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Obamanism Is the Real Enemy. Let's all take a deep breath and count to ten. If you can't manage counting to ten, try four. If you can't even take a deep breath, have a good, stiff drink first. Let's look at the battle from a strategic hilltop a mile away, through field glasses. Fact 1. That is how they resurfaced in American life, starting around the 1970s, when the Stalinoid left conducted its infamous Long March Through the Institutions, as preached by Italian Communist Antonio Gramsci. When the coast is clear, the sickness revives and can overwhelm the body's ignorant defenses.

Fact 2. Fact 3. We are still at war with them, or rather, they have always been at war with the infidels (us). Fact 4. That is a summary of today's deadliest threat to America and Western civilization. Point 1. Point 2. Point 3. What does all this have to do with Trump? We can summarize the state of the Left-Jihad war against us in one sentence: Trump is unquestionably better than Obama. Strategic Goal 1. Strategic Goal 2. Semper fi. Hillary Clinton, ‘Smart Power’ and a Dictator’s Fall. When Mr. Jibril and his Libyan entourage showed up in Rome in May to meet with Mrs. Clinton, they expected a 10-minute check-in. Instead, they talked for nearly an hour.

The opposition leaders had already given her a white paper setting out a spectacular future: Political parties would compete in open elections, a free news media would hold leaders accountable and women’s rights would be respected. In retrospect, Mr. “She said, and I remember this, ‘Let us brainstorm about Libya,’” said Mahmud Shammam, the rebel council’s chief spokesman. The opposition leaders wanted something more immediate. Despite hundreds of coalition airstrikes, the fighting was at a stalemate. The secretary of state heard them out. But back in Washington, where a low-grade panic over the stalled fighting was setting in, Mrs.

The American military involvement that Mr. Onetime advocates of the intervention, including Ms. “We did not try to protect civilians on Qaddafi’s side,” said Ms. Now Mrs. “If you didn’t,” Mr. Why Was U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia So Influential? Since the death of Justice Antonin Scalia, liberals as well as conservatives have appropriately paid tribute to his legacy as one of the most influential justices of the twentieth century. Commentators have noted Justice Elena Kagan’s generous tribute when she was Dean of Harvard Law School. “His views on textualism and originalism, his views on the role of judges in our society, on the practice of judging, have really transformed the terms of legal debate in this country,” she said. “He is the justice who has had the most important impact over the years on how we think and talk about law.” Describing Scalia’s influence in1997, the liberal political philosopher Ronald Dworkin more or less conceded, “We are all originalists now.”

At the same time, some commentators have noted a gap between Scalia’s influence on constitutional debate in general, and his influence within the Supreme Court in particular. Only one other justice—Clarence Thomas—is a card-carrying originalist. GOP Has A Duty To Reject Obama's SCOTUS Pick. Although nothing in his political history suggests magnanimity, Barack Obama may surprise us by nominating one of those moderate-consensus types who would provide some of that national healing he promised us eight years ago. But he’s certainly under no constitutional obligation to do so. He can nominate whomever he pleases in the wake of the vacancy left by Antonin Scalia. And Republicans have plenty of precedent for rejecting his choice. I disagree with this view. I believe firmly that the Constitution calls for the Senate to advise and consent. You’ll notice, as well, that precedent only matters sporadically. Whatever precedent says, if Republicans truly believe Obama has displayed a contempt for the Constitution, they have a moral obligation to reject his choice—whether it’s someone who argues in favor of book banning or enables abusive power.

Contemporary liberalism is fundamentally opposed to any precedential restrictions that curb “progress.” Obama Speech - Confirmation of Judge Samuel Alito, Jr. Floor Statement- Complete Text. First off, let me congratulate Senators Specter and Leahy for moving yet another confirmation process along with a civility that speaks well of the Senate. As we all know, there's been a lot of discussion in the country about how the Senate should approach this confirmation process. There are some who believe that the President, having won the election, should have the complete authority to appoint his nominee, and the Senate should only examine whether or not the Justice is intellectually capable and an all-around nice guy. That once you get beyond intellect and personal character, there should be no further question whether the judge should be confirmed.

