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Deepak Saini

Geosols Consulting Pvt. Ltd is your right choice if you want to get rid of your geopathic stress in order to live a healthy and peaceful life or if you are seeking effective Vaastu remedies for your house, building or commercial space.

VAASTU TIPS FOR YOUR HOME. Geosols Consulting : VASTU CONSULTANCY IN INDIA. The incredible effects of following Vaastu is exemplified and experienced by people all across the world.


The science of Vaastu, also known as, Vaastu Shastra is believed to be practiced since ancient times. At Geosols Consulting, we have uniquely and efficiently integrated the ancient principles of 4000 years old Vaastu Shastra with modern technology to generate charismatic and harmonious results. The main idea of rendering advanced Vaastu is to ensure prosperity, content, harmony and balance of energies to the dwellers, occupants and owners. Directional Vaastu: Directions play a significant role in Vaastu Shastra. According to the shastra, we work in all 16 directions and in order to attain success in career, good health and prosperous life, one must worship the lords of these directions. Vastu Science – A Holistic Concept. An ancient science from India that was lost in oblivion, gained acceptance in the last decade and a half.

Vastu Science – A Holistic Concept

Yes, Vaastu science has gone through various trials and tribulations over the centuries due to its mythology heavy presentation. However, in the last several years, more scientific backing has brought Vaastu back into the picture. Homes build as per the rules of Vaastu science are bestowed with peace and harmony. It is due to this reason that people hire the experts of Vaastu Shastra to guide them through. Those who consider their homes as the architects of their destinations are meticulous and follow the useful tips of Vaastu Shastra for the house. We are bio-electromagnetic beings that thrive well when we are in tune with our environment. VASTU TIPS FOR HAPPY MARRIED LIFE. IMPORTANCE OF VASTU FOR A NEW HOME. When it comes to new homes, Vastu can end up governing a lot of factors not limited to the interiors but the exterior like the layouts and directions, as well.


Vastu is integral to real estate planning. The most prudent planners out there ensure that they are consulting the vastu experts without fail. That’s how important Vastu is for new homes.Are you buying a new home? Make sure you’re only choosing one, which has been constructed after thorough discussions with a credentialed vastu consultant. A few important Vastu tips that you should consider for your new home have been documented below: EntranceLet us start with the entrance first. Children’s roomThe children’s room should always be placed in the north-western part of the house. BedroomThe bedroom should face the south west direction. Living roomThink living rooms- think north! Bathroom and KitchenNot many are aware, but bathroom and kitchen Vastu is also integral to fortunes. Keep these Vastu tips in view for a fresh start! Vaastu for Commercial Spaces. The five elements of Vastu Shastra are earth, water, fire, air, and space.

Vaastu for Commercial Spaces

Earth: Earth or Prithvi is the foremost element of nature and it exerts the highest energy of all the aforementioned elements. This is why it is so important that when you are buying land you are consulting a vastu expert on the same. In Vastu, the area in which the plot is located and its soil are extremely important factors. Water: We have water or Jal in many forms on Earth such as rain, seas, oceans, and rivers, to name a few. Fire: A credentialed Vastu consultant says that fire or Agni is an element of the southeast. Air: Also known as Vayu, the air is one of the most important things that we need to sustain life on Earth. Space: Kundalini. Geopathic stress. Geopathic Stress Solutions.

Scientists at Dulwich Health Society, USA, studied over 25,000 people with ill health and concluded that the following groups are Geopathically Stressed (GS): 100% of people who get SECONDARY CANCER. 95% of people who get CANCER were sleeping or working in a GS place before or at the time the cancer was diagnosed. 95% of children who are HYPERACTIVE , have LEARNING DISABILITIES or are DIFFICULT TO CONTROL . 95% of people who get AIDS . 80% of parents/caregivers who ABUSE CHILDREN. 80% of DIVORCES are by one or both partners being GS. 80% of couples who CANNOT HAVE BABIES , one or both are GS. 80% of women who have a MISCARRIAGE . 80% of babies who died of COT DEATH . 70% of M.E.

Geopathic Stress Solutions

(Post Viral Fatigue) sufferers. 70% of people who are ALLERGIC TO FOOD/DRINK. What is Geopathic Stress? The word ‘Geopathic’ is derived from the Greek words, ‘Geo’ meaning ‘the Earth’ and ‘pathos’ meaning ‘disease’ or ‘suffering’, so literally this means ‘suffering of the Earth’. Background. Increase Positive Energy. Cosmic Energy Healing Therapy. Human Body Aura is a bio-electromagnetic energy-field surrounding human beings that represents your physical, mental, emotional as well as spiritual energies.

Cosmic Energy Healing Therapy

The aura of a person is directly connected to the level of health of the person. A person is considered to be healthy in terms of physical vitality, mental clarity, emotional well being as well as highly positive spiritual energies. So a person who is healthy at all these levels has a bigger and brighter aura and vice versa in the case of an unhealthy person. However, we regularly wear and carry various items with us such as – jewellery, handbags, wallets, belts, gemstones, pen, watches, glasses etc. We usually do not know if these items are adding value to our aura or depleting it.

We scan human body aura with and without these items to assess actual aura levels and effect of these items on body aura. Cosmic Energy of a Building.