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Clouds in Art Interactive. GMS: Anatomy of a Raindrop. Short URL to share this page: Mission: Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) This item is part of this series: Narrated Movies.

GMS: Anatomy of a Raindrop

NWS JetStream Learning Lesson: Crunch Time. Overview Pressure is not only a matter of altitude but also is dependent upon the temperature.

NWS JetStream Learning Lesson: Crunch Time

As the temperature increases so does the pressure. The molecules and atoms that comprise the air we breath gain energy as they absorb heat. NWS JetStream Learning Lesson: AM in the PM. Overview Analyzing maps with the current weather conditions is an essential part of the entire forecast process.

NWS JetStream Learning Lesson: AM in the PM

Basically, if we do not know what is currently occurring, it is near impossible to predict what will happen in the future. Computers have been able to analyze maps for over 20 years. NWS JetStream Learning Lesson: AM in the PM. Air Masses. An air mass is a large body of air with generally uniform temperature and humidity.

Air Masses

The area over which an air mass originates is what provides it's characteristics. The longer the air mass stays over its source region, the more likely it will acquire the properties of the surface below. As such, air masses are associated with high pressure systems. There are two broad overarching divisions of air masses based upon the moisture content. Origin of Wind. Wind is simply air in motion.

Origin of Wind

Usually in meteorology, when we are talking about the wind it is the horizontal speed and direction we are concerned about. For example, if you hear a report of a west wind at 15 mph (24 km/h) that means the horizontal winds will be coming FROM the west at that speed. How to read 'Surface' weather maps. Weather maps come in myriads of styles with each providing different levels of information.

How to read 'Surface' weather maps

However, there are some common features typically found of these images. In the section about the Origin of Wind we have already seen the source of the "highs" and "lows". But how are the boundaries between air masses depicted? The Earth System.