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Diseño étnico Modelo Para La Tarjeta. Antecedentes En El Estilo étnico De Los Aztecas Mayas Incas. Diseñado Con Los Colores Nacionales. Ilustraciones Vectoriales, Clip Art Vectorizado Libre De Derechos. Image 39682663. Diseo tnico modelo para la tarjeta... Quetzalcoatl ouroboros, la serpiente.. Smbolos aztecas calendario - coatl.. ilustracin en estilo maya Guerrero en el estilo de los mayas Vector de imagen de dios maya de.. Ornamento en estilo de los mayas Vector de guerrero en el estilo.. Dios azteca, versin en color,.. maya4 (11). jpg Calendario maya 2012 apocalipsis maya Calendario Azteca estilizado calendario maya Monstruos maya antiguo juego de.. Elementos de los antiguos mayas.. Ari Weinkle — Artist & Designer.

Abstract: Maduro Blue Two #1 | Explore russell.tomlin's phot… | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Abstract: A Murky Dream, Transitory and Forgotten | Explore … | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Blackwater - JLambus. Joshua Lambus is best known for his macro work featuring rarely seen animals from the deep. He photographs these animals on a dive called a Blackwater. Traveling miles offshore late at night, he positions himself above water many thousands of feet deep. There he waits for the denizens of the deeps to come drifting by. Many of these animals are light sensitive and live far beyond the reach of light during the day. At night however, they migrate to the surface to feed and absorb oxygen. A Showcase of Recycled Paper Art - Greener Ideal. A Showcase of Recycled Paper Art Artists around the world are taking the slogan “go green” to a whole new level by making artistic masterpieces out of recycled paper. Using anything from newspapers to books, as well as varying colour types; these artists know no limits for what they can make out of old discarded paper.

Recycled Sculptures Nick Georgiou uses print materials and turns them into sculptures and art pieces. Bookguns via ndigallery Robert The uses discarded books to create an array of sculptures. Papercraft Guns A group of Chinese artists have used recycled paper in their own brand of protest art, by making life sized gun replicas from recycled paper. Frabjous via oskay Professor George W. Folding Light via Origamiancy Richard Sweeney makes innovative and kaleidoscopic sculptures from recycled paper. Recycled Rover via kspolini Typewriter via EcoDesenvolvimento Room via psaxtiria Origami via arbarus Giant Ghosts via Blackwater - JLambus. Abstract: Maduro Blue Two #1 | Explore russell.tomlin's phot… | Flickr - Photo Sharing! Abstract: A Murky Dream, Transitory and Forgotten | Explore … | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Camara Digital Canon 9126B007AA EOS Rebel T5 18-55 | Compra ahora en Linio México. Camara Digital Canon EOS Rebel T5 18-55 La cámara EOS Rebel T5 incorpora nuevas tecnologías para capturar imágenes creativas y obtener resultados sùper originales, además de contar con la calidad superior que ofrece un equipo Réflex. Cuenta con un sensor CMOS de 18.0 megapixeles de alta calidad y sensibilidad y un procesador de imagen DIGIC 4; ofreciendo en equipo un análisis de la escena más preciso permitiendo obtener fotografías de alta resolución.

Incluso en tamaños pequeños, las fotos siempre tendrán un aspecto natural. El procesador de imagen DIGIC 4 acelera increiblemente las operaciones de toda la EOS Rebel T5 para que puedas manejarla de una forma más cómoda, al mismo tiempo que ofrece mejoras tanto en los detalles finos como en lareproducción natural del color. Con la EOS Rebel T5 se pueden capturar vídeos en Full HD 1080p de excelente calidad.


Diseño generativo. Grafico. Web. 3D. Industrial design. DISEÑO MEXICANO. Faces of Product Pleasure: 25 Positive Emotions in Human-Product. MODA. Teoria del color. Fotografia. Page 2 - Furniture Design Studios. A.H.A. Design Ltd / Andy Hau: Architecture, Product & Graphic Design. Tessellation. Ceramic Tiles in Marrakech, forming edge-to-edge, regular and other tessellations A periodic tiling has a repeating pattern. Some special kinds include regular tilings with regular polygonal tiles all of the same shape, and semi-regular tilings with regular tiles of more than one shape and with every corner identically arranged. The patterns formed by periodic tilings can be categorized into 17 wallpaper groups. A tiling that lacks a repeating pattern is called "non-periodic". History[edit] A temple mosaic from the ancient Sumerian city of Uruk IV (3400–3100 BC) showing a tessellation pattern in the tile colours.

