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Pixel to Voxel. Publicamos novelas gráficas —FIXIÓN Narradores. - your 3D online. 25 Glamorous 3D Character Designs and Hot 3D Models for your inspiration. IT'S ART - Your CG source of inspiration and learning. Social Network for Art ists - Art, Digital Art, Computer Graphics Art. Resource and Tutorials for Professional Digital Media Designers - Digital Arts. - CG artists homepage with fresh CG industry news. Webinars. The social network for professionals in entertainment - Animation, Movies, Visual Effects, Games, Illustration, Concept Artists, and more. If you make cool stuff, join us! Solid Angle - Arnold Renderer. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Con™ 2012. Foros 3DPoder. Ballistic Publishing - EXPOSE 10. For the last decade, Ballistic has released the Computer Graphics industry must have, digital art annual: EXPOSÉ.

Ballistic Publishing - EXPOSE 10

The latest installment of the Finest Digital Art in the Known Universe brings together a record number of inspiring works from not only the giants of the entertainment industry, but also many rising stars. EXPOSÉ 10 is the largest EXPOSÉ to date with 288 pages, and features a record-smashing 548 images by 380 artists. EXPOSÉ 10 draws artists from every continent on Earth (except Antarctica), making it the most diverse collection of styles and cultural influences, and a true depiction of the worldwide digital art community. Ballistic has also, for the first time, included a commemorative Honor Roll that lists all of the artists that have been featured in all EXPOSÉ books from one through to ten. EXPOSÉ 10 - there is nothing else quite like it. Publishing Information: Visual Effects Society. 2.0. Death Fall - Feeds. Renderfarm - Download of the Rebus Renderfarm Software.

CGTALK.RU – Профессионалы компьютерной графики и визуальных эффектов. Анимация и 3D графика. Красивые рисунки и картинки. CGMA - HOME. Portal REEVON. Creating Ambient Occlusion with transparency texture– Tutorial. In my previous post Dissecting the mib_amb_occlusion node.

Creating Ambient Occlusion with transparency texture– Tutorial

I talked about using transparency in Ambient occlusion, but I didn’t really cover the subject of using texture with alpha and having that casing AO on the nearby object. In this simple scene we have a texture file with alpha assigned to a separate geometry. If we would to render, we get this result. A regular AO pass would look something like so This in theory is accurate, since ambient occlusion doesn’t recognize alpha in texture files. Note: The mib_fg_occlusion node requires having Final Gather to be turned on. Create a surface Shader and assign the mib_fg_occlusion to it’s out color. Create another surface Shader that will be assigned to the transparency object.

Open the SG node of that new shader, under mental ray > custom shader and add mib_transparency node (found under mental ray Sample Compositing) To get the AO to appear, we just need to add the same mib_fg_occlusion node to the Input of the mib_transparency. “The Monkey and The Rabbit” by Rodney King. Forum. Cinéma d'animation 3D dans le logiciel libre et la Chambre des communes. Problemas al cargar la página. Render Rocket – Cloud Render Farm. Revista NeoPixel, Diseño Gráfico y artes creativas.

Visual Effects and Post Production House - UPP. 3D Scanning and Digital Character Creation Service. Inspiring Examples that Demonstrate Use Cases. Welcome to The Computer Graphics Society. - CG artists homepage with fresh CG industry news // 3D World - The Magazine for 3D Artists. Autodesk Media and Entertainment Animation Show Reel 2012. A continuación les dejamos el Show Reel 2012 de Autodesk que presentó durante el evento de Siggraph 2012, lleva por nombre "Media and Entertainment Animation Show Reel", excelentes trabajos los incluidos:

Autodesk Media and Entertainment Animation Show Reel 2012

Maya Tutorials. Displacement Mapping in Maya with ZBrush Displacement Maps 2.97K Views0 Likes Displacement Mapping in Maya with ZBrush Displacement Maps by Mega J In this tutorial, I walk through the steps on how to create a displacement map in ZBrush, import into Maya and assign it to your base mesh and rend...

Maya Tutorials

Welcome to Renderosity! on Animation Tutorials, Animation Jobs, News, CG Store, CG Portfolio for Digital Artists. ZClassroom. 3dmotive — High Quality Training by Game Industry Pros! Pixeltale. 3D Artists. Why cant i find preferences ? ( i need to delete mine) 3D printing 'Factory of the Future' opens in NYC. 3D printing is changing the way creatives can make their designs and ideas a reality, and it's taken another big leap forward, with 3D printing marketplace and community Shapeways cutting the ribbon on its new 'Factory of the Future'.

3D printing 'Factory of the Future' opens in NYC

Based in New York and billed to be the world's largest 3D printing factory, it will house 30 to 50 high definition, industrial-sized 3D printers, each capable of producing more than 100 products a day and three to five million products a year. Shapeways' director of industrial engineering Kegan Fisher comments on its website: "We are building a factory that gives everyone the ability to create, where the only barrier to entry is imagination.

" We are building a factory where the only barrier to entry is imagination The 3D printing facility will have more than 50 engineers, craftsmen, 3D printing specialists, and industrial designers to ensure everything runs smoothly. Reviews: Art & Entertainment. CG Cookie « Education Hub Site CG Cookie. Render farm studios. Awesome Matte Paintings. Comunidad de Artistas 2D/3D, Diseño, Tutoriales, Noticias, Foros 3D. Big horns sheep, realistic animal model, (.3ds) 3D Studio, Life Forms free software download. QuadSpinner Mesa Mastery: Erosion. Red Giant - Visual Effects Plugins for Digital Video. CG-Node - connecting cg artists. Web Filter Violation. Training. 3DA - El Portal del 3D y la Animación. 3DBuzz - Professional Video Training. The Art of Rendering (updated)

100 Creative Packages for 2010. Details April 18, 2010 by Tom McCracken It seems that design and branding are finally being taken more seriously in today's business world.

100 Creative Packages for 2010

Having professional design elements in your product is absolutely crucial for success, and packaging is no exception. A poorly designed package can easily cause a company to fail.