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The original 2005 pilot. Jorge R. Gutierrez Presents: "SUPER-MACHO!" Minuscule (TV series) Minuscule—the private life of insects is a French-made series of short video animations giving "a bird's eye view of insects' day to day existence, distorted through a burlesque, yet poetic lens".[1] The characters are computer-modelled in 3D and set against natural scenery. Each animation has a self-contained and usually humorous storyline. The audio is a combination of genuine insect and ambient recordings with artificial sound effects. The various protagonist insects often perform anthropomorphic activities, displaying ironically portrayed intelligence, enjoyment and, sometimes, pathos. The background settings are generally of rural France, and include farm houses, fences, cars, road surfaces, drains, gutters and garbage bins.

Created by Thomas Szabo and Hélène Giraud, Minuscule is produced by Phillipe Delarue. Minuscule portrays an array of eighteen or more recurring characters, usually limited to one or two in each episode, each displaying distinctive personality and behaviour. Jorge R. Gutierrez. Jorge R. Gutierrez (b. Jan, 1975) is a Mexican animator, painter, writer & director who created the multiple Annie & Emmy award winning animated television series El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera for Nickelodeon. Born in Mexico City and raised in Tijuana, Gutierrez has completed various films, cartoons, illustrations and paintings exploring his love affair with Mexican pop and folk culture.

Gutierrez attended the California Institute of the Arts (CalArts), where he received his BFA & MFA in Experimental Animation under Jules Engel. There he created the 3D short Carmelo, which won the 2001 Student Emmy Award in animation and was screened at various festivals around the world, including Kodak's Emerging Filmmakers Program at the 2001 Cannes Film Festival. In 2000, Gutierrez worked under animation legend Maurice Noble, for the art direction of Chuck Jones' Timberwolf for Warner Bros. In 2001, he began creating Jorge Gutierrez' El Macho, an animated web series for Sony Pictures.

Cabezalcubo. Aquellos dramones para niños Nunca fui muy afecto al drama. De pequeño me debatí entre llanto pueril y rabia impotente cada que al protagonista inerme los villanos, las circunstancias, la perra vida, le retorcían el destino. Bambi, de Disney, por ejemplo, fue para mí una verdadera tragedia, así que preferí ir ensayando un cada vez más calloso cinismo. Por eso, cuando aparecieron en la barra de programación los melodramas animados que marcaron la tele en la década de los setenta, yo preferí ignorarlos o dedicarles vituperios (una primaria en Veracruz, en 1974, era más cercana en su ambiente, en su machismo encalletrado, a una cárcel o un barco que a las utopías pedagógicas de José Vasconcelos, María Montessori o san Juan Bosco): esas eran caricaturas para niñas y ñoños inseguros de su identidad.

Remi, en México, tuvo la voz de la actriz de doblaje Rocío Garcel. An Interview with El Tigre's Jorge Gutierrez | AWN. El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera, from co-creators Jorge Gutierrez and Sandra Equihua, is a visually inventive, high-octane series that combines superheroes, Mexican folklore and sitcoms. © Nickelodeon. One of my favorite Nickelodeon cartoons of recent vintage is El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera, a visually inventive, high-octane series that combines superheroes, Mexican folklore, slapstick and situation comedies into a zany slice-of-life tale of family and internal conflict. Yeah, that sounds like an odd mixture, but series co-creators Jorge Gutierrez and Sandra Equihua somehow manage to pull everything together into one of the most unusual and entertaining children's cartoons on the air today. I spoke with Gutierrez about his professional background, the production of El Tigre and how to combine 1980s Mexican punk rock, Frieda Kahlo and Maurice Noble into a single package.

Andrew Farago: Let's do a brief introduction. I'm interviewing you for Animation World Network... Animation World Network. Comedy Central Official Site - TV Show Full Episodes & Funny Video Clips. Celebrity Deathmatch. Celebrity Deathmatch is a claymation television show that depicts celebrities against each other in a wrestling ring, almost always ending in the loser's gruesome death. It was known for its excessive amount of blood used in every match and exaggerated physical injuries (e.g., one person cuts off a participant's foot, living through decapitations, impalement, etc.).[2][3] The series was created by Eric Fogel; with the pilots airing on MTV on January 1 & 25 1998.

The initial series ran from May 14, 1998 to October 20, 2002, and lasted for a 75-episode run. There was one special that did not contribute to the final episode total, entitled "Celebrity Deathmatch Hits Germany", which aired on June 21, 2001. Professional wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin gave voice to his animated form as the guest commentator. Early in 2003, a film based on the series was announced by MTV to be in the making, but the project was canceled by the end of that year. Characters[edit] Main characters[edit] South Park Studios | Kenny, Cartman, Stan & Kyle | Watch Full Episodes, Clips & More.

Fullmetal Alchemist. Ergo Proxy. Ergo Proxy (エルゴプラクシー, Erugo Purakushī?) Is a science fiction suspense anime television series, produced by Manglobe, which premiered across Japan on 25 February 2006 on the WOWOW satellite network. It is directed by Shukō Murase, with screenplay by Dai Satō et al.. Ergo Proxy has been described as a dark science fiction mystery with philosophical underpinnings.[1] It features a combination of 2D digital cel animation, 3D computer modeling, and digital special effects.

Plot[edit] The story begins in a futuristic domed city called Romdeau, built to protect its citizens after a global ecological disaster thousands of years prior. Re-l (pronounced /riːˈɛl/ or "Ree-EL"; also represented by the spelling "R.E.A.L. " in the Romdeau citizen database) Mayer is assigned to investigate some of the murders with her AutoReiv partner, Iggy. The primary AutoReiv types are referred to as either 'Companion' or 'Entourage,' depending on their role. Characters[edit] Main characters[edit] Re-l Mayer[2] Pino.