Tessellations were used by the Sumerians (about 4000 BC) in building wall decorations formed by patterns of clay tiles.[1] Etymology[edit] Overview[edit] Many other types of tessellation are possible under different constraints. Other methods also exist for describing polygonal tilings. In mathematics[edit] Kinds of tessellations[edit] Wallpaper groups[edit] In art[edit] In nature[edit] Tessellations | What are they? What are Tessellations ? The word 'tessera' in latin means a small stone cube. They were used to make up 'tessellata' - the mosaic pictures forming floors and tilings in Roman buildings Notice, in the example at right, that the artists used many small square tiles to create one big picture of a bull. Nowadays, the term "tessellation" has expanded to have at least four meanings.

Now it has the original meaning, of big pictures made from small square tiles, but it also means tile-sized uniformly shaped pictures or big pictures made from tiles that aren't just square-shaped. Tessellation can also mean simply filling a large surface, without gaps or overlaps, using non-square tiles. In the world of three-dimensional CGI (Computer Graphic Imagery), tessellation refers to the "wire frame" shape created from small interconnected nonidentical polygon shapes-- not just squares.

México en Papel. Interior Design | Designcollector. Akoura Residence Youssef Tohme Architects “Conceived by Youssef Tohme as a break with the city, this house perched on a cliff edge in Lebanon is a monolith dressed in local stone mounted upon concrete walls. Up in the… Loft Apartment In Seattle by SHED SHED Architecture & Design have completed the remodel of a loft in the Capitol Hill area of Seattle, Washington. San Francisco Home Interior Interior designer Benedetta Amadi, one of The Room on the Roof by i29 Architects Located in Amsterdam’s Dam Square, the De Bijenkorf department store was first built in 1909 as a gorgeously cresselated neo-gothic structure pierced by a distinctive central turret.

The Chamber of Curiosity by Gestalten “The Chamber of Curiosity by Gestalten is more than a collection of some of the best interiors from around the world. Artist Residence London Pennethorne’s Café, London, UK Simple Interior Design Photography by Anya Garienchick Living Spaces: Inspiration Set 57 It was good time, it was BED time! Architect and Graphic Designer Andy Hau. This afternoon we take a look at the impressive work of architect and designer Andy Hau. Having completed his architecture degree three years ago at the University of Westminster and The Bartlett (UCL), Andy has since learnt to apply his knowledge and creativity in other areas including graphic and product design. “I know the breadth of my job description sounds like an attempt to be vertiginously eclectic but in reality it stems from a very simple and practical synergy that exists between the two different disciplines.

The diversity in the range of work also serves as a counter to my inability to sit still and tendency to fidget.” “I fully qualified as an architect three years ago, having studied at the University of Westminster and The Bartlett (UCL). “In 2009, I was commissioned to work with Imogen Heap on her “Ellipse” album promo packaging and logo. Musicollector | Designcollector. AIAIAI “Real Booty Music” It’s totally nonsense and Friday post. We like AIAIAI products, electronic arts and well .. dancing too. Here is the clue to see them all together. The project acts as a collaboration with… Florence + The Machine – What Kind Of Man Florence + The Machine team up with director Vincent Haycock to create an amazing video for “What Kind Of Man”, from the upcoming album How Big How Blue How Beautiful.

Siska – Unconditional Rebel or the video shot with a 1000FPS in 5 sec The 3.5-minute music video below was captured in a span of 5 seconds. Citizens!’ A little bit NSFW. Death Cab for Cutie – Black Sun Death Cab for Cutie has shared the clip for “Black Sun” from their forthcoming album Kintsugi. Hot Chip – Huarache Lights Hot Chip will release their sixth album and second for Domino, Why Make Sense? The Kooks – See Me Now Big Noble – Ocean Picture Interpol’s Daniel Kessler reveals music video for “Ocean Picture” from the side project Big Noble’s album “First Light“ Don Hertzfeldt - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Hertzfeldt's short films have been described as "some of the most influential animation ever created,"[2] and "some of the most vital and expressive animation of the millennium. " [3] In his book "The World History of Animation", author Stephen Cavalier writes, "Hertzfeldt is either a unique phenomenon or perhaps an example of a new way forward for individual animators surviving independently on their own terms… he attracts the kind of fanatical support from the student and alternative crowds usually associated with indie rock bands.

