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Kite Studio. Kitelife Magazine - The Kite Flier's Portal to the Internet! Kites. Kites All About Kites - Just what the title implies!!!


Anthony's Kite Workshop - Find some unusual and strange kite designs here. Build a Kite - TrackStar teaching activity. Chinese Kites - See some great pictures of kites here....well, worth the trip!! Coloring Page - Boy flying a kite. Coloring Page II - Coffee Beanie flies a kite. Coloring Page III - Flying kite. Coloring Page IV - Let's go fly a kite. Come Fly a Kite - Unit plan for grade four. DDKites World Wide Kiting Links - "The Main Focus of our Kite Link Page will be: Kite Building Plans, Kite Flying/Building Techniques & Kite Suppliers From The Internet. Dual Line Kites - Pictures of stunt kites. El'Cheapo Diamond Kite Plan - Instructions for building a diamond kite.

Electrified Ben and His Kite - Ready about Ben Franklin and his experiment. Facing the Wind - Rules for safe and fun-filled kite flying. Fly a Kite Day - Celebrate this day (June 15th) with these activities, crafts, and games. Flying High - From the "Why Files. " 20 Kids * 20 Kites * 20 Minutes. Uncle Jonathan’s 20 Kids, 20 Kites, 20 Minutes.

20 Kids * 20 Kites * 20 Minutes

A Festival of Paper Kites Fast Easy & Fun 20 sheets of brightly colored 8 1/2" x 11" multipurpose printing paper * 20 Plastic coffee stirrers work quite well or 8" bamboo bar-b-que shishkabab sticks. * 1 roll of florescent surveyor's flagging plastic tape. . * A plastic bag cut in a 1" wide spiral all around will also make a great tail. * 1 roll 1/2"wide masking tape or any type of plastic tape.. * 1 roll of string. . * 20 pieces of 1"x 3" cardboard on which to wind the string. * Scissors. * Hole punch. How Make a Kite: Fly Kites Making Plans Directions Home Made Build Plan.

Fig. 25 Kite Making Time.

How Make a Kite: Fly Kites Making Plans Directions Home Made Build Plan

Though marble time can't always last, Though time for spinning tops is past, The winds of March blow kite time here, And April fools' day, too draws near. By Dan Beard Kite making time begins with March, or used to when the writer was a boy, in Cincinnati. Even the blustering March wind must be weaker in the Ohio River Valley than here on the coast. If someone had imported an ordinary New York kite into Ohio and shown it to the boys there they would have told him to go and get a shingle and it would fly better, but now the author must modify his judgment and admit that the heavy sticks and apparently careless pasting on the Atlantic-coast kites are necessary to give them strength to brave the gales from off the ocean. Grave professors and men of dry scientific minds often take to boys' sports in a heavy, ponderous fashion, and try to demonstrate some pet theory of their own by means of the boys' playthings.

Kite Making from Outdoor Handy Book. Kitelife Magazine - The Kite Flier's Portal to the Internet! Forum. Smithsonian Kite Festival- Welcome!