I disagree with this view. I believe firmly that the Constitution calls for the Senate to advise and consent. I believe that it calls for meaningful advice and consent that includes an examination of a judge's philosophy, ideology, and record. And when I examine the philosophy, ideology, and record of Samuel Alito, I'm deeply troubled. America’s Ruling Class — And the Perils of Revolution. As over-leveraged investment houses began to fail in September 2008, the leaders of the Republican and Democratic parties, of major corporations, and opinion leaders stretching from the National Review magazine (and the Wall Street Journal) on the right to the Nation magazine on the left, agreed that spending some $700 billion to buy the investors' "toxic assets" was the only alternative to the U.S. economy's "systemic collapse.

" In this, President George W. Bush and his would-be Republican successor John McCain agreed with the Democratic candidate, Barack Obama. Many, if not most, people around them also agreed upon the eventual commitment of some 10 trillion nonexistent dollars in ways unprecedented in America. They explained neither the difference between the assets' nominal and real values, nor precisely why letting the market find the latter would collapse America.

The public objected immediately, by margins of three or four to one. The Political Divide The Ruling Class The Faith. Denying the Obvious About Islamist Terror. Running With the Predators by Heather Mac Donald, City Journal Spring 2015. Liberal elites continue to condemn law enforcement and excuse inner-city crime. A December 2014 protest against the police in New York City Starting in late summer 2014, a protest movement known as Black Lives Matter convulsed the country. Triggered by the fatal police shooting of a black teenager in Ferguson, Missouri, the movement claimed that blacks are still oppressed by widespread racism, especially within law enforcement. The police subject black communities to a gratuitous regime of stops and arrests, resulting in the frequent use of lethal force against black men, according to the activists and their media and academic allies. Indeed, America’s police are the greatest threat facing young black men today, the protesters charged.

The protest movement’s indictment of law enforcement took place without any notice of the actual facts regarding policing and crime. Goffman contends that it is the legal system itself that is creating crime and dysfunction in poor black communities. Rahm Emanuel is a national disgrace: Why he represents every worst instinct of the Democratic Party. The scandal surrounding Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel’s grossly corrupt and negligent handling of police violence in his city keeps getting worse and worse. Ever since Chicago was forced in November to release video showing the gruesome police killing of black teenager Laquan McDonald, Emanuel has been on a quest to save himself from being driven out of office. He has publicly shed tears over McDonald’s death and announced a raft of new measures intended to show that the Chicago Police Department is reforming itself.

Yet events, many of them of that same police department’s own making, continue to disrupt Emanuel’s plans to evade responsibility. Emanuel’s proposed reforms actually came after yet another police scandal. As 2015 drew to a close, he decamped to Cuba, hoping for some rest and relaxation. But it’s not just external actors making Emanuel’s grip on power more tenuous. It’s equally clear that Emanuel does not deserve to run Chicago for even a second longer. On Guns, Democrats Have Nothing Left But Emotion. The Left's argument is now just one giant appeal to emotion. A few days ago, Barack Obama choked up pitching his recent executive actions aimed at gun owners. Here’s what “The Daily Show’s” Trevor Noah had to say about the episode (Esquire says it was “possibly the greatest monologue of his career so far”): See that thing you’re feeling right now, that pain in your chest that comes from watching someone weep on national television, because he knows that society can do better than to file the shooting of children under ‘shit happens.’

That feeling is how you know that you’re human. No matter how opposed to Obama’s policies some people may be, or how cynical their politics, they have to at least acknowledge and respect the raw authenticity of that emotion. Or so you would think. Does raw emotion necessarily deserve “respect?” No we don’t. A free society can’t function if its overriding purpose is to ensure that every single person enjoys a risk-free existence. The Left's Betrayal of America.

