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TECHNIQUES. SAMPLES. SFX. PLUG INS. SAMPLED INSTRUMENTS. Digital Music Distribution - Sell Music Online. Ntroller Keyboards. CONTROLLER KEYBOARDS. MIXERS. NASA Posts a Huge Library of Space Sounds, And You're Free To Use Them.

Space is the place.

NASA Posts a Huge Library of Space Sounds, And You're Free To Use Them

Again. And SoundCloud is now a place you can find sounds from the US government space agency, NASA. In addition to the requisite vocal clips (“Houston, we’ve had a problem” and “The Eagle has landed”), you get a lot more. There are rocket sounds, the chirps of satellites and equipment, lightning on Jupiter, interstellar plasma and radio emissions. And in one nod to humanity, and not just American humanity, there’s the Soviet satellite Sputnik (among many projects that are international in nature). Many of these sounds were available before; I’ve actually used a number of them in my own music. Another thing: you’re free to use all of these sounds as you wish, because NASA’s own audio isn’t copyrighted. Let the space remixing begin. European Space Agency, your move. Update: ESA has started posting downloadable sounds on SoundCloud! Have you made music with space sounds?

More Sounds. NASA Recorded Sound In Space, And It's Absolutely Chilling.

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How to promote your band online. Music doesn't sell itself.

How to promote your band online

Writing songs is only half the journey - you need to get them heard. Even great songs need to be found, and it usually takes a lot of work to get them heard over the din of thousands of other acts trying to do the same. People won't know, and they'll never know about your music unless you tell them. Yes, music is art, but it's also a product with consumers. And like any product, it needs to be sold in order to build a fanbase who want to have your music in their lives. You can promote your music in the best way for you, and get the followers for your music that will impress promoters you approach for gigs. It's a big world online, so it's vital you maximise your chances by targeting various channels in the right way. Build your presence Film your own session Potential fans are much more likely to give your music a chance if they have something to look at while they listen.

Maintain a presence Facebook focus Beyond social media How do you get email addresses? David Byrne - Gaza and the Loss of Civilization. Ed note: I received this email last Friday morning from my friend, Brian Eno.

David Byrne - Gaza and the Loss of Civilization

I shared it with my office and we all felt a great responsibility to publish Brian's heavy, worthy note. In response, Brian's friend, Peter Schwartz, replied with an eye-opening historical explanation of how we got here. What's clear is that no one has the moral high ground. Dear All of You: I sense I'm breaking an unspoken rule with this letter, but I can't keep quiet any more. Today I saw a picture of a weeping Palestinian man holding a plastic carrier bag of meat. Crystal Quantum Radio Experiments. Spooky Tesla Spirit Radio. News Flash!!!

Spooky Tesla Spirit Radio

"Spooky" continues to live! Many thanks to Mike of Mikes Electronic Parts, who as of October 2015, has a new website that features a Spooky Tesla Spirit Radio Kit with most of the essential parts for this cool project. The Spooky Tesla Spirit Radio and Mrfixitrick are featured in a PC game called "Tesla". The theme is monsters and bats are battled while helping Mrfixitrick find the seven missing parts of the Spooky Tesla Spirit Radio. Intriguing background music. Have a look at the Crystal Quantum Radio devices of EJ Gold that helped inspire this instructable: Home Page.


Creative Strategies w/ Matt Shadetek: Imperfectionism. In his latest article on creative strategies for artists, Dubspot Logic instructor and course designer Matt Shadetek breaks down the Japanese concept of wabi-sabi and the value of imperfection in art.

Creative Strategies w/ Matt Shadetek: Imperfectionism

People sometimes ask me if their work comes across as “professional.” For beginners, this is very important. Beginners have the desire to make something that gives the impression that they know what they’re doing, that they’re in control of the process. Often we feel that in order to look competent, powerful and in control, we need to make everything look easy, smoothing off every rough edge and polishing everything until it looks perfect. A while back I read a piece by Seth Godin on his excellent blog. “Sometimes, ‘never let them see you sweat,’ is truly bad advice. This is really useful advice for us music makers for two reasons: The 432Hz 'God' Note: Why Fringe Audiophiles Want to Topple Standard Tuning. The first time Ivan Yanakiev heard an instrument tuned to 432 Hertz, he says, it was like he’d heard God speak.

The 432Hz 'God' Note: Why Fringe Audiophiles Want to Topple Standard Tuning

In the men’s dressing room at the Musical Drama Theatre Konstantin Kisimov in Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria, Yanakiev, a young, National Academy-schooled conductor, had his friend, Velimir, tune his cello down eight Hz from the standard A=440Hz.