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Howto backup your WordPress-Blog and MySQL-data with AppleScript on MacOS X. PHPmac - The Largest Online Resource Totally Dedicated to Mac Users of PHP. MySQL on Mac OS X. Safari 6 Learn about the new features in the world's most innovative web browser.

MySQL on Mac OS X

Development Resources Sample Code Use these samples to inspire development of your own great websites and web apps. Coding How-To's Learn how to enhance and optimize your website and web app for Safari. Join the Safari Developer Program Get all the resources you need to create and sign Safari extensions. Program members have access to sample code, developer forums and Safari Extension Signing certificates. Already a member? Things MacOS X. By webEdition.

LAMP Web development. By Tony Steidler-Dennison Why LAMP tools?

LAMP Web development

For the entire life of the World Wide Web, the backbone that's kept it upright are the tools of Linux. Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, Perl, and Python — collectively known as LAMP — comprise more than two-thirds of the servers, databases, and scripting languages on the web today. It's getting more difficult each day to be a web developer without knowledge and at least a rudimentary level of skill with these tools. What's the attraction to LAMP tools for developers around the world?

All these elements are addressed in the package of LAMP tools provided by Red Hat Enterprise Linux. The tools of LAMP development The well-defined tools of LAMP web development exist in nearly every Linux distribution. Linux Apache web server MySQL database application PHP scripting language Perl programming language Python programming language Note that it's not necessary to have all elements of LAMP installed.

Linux Apache Apache is highly configurable and highly modular.