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View topic - Custom Song FAQ. Update: 6-12-07 Added the question about where to get Ghex at the top in nice big, red, letters.

View topic - Custom Song FAQ

I'm not going to remove the questions pertaining to Ghex at this moment since it's still in use by those lucky enough to have it before it was removed. Also added a link to my .dtb editing guides thread. Update: 5-07-07 We can now replace most text strings in the game, including the setlist names. I've updated that question to reflect. I also got rid of all 'Old Answers' I had sprinkled about as new tools/methods invalidated them, they aren't really needed anymore. I've been following the custom song scene since the begining and have seen or encountered most, if not all, of the problems and questions that arise. Guitar Hero Explorer (Ghex) is available again, pick it up in the Ghex sticky. Can I create my own songs to play in Guitar Hero and Guitar Hero 2?

Awesome! Can I use Action Replay Max or another cheat device to load custom songs onto a non-modded PS2? Is this legal? Great! Akai MPK49. Reviews : MIDI Controller Akai will be best known to SOS readers for their samplers and ever-popular MPC range - so what can they bring to the controller keyboard party?

Akai MPK49

Paul Sellars There are a lot of USB MIDI controllers around these days. Which is hardly surprising: there are a lot of computers around, too. And while I'm being observant; one of the principal jobs of computers in music at the moment is the hosting of software samplers, drum machines and synthesizers. Small wonder, then, that manufacturers best-known for their hardware instruments should be turning their attention to computer-friendly MIDI controllers that draw on their experience as instrument builders, while acknowledging the current trend towards the 'virtual' in sound sources. The MPK49 is supplied with a printed 'quickstart' manual, a PDF version of the same, and a more extensive PDF reference manual. First impressions are generally positive. Beat Surrender N-n-note Repeat & Arpeggiator. Compact Keyboard Controllers.

Download Standard MIDI File format library software for free. Midi-dot-net - A library for MIDI programming in C# / .NET. C# MIDI Toolkit. Free source code and programming help. Download demo project - 202.5 KB Contents Introduction This is the fifth version of my .NET MIDI toolkit.

C# MIDI Toolkit. Free source code and programming help

I had thought that the previous version was the final one, but I have made many changes that have warranted a new version. This version takes a more traditional C#/.NET approach to flow-based programming, which I'll describe below. The toolkit has seen many revisions over the past two to three years. Top Flow-based programming Before I get into the specifics of the toolkit, I would like to talk about its architecture. Investigating this problem led me to J. The idea is simple and will probably seem familiar to most: Data flows through a network of components. (Just to be clear: when I say "component," I'm not necessarily talking about classes that implement the IComponent interface. Below is a very basic network of components designed to handle the flow of MIDI channel messages: The flow of messages begins with the input device. Implementing flow-based programming in C# MIDI messages.