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The 7 Beautiful Things Excellent Leaders Do. By Robin Sharma #1 bestselling author of The Leader Who Had No Title I’m up here in the mountains with my loved ones post-tour.

The 7 Beautiful Things Excellent Leaders Do

Refueling. Reviewing 2014 year-to-date results. And doing some early Spring skiing. Pass It On: Push Your Kids to Become Entrepreneurs With These 5 Lessons. Entrepreneurs often credit their upbringing for their success or drive to own their own business.

Pass It On: Push Your Kids to Become Entrepreneurs With These 5 Lessons

Sometimes, it’s that their parents had amazing work ethics; others, that they were simply encouraged from a young age to pursue their dreams. How Positive Thoughts Build Skills, Boost Health, and Improve Work. I'd love to talk to the person that thinks running away from a wild tiger is a good idea, after they've successfully run away from it.

How Positive Thoughts Build Skills, Boost Health, and Improve Work

Tiger sees a big meat bag running away from it, instinct response is tiger chases, pins & eats said meat bag. Granted, if I happen across a tiger in the wild, I'd be scared sh*tless - but running wouldn't be my first option. Neither would climbing a tree (because tigers can climb - probably far better than I can). I'd personally opt for the largest stick/rock I could comfortably wield, and backing away slowly, without turning my back on the tiger, and with the backup plan of shoving said stone/stick down said tigers throat with a loud "eat that you f**ker! " Fear triggers fight or flight - dead people chose the flight option with the tiger, badly mauled people chose the fight option. How Millionaires Manage Their Time. This is a guest post by Jaime Tardy.

How Millionaires Manage Their Time

She has interviewed over 130 millionaires on her blog and just published a new book about what she’s learned. It’s called, The Eventual Millionaire: How Anyone Can Be an Entrepreneur and Successfully Grow Their Startup. You can follow her on Twitter. Let’s face it. One of the most difficult areas of most people’s lives is time management. 10 ‘Smart’ Easy Ways to Get Yourself Motivated Today.

13 Things Successful People Do Every Morning. Wise Bread Picks While there are many factors that influence a person's success, those who have discussed their preferred habits or have documented their own tricks of the trade seem to have several common denominators when it comes to reaching their goals.

13 Things Successful People Do Every Morning

Many of these commonalities involve the morning routine. Mindfulness Practice. How to Achieve & Reach Your Goals When Challenges Arise. Life is a game. This is your strategy guide. 637k shares Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Real life is the game that – literally – everyone is playing.

Life is a game. This is your strategy guide

13 Surprising Ways to Make Happiness a Habit. Mindfulness Goes Mainstream. This week, the topic of mindfulness made the cover of Time Magazine!

Mindfulness Goes Mainstream

As a long time advocate for mindfulness meditation, I couldn’t have been happier. In a stressed out world full of multitasking, burnt out, overworked individuals its good news that mindfulness is hitting the main stream. It Turns Out, Fear is Your Best Friend. For years, my advice to entrepreneurs has always been, "Don't quit your day job.

It Turns Out, Fear is Your Best Friend

" Recently, I've come to think more deeply about that advice and its implications. I've been reflecting on how my peers and I have achieved success, and I've realized that our experiences have only one thing in common: We all had skin in the game. What I mean by "skin in the game" is having something to lose.

7 Ways To Stay Balanced And Happy Even When You're Extremely Busy. People are living busier and busier lives these days, taking on more and more with every passing month‒more work commitments, relationship commitments, family commitments, social commitments, the list goes on… therefore staying happy and relatively balanced seems a task of Sisyphus (the man in mythology who rolled a boulder up a mountain every day only for it to roll back down to the bottom at the end of the day), i.e. impossible.

7 Ways To Stay Balanced And Happy Even When You're Extremely Busy

Is it impossible to be balanced and happy when you’ve got a hell of a workload? No. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a tricky tightrope act to master, but don’t worry‒plenty of people have their own ways for achieving everything they need to do and still have time for everything they want to do in life. Be a Better Leader Today.

Developing stronger leadership skills is an important act for virtually everyone in business.

Be a Better Leader Today

But becoming a better leader doesn't always require attending a pricey seminar. Sometimes, simple acts can have an immediate impact, says self-proclaimed "leadership freak" Dan Rockwell, a leadership coach and author of the Leadership Freak blog. Here are four tips to help you be a better leader today: Spend at least 15 minutes listening. Every day, spend at least 15 minutes with someone who has something to say about a challenge or opportunity your business is facing. Effective Listening Strategies for Career Success. You need a listening strategy, because listening is dangerous. No one tells you that. When you get into an interaction, and fail to have a listening strategy, being receptive turns you into a receptacle.

You’re just the recipient of other people’s concerns, personality quirks, beliefs, and goals. What Everyone Is Wrong About Happiness. Many of us are always seeking for happiness, believing that happiness is something that we need to chase and catch. Yet only few of us have figured out true happiness is not a destination but the path we’re actually leading. “Happiness is a journey, not a destination; happiness is to be found along the way not at the end of the road, for then the journey is over and it’s too late. The time for happiness is today not tomorrow.” - Paul H Dunn Happiness happens at your least expected moment. So stop chasing it, enjoy every second of your life and you’ll feel it. 10 Reasons Why You Suck At Being Fit [Weight Loss] Submitted by mohancr, You Can Be Your Own Worst Enemy Being fit is not something that you just luckily stumble onto after a series of disappointing efforts to get rid of unhealthy habits. As far as I'm concerned, the only thing that stands in our way to becoming fit is our own lack of trust in ourselves.

Insecurity or a lack of self-esteem is like a termite that can erode even the strongest of wood and cement foundations from within. To be able to get past such a barrier, we need to understand our negative mental, physical, and emotional drivers – what makes us suck at being fit. 5 Actions That Help Create Stability in the Midst of Uncertainty. According to a Mayan prophecy, on December 21, 2012, the World was to come to an end…again. Mastering emotional overload but still being highly sensitive. “May you live in interesting times” is reputed to be an ancient Chinese proverb and curse. We are certainly in an amazing period of history, with wonderful changes and opportunities for social and personal growth – but also with much cause for overwhelm, especially if you are highly sensitive, or dealing with challenging emotions like anxiety or depression.

Creating a Life Plan Can Change Your Life. Hey everyone! Brian Tracy: 7 SMART Goals to Achieve Business Success - SoarNaija. By Brian Tracy Every newspaper and magazine seems to have an article or story about someone who has set SMART goals and acquired business success as the result. What others have accomplished, you can accomplish as well, if you just learn my seven must know SMART goals and develop key frugal living habits. 10 ways to manage the stress from your new company - National Startup Business. One of the most common complaints I hear from entrepreneurs is that they are overwhelmed by the workload and stress of starting their company.

Then there are the additional challenges of balancing the demands of family and friends. Why Introverts and Comedians Make Great Leaders. 10 steps for success with goals. Adam Grant - The Dark Side of Emotional Intelligence. 5 Moves to Enhance Life and Learning This Year. 5 things to do to be a better leader. You won't get there by being ordinary. By Jim Moffatt, chairman & CEO of Deloitte Consulting. 7 Essential Productivity Tips - and The Tools to Achieve Them.