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Motion arts – motion graphics – diseño en movimiento. Ucogi Animations. Ucogi Animations. Animation Free Gif animations and Flash animations!

Ucogi Animations

At the bottom of the page you can see Alice in action, in "Gore in the Dark" and a few more Ucogi-related videos. If these animations don't seem to work, try using a different web browser. Alice: Gore in the Dark Type: Action Year of production: 2005 Completion time: 1 week Software: Softimage/XSI Music: Tristania, Sirenia Ucogi in lasergraphics Masterpj555 made this pretty cool presentation of his laser techniques by using Pangolin lc-flash. Summer Slide (Ucogi) - Secret Ending Oh, wait! Let's Play Summer Slide (Ucogi) TheNiskelLP made a very funny review of SummerSlide. Let's Play St. TheNiskelLP is back but they have too much fun at Ucogi's expense as they review and play the very first Ucogi game! The epic boobs of Ucogi. DAVID OREILLY. Galaxy Dynamics. Ucogi Home Page. Heavy Backpack – A Creative Catalogue » The External World. Experimental. Menu. 2D Animation Software.

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2D Animation Software

Take advantage of this action-packed Toon Boom Studio 8! It’s easy-to-use and packed with the most enhanced multi-technique animation engine. Multi-Technique Animation Software The ultimate, most enhanced multi-technique animation software. Ideal for Animation fans, Students, Teachers, Hobbyists. Featured Success Stories Check out some examples of exciting productions done using Toon Boom Studio. See all Success Stories Toon Boom Studio Resources Showcase See examples of projects that have been created with Toon Boom technology. Go to the Showcase Success Stories Read interviews with some of the creative individuals using Toon Boom technology. Go to Success Stories Toon Boom Studio In Education Every educational subject starts with a story. Toon Boom Studio in Education Are you a student or a teacher?

Volume licensing for educational institutions.Contact a representative. Nuevo cortometraje de Disney con Mickey y Minnie Mouse: Croissant de Triomphe. Los estudios de animación de Disney nos vuelven a sorprender; ayer presentaron el primero de 19 cortometrajes de una serie animaciones protagonizados por los clásicos personajes de esta compañía en diferentes ciudades al rededor del mundo, para este primer video el escenario fue París con los personajes mas emblemáticos de la compañía, Mickey y Minnie Mouse.

Nuevo cortometraje de Disney con Mickey y Minnie Mouse: Croissant de Triomphe

Este proyecto va a ser dirigido por Paul Rudish, conocido por ser en buena parte el creador de el Laboratorio de Dexter, Las chicas Super poderosas, Samurai Jack o la serie de Star Wars: Clone Wars. Como siempre, el arte, la animación, música y demás cuestiones técnicas son impecables; trataron de recuperar muchos elementos de la animación tradicional de estos personajes aunque si se ve realizado en el año 2013. Les recomiendo que lo vean antes de que lo quiten de YouTube, vale mucho la pena. Chapman University Video Essay - Fall 2008. Estadunidense recibe premio por guión sobre invasión a Irak. I_seldom_do: TekkonKinkreet. Last night i watched "Tekkon Kinkreet".an anime film, directed by Michael Arias,adapted from a manga series "Black and White" by Taiyō not too too keen on anime, and havent watched enough to compare,but i was pretty much blown away by the cinematography and the background art.Shinji Kimura (the art director) and his staff are so gifted, it makes me crazy in the head just trying to imagine how its all done.its such a visual spectacle to me.the color schemes are based on advertisements of 1950's and 1960's japan.and has a nostalgic retro feel.

i_seldom_do: TekkonKinkreet

Michaels says, "I'm not sure if it's due to the printing materials or the inks they were using, but there's a very peculiar flavor to the graphic design of the '50s and '60s in Japan, and we thought that would be a nice way of evoking this era that's gone by or just lives on only in this one little town. " Michael, when asked, "Is Treasure Town meant to be a future version of Tokyo? It seems to have some aspects of the present-day city. " Animation Tutorials. Animation Tutorials Spinning Globe Tutorial With Photoshop and Jasc Animation Shop Animated Coffee Cup Tutorial With CorelDRAW and ImageReady Animated Egyptian Eye Tutorial With CorelDRAW and ImageReady Cool Traveling Lens Effect With Canvas 7 Animation Tips and Techniques Misc Animation Tips and Techniques - Part One Misc Animation Tips and Techniques - Part Two Misc Animation Tips and Techniques - Part Three Misc Animation Tips and Techniques - Part Four Animation Layers and Frames in ImageReady and Fireworks Porting Animations.

Animation Tutorials

Jorge R. Gutierrez Presents: "SUPER-MACHO!" HELDER K. SUN. Jorge R. Gutierrez presents Personal Work. Destination Creation Originals. Animation Tutorials.