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Gerald Bouthner

Marketing Manager at Buy a New Home in Maryland. Assists first time home buyers in finding and financing a home purchase.

Verizon Wireless Phones in Westminster, Maryland. The Steps To Buying A Home. Mortgage Brokers. ​1- Complete this online form. 3- Find out your financing options.

Mortgage Brokers

Start the home buying process here. If you are looking to buy or refinance a home you will need the services of a Mortgage Lender or Mortgage Broker. The difference between a Mortgage Lender and Mortgage Broker is that a lender is usually limited to offering just their own loan products and loan programs whereas a Mortgage Broker is partnered with various lending institutions and is able to offer more niche loan programs, rates, and products to their clients. A Mortgage Broker can find the lowest interest rates available in their large pool of Lending Partners. Our team of local Maryland Mortgage Brokers works for you. Mortgage Loans. Unless you are buying a house with cash you will need to apply for a mortgage loan.

Mortgage Loans

A mortgage loan is a legal note held by a lender that is secured by the house that you are buying. A mortgage lender provides the funds to purchase a house using the house as collateral against payment default. There are various types of mortgages to select from to purchase a house. There are FHA Loans, USDA Loans, VA Loans, Conventional Loans. There are adjustable rate and fixed rate mortgages. Our team of licensed Loan Officers can help you determine which type mortgage would work best for you. Untitled. Maryland First Time Home Buyer Help. Buying a House. ​​​Buying a house can seem like an overwhelming process especially if you are buying your first home.

Buying a House

Where do I start? Can I buy a house? Can I afford a house? What do I need to buy a house? How do I buy a house? I Want to Buy a House so Where do I start? In 2015 89% of home buyers used the internet as their primary source for research. Buy a New Home in Maryland. Credit Repair Tips 2. How to Improve Credit Score. ​Are you trying to make a major purchase and are in need of improving your credit score to do so?

How to Improve Credit Score

Our team of licensed Realtors and Loan Officers have decades of experience helping people to repair their credit with the three major credit bureaus. Here are 13 credit repair tips that we have uncovered in our years of assisting others to improve their credit scores in order to get qualified to buy a home. These are all tried and proven methods for getting your credit scores up. 1- Your payment history to creditors that report to the credit bureaus account for about 35% of your given credit scores. This is the most important part of starting to repair your credit. 2- Seriously consider setting up auto payments to your creditors through a checking account or debit card to assure that there will be no future 30 day late payments. 3- Account balances account for about 30% of your given credit scores. 5- Establish different types of credit. ​7- Open new trade lines. Maryland Down Payment Assistance Programs. ​​There are various down payment assistance programs for first time home buyers in Maryland.

Maryland Down Payment Assistance Programs

There are also some forgivable grants for down payment assistance and closing costs for first time home buyers in Maryland. One of the biggest obstacles to home-ownership is coming up with a required down payment. Down payment assistance programs and grants help many achieve their home-ownership dreams that otherwise would not. Many locations in Maryland also qualify for USDA 100% financing loans. State or Local County Employees may be eligible for additional down payment assistance. Not every first time home buyer qualifies for down payment assistance or grants. Anne Arundel County MD Down Payment Assistance\Grants: Mortgage Assistance Program (MAP)Provides up to $20,000 in down payment and closing cost assistance.

Baltimore City MD Down Payment Assistance\Grants: Maryland Grand Slam in Baltimore City This is a joint effort program by the State of Maryland and Baltimore City. ​ USDA Eligible Areas in Maryland. Anne Arundel CountyMaryland USDA Eligible Cities: Churchton, Deale, Galesville, Harwood, Lothian, West River.

USDA Eligible Areas in Maryland

Allegany County Maryland USDA Eligible Cities: ​Barton, Ellerslie, Frostburg, LaVale, Little Orleans, Luke, Midland, Mount Savage, Spring Gap. Baltimore County Maryland USDA Eligible Cities: Freeland, Glen Arm, Kingsville, Monkton, Parkton, Phoenix, Upper Falls, Upperco, Woodstock. Calvert County Maryland USDA Eligible Cities: All of Calvert County Cities are eligible. Veterans Home Buyer Loans in Maryland. Untitled. *This is a safe site.


Your privacy is protected. 3- Find out your financing options. 1- Complete this online form. 2- Connect with a Loan Officer. Start the home buying process here. ​​ USDA loans are a great option for financing a new home purchase in Maryland. Some of the reasons why a USDA loan is a great choice, includes; Lower mortgage insurance premiums Affordable fixed interest rates 0 down payment. ​ ​ There are many USDA eligible areas in Maryland, including, much of Baltimore County. Official Website of the State of Maryland. First Time pdf. First Time Home Buyer Guide. First Time Home Buyer Programs in MD.