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Search Netflix using secret category codes / Boing Boing. Buy an original "Smokey and the Bandit" Trans Am!

Search Netflix using secret category codes / Boing Boing

This killer 1977 “Smokey and the Bandit” Pontiac Trans Am, customized by Universal Studios to promote the classic Burt Reynolds/Jackie Gleason film at car shows and other public events, will be sold at auction on January 30! Original Smokey and the Bandit trailer below. From the auction listing at Barrett-Jackson: Burt Reynolds and McLaughlin Museum […] Get this classic, minimalist wallet for over 30% off Ditch the bells and whistles and take a classic approach to everyone’s essential accessory. Oh God, Someone Ran Fear and Loathing Through Google's Neural Network.

The Best Hidden Features of VLC. ​How to Get the Best Possible Roku Experience On the Cheap. Sound Quality on a Budget: $1 Lavalier Microphone vs. Professional Lavs. When it comes to sound gear (like many things), you tend to get what you pay for.

Sound Quality on a Budget: $1 Lavalier Microphone vs. Professional Lavs

Quality microphones and recorders tend to be a little more costly, though there is certainly a price/cost ratio the higher you go. It's usually a pretty good decision to pick something that the pros use, but how much quality can you get away with on the low-end? DJ Clark with the World Press Photo Academy compared a number of microphone solutions, including lavs, and even compared a $1 mic from China to the professional equipment. Here is the video, followed by a list of the lavs from the test (thanks to planet5D): In this video D J Clark tests a series of microphones on his roof top in Beijing. It's interesting how well the $1 lav actually performed compared to the pro solutions. Microphones on test. 20 Of The Best Experimental Short Films You Can Watch Online. During the 1920s art house cinema was beginning to gain its reputation as respectable filmmaking.

20 Of The Best Experimental Short Films You Can Watch Online

This opened the doors for even more radical types of movies, one that would even question the basic narrative structure all films were following at the time. This was known as experimental or avant-garde cinema. They were usually short films produced outside of Hollywood to challenge the cinematic conventions of the film industry. Most directors were forced to use their own money in order to make these films. They were usually shown in the same theaters designed for art house cinema, until their reputation grew enough for theaters specialized in experimental filmmaking.

Another factor that motivated the rise of these kinds of movies were the artistic trends of the early twentieth century. This list highlights some of the most prominent sub genres from experimental films. With the arrival of sound, even more styles were developed. FCP X 10.1: Manage Projects. You are here: Home » Articles » Final Cut Pro X » FCP X 10.1: Manage Projects Posted: December 22, 2013 [IMPORTANT NOTE: With the release of the 10.1 update to Final Cut Pro X, I released all new training that covers both new and old features.

FCP X 10.1: Manage Projects

I encourage you to buy this, or become a subscriber, because it will help you learn the new software quickly. Click here to learn more.] With the release of Final Cut Pro X 10.1, I’ve been flooded with questions on media management. NOTE: Here is a very important article on updating media, events, and projects from earlier versions of Final Cut Pro X. Apple has also provided additional resources in two white papers: Create a Dual-Boot Mac OS X System Disk. You are here: Home » Articles » Get Organized » Create a Dual-Boot Mac OS X System Disk Posted: December 29, 2013 Dual-boot systems are a way of configuring the boot drive so that you have the option to start-up your computer (“boot”) into different operating systems.

Create a Dual-Boot Mac OS X System Disk

The most common reason to do this is to have both Mac OS X and Windows available on the same system.


117: Media Management in Final Cut Pro X (v10.1), Larry Jordan & Associates Inc. Presented: Jan. 22, 2014 In-Depth Look at Libraries, Events, and Media Each week, Larry Jordan presents a live, on-line, video training webinar discussing issues related to video editing and post-production.

117: Media Management in Final Cut Pro X (v10.1), Larry Jordan & Associates Inc.

For a list of upcoming webinars, click here. Duration: 58:31File size: 280 MB (ZIP file)Format: MPEG-4 movie (HD: 1280 x 720) DOWNLOAD NOTE: After you complete the store checkout process, you will see a Download Link on the Order Confirmation page. Click to see larger image. The most powerful, yet confusing, new feature in Final Cut Pro X, v.10.1, is media management.

Join host, Larry Jordan, as he shows you how to update older projects, create new libraries and events, import media, and manage all your media, events and projects once you have them inside Final Cut Pro X. NOTE: For detailed, in-depth video training on Final Cut Pro X, v.10.1.x, please visit this page. Watch a FREE three-minute excerpt from this webinar. BONUS FEATURE! Key Terms/New Features For Media Management in FCPX (10.1)