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Activity Break: Into the Wild

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Education - Real Stories. Ipads in the classroom. 9 insightful videos about using SMART Boards in the Classroom. The 2nd post in a series focused on learning about Interactive Whiteboards in the Classroom.

9 insightful videos about using SMART Boards in the Classroom

Last week we kicked off this series by learning the basics about what an interactive whiteboard is, and researched which brands are the most popular today. After discovering that the SMART Board brand from Smart Technologies controls more of the marketplace than all of the other brands combined, we then started looking into the different types of SMART Boards and their features and functionality. Today we move that effort forward by providing a number of videos that help us better understand how these devices work and what we can do with them in the classroom. I combed through the many videos about SMART Boards available on YouTube, viewed dozens of them, and selected and organized the videos below to provide a good overview of how these systems can be used in the classroom, and how they are set up and configured. I’ve grouped these videos into a two categories. SMARTClassrooms. 6 Lesson Plans That Put Ed Tech Front and Center.

If you came back to school last week and noticed a bunch of shiny new computers or carts of wireless-connected laptops sitting in your classroom, you can bet that the equipment didn’t get there on its own.

6 Lesson Plans That Put Ed Tech Front and Center

Someone, somewhere (maybe it was you?) Convinced administrators at your school district to spend — and spend big — on the promise that an influx of technology might improve the student experience. All the technology in the world, of course, means little unless teachers are prepared to embrace it in the classroom. To help educators at your school make good on technology’s promise, our editors have assembled this list of technology-based lesson plans, broken out into three subject areas: Language Arts, Science and Technology, and Social Studies. Ready to put those shiny new computers and other gadgets to the test? Innovative Projects and Lessons. Innovative Projects and Lessons Featured Examples of Innovative Projects Filter by selecting one of the categories Share this: #ettChat: SNEAK PEAK into NEW Collaboration App from @ExplainEverything with the co-creator.

Innovative Projects and Lessons

Teaching with Games. Activity Break: Into the Wild.