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Twistory. HassleMe. Zimbra offers Open Source email server software and shared calendar for Linux and the Mac. Software - MenuCalendarClock for iCal. Für iCal Kalender und Uhr im Überblick Mit MenuCalendarClock haben Sie Ihren Kalender und ihre Aufgaben immer im Überblick.

Software - MenuCalendarClock for iCal

Ein Mausklick auf das Menu Calendar Icon in der Menüzeile zeigt Ihnen eine Kalender-Monatsübersicht mit Ihren Terminen. Geek to Live: Black belt scheduling with Google Calendar - Lifehacker. Wow, i can't believe lifehacker posted this article without the information i emailed them a week ago. automatic SMS alerts are cool, but google makes them completely useless, because you can only turn them on for every event, or not at all. using a separate google account (SMS alerts are global for a google account, so you need a separate account. invite yourself to gmail.) make an SMS alerts calendar, and in the options, fully share this calendar with your original calendar's google account. enable SMS alerts for this account, and get your phone enabled in the options (I think they text you a code).

Geek to Live: Black belt scheduling with Google Calendar - Lifehacker

From your original account, when you want an SMS alert for an event, there's an option in the event editor to "duplicate to SMS Alerts. " Kiko - A New Kind of Online Calendar. It's your life. Trumba - Website Calendars - Event Calendars.

Spongecell. Interesting Google Calendars. 30 Boxes. Support - Mac OS X - iCal.