" [4] In 2012, Hertzfeldt combined his short film trilogy about a man named Bill (Everything Will Be OK, I Am So Proud of You, and It's Such a Beautiful Day), into a seamless new feature film, It's Such a Beautiful Day, which had a limited theatrical release in autumn 2012. The L.A. Hertzfeldt primarily supports his work through self-distribution, such as ticket sales from theatrical tours, DVDs, and television broadcasts. Hertzfeldt lives in Austin, Texas. WWW.VIDEOIMAGEN.ES: 20 AÑOS DE EVOLUCIÓN EOS. DESDE 1987 HASTA 2007. Page Three Hundred | Independent Clothing Label. ISO 216 | DobleClic Estudio de Vídeo y Diseño. La norma ISO 216 de la Organización Internacional para la Estandarización (International Organization for Standardization, ISO) especifica los formatos de papel y es usada actualmente en muchos países del mundo. Es el estándar que define el popular tamaño de papel A4. La norma ISO 216 equivale a la DIN 476, de la cual deriva, y a la UNE-EN-ISO 216.

ISO 216 (mm × mm) Serie A A0 840 × 1188 A1 594 × 840 A2 420 × 594 A3 297 × 420 A4 210 × 297 A5 148 × 210 A6 105 × 148 A7 74 × 105 A8 52 × 74 A9 37 × 51 A10 26 × 37 Serie B B0 1000 × 1414 B1 707 × 1000 B2 500 × 707 B3 353 × 500 B4 250 × 353 B5 176 × 250 B6 125 × 176 B7 88 × 125 B8 62 × 88 B9 44 × 62 B10 31 × 44 Serie C C0 917 × 1297 C1 648 × 917 C2 458 × 648 C3 324 × 458 C4 229 × 324 C5 162 × 229 C6 114 × 162 C7/6 81 × 162 C7 81 × 114 C8 57 × 81 C9 40 × 57 C10 28 × 40 DL 110 × 220 Sustituciones en España, de los DIN-A por los tamaños que había estándar, y que eran ligeramente más grandes: DIN A1 < pliego pequeño DIN A2 < medio pliego pequeño. Réquiem para las instantáneas Polaroid; en 2009 dejará de venderse la película - La Jornada. ■ Se cumplen 60 años de que esas cámaras revolucionaron el quehacer fotográfico ■ Quizás alguien compre la patente y vuelva a fabricar esos artefactos, dice un artista alemán Dpa Francfort, 25 de noviembre.

El tiempo es inexorable con la tecnología. Sin embargo, no sólo los nostálgicos lamentan que pronto se acabe de modo definitivo la era de las instantáneas Polaroid. Después de que esas cámaras fotográficas desaparecieron de los escaparates, las películas para instantáneas Polaroid dejarán de venderse el año que viene. Los lloriqueos de una niña fueron los causantes de un hallazgo sensacional. Land, quien siete años después fundó la compañía óptica Polaroid, se estrujó el cerebro para crear una cámara instantánea, hasta que el 26 de noviembre de 1948 el modelo 95 salió por primera vez a la venta al precio de 89.75 dólares. Lo que siguió fue un camino de éxitos. La película, verdadera innovación Hacían falta hasta unos 90 segundos para ver una fotografía Polaroid.

Nikon D5300: Características, Precio y Opinión Personal. Nota de Mario: Nuevo artículo de Iaio Atamian introduciéndonos este nuevo modelo de cámara réflex de Nikon llamado la D5300. Al parecer ésta no será una temporada tranquila en el mercado de las cámaras réflex. A menos de un año del lanzamiento de su predecesora, la gigante japonesa acaba de lanzar su nueva versión, la Nikon D5300. Si te estas preguntando si es necesario cambiar de cámara fotográfica, o tienes ganas de tirar tu flamante D5200 por la ventana, no te apresures, espera hasta leer el siguiente análisis que haré de esta nueva Nikon D5300.

