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Download FinishLine Punch List Software - Punchlist. Snaglist Software. Best Construction Defect Management in the UK. Construction projects naturally require multiple team members, trying to keep everyone on the same page can be a tiring process.

Best Construction Defect Management in the UK

Testimonials - Punchlist. "...we have been using the product (FinishLine) with ease.

Testimonials - Punchlist

We have had to make some minor adjustments along the way to suit our needs, but Tom (FinishLine Support Staff) has been absolutely great to work with! He always finds a solution when we need support, and he is quick to respond as well. We are still using FinishLine for this project, but it has been a great experience thus far and I look forward to working with you on future projects" -Eli Routh, Regional Director/Property Management,TRINITAS "The FinishLine website makes some bold claims about the increased productivity that this product offers.

I can honestly say that these claims are accurate if not somewhat understated. "The entire team at Finishline was awesome from training, to setting up templates, to the on-going service. Social Media for Contractors. How is your construction company using social media?

Social Media for Contractors

Between Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ it’s clear to see that there are many options to choose from. Trying to determine which channel or channels to use for your company can be overwhelming. We attended the London Build Expo last week, which is focused on the construction industry in London and in the south of England. FinishLine in Open for Business Magazine. FinishLine Software’s main headquarters are based out of Eugene, Oregon USA in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

FinishLine in Open for Business Magazine

We are lucky to call Eugene, Oregon home. The latest FinishLine Software Pro App upgrade has been featured in the Open for Business Magazine, which is a publication of the Eugene Chamber of Commerce. Please do check out the full June/July 2015 issue of Open for Business Magazine via this link: Be sure to check out a demo of FinishLine Software. Quality Inspection Software. What is your current strategy when it comes to quality inspection?

Quality Inspection Software

Does it include paper lists and spreadsheets? Trying to keep track of an inspection can be incredibly time consuming and frustrating. There are many details to keep track of time, in addition to keeping track of multiple team members. London Build Expo 2015: June 18-19. We are proud to announce that FinishLine will be attending the London Build Expo in a few weeks.

London Build Expo 2015: June 18-19

This is a very exciting event to learn more about construction in London and the South of London. The UK construction industry is an area of rapid growth and is worth taking note of. Participating in a conference is a great way to connect with other professionals in the industry and in many ways, finally put a face to a name! In this day and age with the internet, it’s becoming more and more common to communicate via email or Skype. These methods of communication are efficient and convenient, but of course it’s not the same as in-person contact. Stay tuned to the blog and our various social media outlets as we will be updating you on the latest in the construction industry from London. FinishLine Pro App in Construction Business Owner Magazine. Construction Management: Technology Focus.

It’s obvious that technology is changing the world: from how we communicate, to how we work, and it’s even influencing our social lives.

Construction Management: Technology Focus

Technology has always been a huge part of the construction industry, whether it’s new building materials or heavy equipment. Warranty Manager Software. How to Be a Morning Person: Confessions of an Early Bird. Today I went for a run as the sun was coming up.

How to Be a Morning Person: Confessions of an Early Bird

Luckily, living in France means my morning run consists of running around the beautiful Peyrou Park in Montpellier. This isn’t to say it’s totally picture perfect, cue the legion of pigeons attacking me. But today, it was quite perfect. I had the entire park to myself and I’ll selfishly admit that I loved it. Living in the small historic center has its perks in terms of postcard worthy winding streets, lovely plazas for enjoying an espresso, and sunshine 300 days a year. I’m an early bird by nature. Before I head to bed I write down my workout, whatever it might be. Quality Inspection Software. Quality Control Inspection Software. Take a moment to think about your current construction project.

Quality Control Inspection Software

What’s your QA/QC strategy? Construction projects are naturally demanding, with multiple team members and project phases, so you need to be on top of things. Managing the flow of projects is one thing, but managing the quality is another. FinishLine (@PunchOnThePlan) Linkedin. FinishLine, Construction List Management. Finishline mobile reporting. Perhaps a product suite mainly relevant to readers in the Americas is FinishLine construction list management software, from Active3DB, originally a Hawaii-based software development business, now headquartered in Oregon.

Finishline mobile reporting

Its cloud-hosted tools are most commonly used for punch lists, QA/QC, safety, warranty tracking, completion lists and field observation. According to the company, the first FinishLine software application was created for a specific project in 2006 and, by word of mouth, was adopted on six further projects over the following two years. FinishLine Software Now Available for Smartphones and Tablets.

New 4.0 release enhances innovative construction list management. Eugene, Oregon, April 29, 2015 (Newswire) - The latest upgrade from FinishLine Software, "FinishLine Pro App," now offers the highly anticipated ability for use on smartphones. This is the most significant upgrade since the introduction of the standalone iPad and Android tablet version in 2009. Now with cleaner screens and user-friendly icons, the software's "punch on the plan" technology replaces blueprints and clipboards in one click.

Construction Press Releases. Here are excerpts of construction press releases with construction news and information about products, websites, apps and services. FinishLine Software now available for smartphones and tablets The latest upgrade from FinishLine Software, “FinishLine Pro App,” now offers the highly anticipated ability for use on smartphones. This is the most significant upgrade since the introduction of the standalone iPad and Android tablet version in 2009. Completion Lists - Products and Solutions. Order Best Warranty Management Software. Best Punch List Construction and Completion List. Looking For Safety Inspection Checklists ? Affordable Warranty Management Software.

Best punch list for construction projects.