy for us and we did not understand that we are using solar power to make fire. Childhood is the biggest teacher which makes us an expert in doing such experiments.

Are we a science driven society or not? “The End,” my grandfather said when he switched on the T.V. He is a retired professor and most of his time is spend on watching T.V. and reading books. He wanted to see a movie but it just got ended and he was little annoyed. I told him that this movie will again come tomorrow afternoon and then he can watch it. Why girl’s education is important for India. “Please turn on the fan, Smita” I said with a sleepy voice as she was dusting the room quite hastily. She was working faster than usual and was perhaps thinking about something.

I asked her what she is thinking about and she told me that today is the first day of her daughter in her college, so she needs to go home early and make food for her. Why there are lesser women in science? How technology has changed the way we learn? Last night when I was reading from an e-book in my tab and writing it down in my notebook, then suddenly my father came into the room and asked me, “Where are your books, and why are you reading in the tab?”

I tried to answer him that it is the new edition of a book which has not come in hard copy and buying an e-book version is also quite cheap. He did not ask further questions, but I could sense that he was not fully satisfied with my answer. It is the dilemma of many parents who still think that education requires the same methods by which they had learned. Now with the advancement of technology, where every aspect of human life is getting affected by it, education is no longer an untouched field, but it is one of the most beneficiaries of technology. Now learning has become e-learning and many schools have adopted new technologies through which they can teach kids in the simplest manner and kids also have become the active part of education. What are the traits of an effective teacher? “Excellent”, said Mr. Singh after hearing my answer. How are we teaching and how should we teach. Last Sunday I went to my cousin’s place after quite a long period of time.

I was really curios to see his daughter who had started going to school. I thought see must be enjoying herself and school would be like a fun ride for her. What is Explorer and why does it exist? What can be an asset to a nation which has the potential to amplify all the aspects of lives of its citizens whether it is social, cultural, political, economical etc?