¿Dónde estás parado? Si estás pensando en dar el salto hacia una cámara réflex Nikon, o estás dando tus primeros pasos con ella, es probable que estés medio perdido entre tantos números, modelos y lanzamientos. No te preocupes, basta con que le eches un vistazo al siguiente mapa, para ubicarte un poco mejor en el planeta Nikon (clic para agrandar): Mapa cronológico de las cámaras Nikon ¿A quién va dirigida la Nikon D5300? Nikon D5300 Vídeo Baja luz: Art objects - Figurines & decorations - Swarovski Online Shop. Your Shopping Bag is empty Your Shopping Bag Please enter search term Figurines Category Color family Selection Collection Price Reset all filters Need help? Contact us Your benefits Free standard shipping over EUR 0.00 Free greeting card and gift bag Choose your delivery date Return policy Your selection: 13 products found. 12 per page Sort by Standard Print EUR 4,295.00 Pair of Eagles, Limited Edition 2015 EUR 1,395.00 Soulmates - Elephant EUR 1,295.00 Soulmates - Bull, Black EUR 4,295.00 Soulmates - Maxi Swan EUR 849.00 Pineapple EUR 1,295.00 Snowy owl EUR 1,295.00 Soulmates - Bull EUR 549.00 Soulmates - Swan, Black EUR 895.00 Soulmates - Stallion EUR 1,295.00 Eagle EUR 549.00 Soulmates - Swan Join us on <div id="noscript"><div class="bg"></div><div class="info"><h2 class="lined"><span>This website requires JavaScript in order to work properly.

Cookies are not enabled It seems that Cookies are not enabled in your web browser. A me mi piace la Gnocca! - Buscar con Google. Mapa camaras canon - Buscar con Google. Valoración Personal de la Nikon D7100. Si andas buscando una cámara de fotos réflex, no eres un profesional de la fotografía, pero sí un usuario aficionado que busca prestaciones avanzadas, una cámara resistente, potente, y de funcionalidades casi profesionales, no pierdas el tiempo. Necesitas una Nikon D7100.

O algo que se le parece mucho, el cual te desvelaré en breve. El usuario ideal de una réflex Nikon D7100 El usuario ideal de esta cámara es ese fotógrafo aficionado que sabe que una réflex de 350 Euros se le queda corta, es un usuario que quiere experimentar con situaciones fotográficas un poco “límite” teniendo el respaldo de una máquina que responde con rapidez, que es robusta, que aguanta lluvia, polvo y lo que le echen, una cámara que enfoca rápido, que “ve” en la oscuridad, una cámara cuya batería dura días y días de fotos sin tener que volver a recargar.

Una cámara bestia. Ventajas de la Nikon D7100 Inconvenientes de la Nikon D7100 No existe la cámara perfecta. Muestras de fotos Jean-Jacques Boujot1 Nik Cyclist Precio. SCRiBBR APA Generator - SCRiBBR. Invisible: Laura Williams Talks About Her Surreal Self-Portrait that Went Viral. Alan Friedman | Averted Imagination.


Nikon D5500 Announced with Touch Screen, Price $899 ! | Camera News at Cameraegg. Artist and Illustrator nina d. Vector estela de pakal - Buscar con Google. Los mejores blogs de Diseño | RGB artes visuales. {E}vermotion - 3D models, textures, tutorials, architecture, 3D graphic, vray, 3ds max. Home - Alberto SevesoAlberto Seveso. Quantum Foam. Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended - Alberto SevesoAlberto Seveso. Pussy: Where to get this style? - Wheretoget.

Nikon D7000 - Cámara réflex digital de 16.2 Mp (pantalla 3"), color negro: Electrónica. - conceptos de salud ocupacional. RGB artes visuales. 3D Printing Service i.materialise | Creation corner. Kate Barker-Froyland. Layout. Filter Forge - Search Results. A world full of choices. Los mejores blogs de Diseño | RGB artes visuales.

Video Projection Mapping. PARTY互动,装置工作室. Diseño. Arts and Crafts. SketchPatch - The programming playground. Free Tutorial and Design Idea. The City Loves You - Fresh Urban Culture! Color wheel | Color schemes - Adobe Kuler. Rafael Lozano-Hemmer. 5 libros de marketing digital que ningún buen mercadólogo puede dejar de leer. Saner y su arte llegan hasta Australia | urban. Heavy Backpack – A Creative Catalogue » The External World. Bot & Dolly | Box. Bot & Dolly | IRIS Robotic Motion Control System. Howtoons Shake Ice Cream | MAKE. Imprimir mapas grandes con Google Maps - Taringa! Generador gratuito de CODIGO DE BARRAS online: ¡Creación de código de barras gratis! Diseño. Open design - Buscar con Google. Online Portfolios on Behance.

BeinArt Collective & Publishing | The beinArt Collective was formed to increase public awareness of strange figurative art, in galleries, online and in print. Max is powerful software. LYNDA Mixing Techniques with Waves Plugins TUTORIAL-kEISO [oddsox] - Demonoid.

Design thinking.