The progressives have undermined American security and damaged race relations. The Bolshevik leader Leon Trotsky once described Stalinism as “the perfect theory for glueing up the brain.” What he meant was that a regime as monstrous as Stalin’s, which murdered 40 million people and enslaved many times more, was nonetheless able to persuade progressives and “social justice” advocates all over the world to act as its supporters and defenders.

These enlightened enablers of Stalin’s crimes included leading intellectuals of the day, even Nobel Prize winners in the sciences and the arts such as Frederic Joliot-Curie and Andre Gide. But brilliant as they were, they were blind to the realities of the Stalinist regime and, therefore, to the virtues of the free societies they lived in. What glued up their brains was the belief that a brave new world of social justice — a world governed by progressive principles — existed in embryo in Soviet Russia and had to be defended by any means necessary. Uk.businessinsider. Guns and Racism. Obama and the Insanity of the Liberal Mind. Paine may have been discussing the British monarch circa 1776, but his insight is equally applicable to Obama and Co., who reign like kings while exhibiting ignorance and incompetence.

This is particularly surprising, given that many liberal policymakers, including Obama, are highly educated, and therefore presumably adept at critical thinking and analysis. But after seven years of Obama leading the Democratic Party in insane notions of transforming the country, it is clear that rational thought and common sense are skill sets greatly lacking among liberal elites. Whether blinded by ideology, motivated by egocentrism and nihilism, or solely focused on their goals of destroying America’s exceptionalism (while ensuring that Democrats rule forever), liberals are incapable of scientific inquiry, common sense analyses, and reason. Their irrationality is best illustrated by examining some of the faux wars they have chosen to fight and the real ones in which they have surrendered. The Decline of Unions, Part One: President Jimmy Carter, Union-Buster Extraordinaire.

The following is the first of a three-part series on the decline of unions. Unions have never represented a majority of the American workforce. However, to listen to today’s union bosses, one might be led to believe that they did. Ever since their peak, in 1945, when unions represented a total of 35.5 percent of the workforce unions in the private-sector have been on an almost steady decline. The common fallacy is that the union decline is due to the Reagan Era. That, however, is a false narrative. On December 27, 2010, Alfred E. Kahn’s work in deregulating the airline industry during the Carter administration was an economic boon to tens of millions of middle-class Americans who, due to lower costs, were suddenly able to travel by air, rather than by car, rail or bus. However beneficial Kahn’s work has been to the American flying public, it is only one of several keys to unlocking one of the biggest fallacies ever foisted on the American public.

The Fall of Jimmy Hoffa’s Teamsters. The problems with democracy – continuing the conversation into a new year. An invitation from the British Library to give the first in a new public lecture series called “Enduring Ideas” was never a request I was going to decline. But what “enduring idea” might I focus on and what exactly would I want to say that had not already been said about an important idea that warranted such reflection? The selected concept was “democracy” and the argument sought to set out and unravel a set of problems that could – either collectively or individually – be taken to explain the apparent rise in democratic disaffection. Such is the world we live in that a lecture is no longer a lecture but rapidly becomes a multi-media “artefact” and the beginning of a global discussion.

I suppose this is probably not quite true of all lectures, I’ve been to quite a few that really do need to be forgotten, but I’m pleased to say that the intellectual ecosystem seems to have exploded in all sorts of ways that I could never have imagined. So where does the conversation go from here? What Explains the Vicious Left? Iranians Don’t Trust US — Outrageous! This just in: Iran doesn’t trust the West. What an outrage! At least that’s what Washington Post columnist David Ignatius says. But why would Iran not trust the US? Could they have bitter memories of all of the innocent civilians and soldiers killed by the chemical weapons the US gave Saddam Hussein, specifically, for the purpose? Or what about the time the US blew up an Iranian passenger plane — and then tried to cover it up?

