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Antique Vase. Reflecting Pool. Overview A Reflecting Pool is an object that allows player characters to access Quest Instances which they have already completed.

Reflecting Pool

This allows them to relive past quest experiences or to assist their fellows in order to help them complete certain quests. Note that it also works for players wishing to join their fellowship in a quest instance that is on a quest chain they either do not have or have not advanced far enough yet, as long as someone in the fellowship has entered the instance encounter. In order to use the pool, stand beside it and right-click to activate it. Select the instance encounter that you would like to enter, then select "Travel Now" to be instantly brought inside. Note: The Chronicle of Events allows you to replay certain Session Play quests in the Epic Quest line, once per day. In Session Play, you are a "witness to history" -- a participant through the eyes and ears of another -- a contemporary of the event being related. Reflecting Pool Locations Quests Angmar Dunland.

Quest:Chapter 30: The Rescue. Bestowal dialogue 'The time is now.

Quest:Chapter 30: The Rescue

We are as ready as we will ever be. Let us move on the prison-caves to rescue as many of your friends as live still to be rescued. 'Speak with me when you are ready.' Background Théodred is satisfied with the steps you have taken to prepare and is now ready to move on the prison-caves to rescue the Grey Company. Objective 1 Talk to Théodred and begin the attack on the prison-caves Théodred is at the forward encampment in Tâl Methedras. Item:Scroll of Greater Empowerment. Scroll of Greater Empowerment Consumed On UseMaximum Target Level 75"This scroll will upgrade the Tier of any Legacy on a Legendary Item of up to Level 75.

Item:Scroll of Greater Empowerment

"Worth: 22 50 Stacks to 10 Item Information This scroll can be applied to a Legendary Item of up to Level 75 to upgrade the Tier of any Legacy. Melding Information This item can be obtained by melding 4,740 shards at a Relic-master. Quest Information This item is a selectable reward for the quest [72] Vol. 3, Book 4 -- Chapter 17: Return to Tûr Morva This item is a reward for the quest [72] Vol. 3, Book 4, Chapter 30: The Rescue Deed Information This item is a reward for the deed Draigoch's Lair -- Tier 2. Barter Information Barterer: Legendary Items Vendor (Skirmish Camp; scrolls are found under the "Accessories" heading) Barterer: Arcil (Limlight Gorge Rewards Vendor in Stangard, need Kindred reputation with Heroes of Limlight Gorge)