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Up next, the mobile decade. Michael Jones spends a lot of his time reading the proverbial technology tea leaves.

Up next, the mobile decade

As the chief technology advocate for Google Inc., it's up to Mr. Jones to think big and help keep the world's most powerful Internet company on the cutting edge. He helped design Google Earth. When Google's executives need to explain the importance of the Internet or the company's message to a CEO, prime minister or a king, they send Mr. Jones. So it's no surprise that even as he looks back on a decade that saw the personal computer and the Internet reshape the worlds of business, culture and media, Mr. "The mobile phone is for the next decade what the computer has been for the last two or three," Mr. The ability to transform media into ones and zeroes and pass it seamlessly across the Internet fundamentally changed how consumers get their news, listen to their music and watch videos. Join Jonathan Lister of Google Canada live online right now Physical media formats are under threat.

iPhone wannabes: LG Voyager and Blackberry 9k. Have you seen the new crop of iPhone wannabes?

iPhone wannabes: LG Voyager and Blackberry 9k

First up is the LG Electronics Voyager which Verizon Wireless Chief Marketing Officer Mike Lanman says “We think it’ll be the best phone … this year. It will kill the iPhone.” The Voyager, exclusively offered by Verizon Wireless, has a large external touch screen that also slides open sideways for a full QWERTY keypad. This gives users a choice on how they access the phone's features, Verizon Wireless said. The keyboard option is one advantage the Voyager could have over the iPhone's touch-screen-only design, in addition to Verizon Wireless' fast 3G data network that the Voyager will use to access the mobile Internet. Verizon Wireless hasn't said when Voyager will be available for sale, but it is expected to be in stores before Thanksgiving.

The other one is the BlackBerry 9000 which is rumored to be RIM's first all touch-screen device. It most certainly will have a 3G radio and we’re not talking about the European bands. Built for BlackBerry. Who Will Be Your Web Office Provider? I want to replace both my Windows laptop and my Blackberry with an iPhone.

Who Will Be Your Web Office Provider?

I love my Blackberry, but I don’t like lugging my laptop around. I know I need a laptop sometimes, but if I can just leave it behind more times that will be a big improvement. I think this is a reasonably typical use case. Mobility is the key driver. I have faith that iPhone will get decent connectivity at some point and that the aftermarket will create a neat foldable keyboard for times when the touch-screen is not enough. The Big Players Personally, I will only trust a big vendor. 1. 2. 3. 4. Which Microsoft Office Products are Threatened? Let's now look at the question: what parts of Microsoft Office are replaceable with Web Office parts? 1. When I want a professional looking document that looks good online, I want PDF. 2. 3. 4.

Conclusion A more disruptive innovation could come from a P2P storage system (think Skype for your data). [video] Introducing the BlackBerry Pearl.