Or do they remember when the US replaced Iran’s last democratic ruler with someone more to its liking, the brutal Shah Reza Pahlavi? Could this history explain why Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei describes the US as a “deceitful, crafty, skillful, fraudulent and devilish enemy”? But back to our Post columnist, a predictable voice of US orthodoxy. Ignatius cites various detentions of Americans in Iran, but his central example is the arrest of one man, Siamak Namazi, associated with elite Western organizations: Now, how’s that for “bizarre” and “conspiratorial”? Exclusive: CIA Files Prove America Helped Saddam as He Gassed Iran. The U.S. government may be considering military action in response to chemical strikes near Damascus. But a generation ago, America’s military and intelligence communities knew about and did nothing to stop a series of nerve gas attacks far more devastating than anything Syria has seen, Foreign Policy has learned.

In 1988, during the waning days of Iraq’s war with Iran, the United States learned through satellite imagery that Iran was about to gain a major strategic advantage by exploiting a hole in Iraqi defenses. U.S. intelligence officials conveyed the location of the Iranian troops to Iraq, fully aware that Hussein’s military would attack with chemical weapons, including sarin, a lethal nerve agent. The intelligence included imagery and maps about Iranian troop movements, as well as the locations of Iranian logistics facilities and details about Iranian air defenses. "The Iraqis never told us that they intended to use nerve gas.

They didn’t have to. The situation changed in 1987. • Americans Are Not “Little Eichmanns” « Looking at the Left. The Busybody Left - Thomas Sowell - Page full. Why the Rahm Story Matters. Full Story on What’s Going on In Oregon – Militia Take Over Malheur National Wildlife Refuge In Protest to Hammond Family Persecution… The Fall of Chicago. Newly released emails reveal coordination after teen's death. Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev and Disarmament. It Has Come to This. NAACP: It's not Discrimination When They Do It. End the Anti-Cop Witch Hunt. Police fatally shoot nearly 1,000 people in 2016 | The Washington Post. 90% of the Racism in America Comes from the Democratic Party and the Left. Dear White America. Christmas Challenge To Leftists: Stop Appropriating Christian Culture. Islam & Terrorism: Opposing It Is Not the Same as Fomenting It. Althouse: I force myself to read one — just one — of the many racial-politics-of-Donald-Trump articles I've been reflexively avoiding.

The Felon in the White House. Psychological Warfare for Conservatives. Happy Kwanzaa! The Holiday Brought to You by the FBI - Ann Coulter - Page full. Death of Gratitude -- America’s Dying Virtue. Jihadi Cool: Why ISIS Propaganda Is So Powerful. Sorry conservatives: You lost the “war” on Christmas! How Saddam Hussein Gave Us ISIS.

Anti-Muslim Hate-Crime 'Wave' Is Nonsense. Living with the Muslim Hum. Beyond Hope? Beyond Change? San Francisco Values. Do Muslims help call the shots on U.S. anti-terrorism policy? Fear of the Other: Xenophobic & Racist Reaction to Syrian Immigrants - Triggering Decline by Arthur Milikh, City Journal December 21, 2015. Donald Trump Is No Archie Bunker by Myron Magnet, City Journal December 21, 2015. Obama’s Denial of Jihad’s Ideological Roots Gravely Endangers the Nation. John Kerry on Climate Change: The Fight of Our Time. Pentagon Expands Inquiry Into Intelligence on ISIS Surge. 'Sad Irony' In Obama's Criticism of Bush's Iraq War Surfaces.

Bill Clinton Was In An ISIS Recruitment Video. Connecting the Dots in Obama’s Intelligence Scandal. Draconian new transgender guidelines for NY City. Democrats Push Pro-Hijab "Islamophobia" Resolution. Hagel The White House Tried to ‘Destroy’ Me. Hagel: The White House Tried to ‘Destroy’ Me.