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Bent Objects. INANIMATE CHARACTER STICKERS. While sex is one of our basic needs, the diversity of reasons to engage in it staggers the libido.


Now you can communicate to prospective partners not only that you want to have sex with them but also why - then clear off the kitchen table and let the fun begin! Whether you're in it for love or money, we've got your motivations covered! If your urges are complex, check off multiple reasons! 60 useful sheets per generous pad. WET Design Fountains - water fountains, water features, bellagio fountains, animated fountain, epcot fountain, animated fountain, musical fountain, programmed fountain.

Cow Parade-The Consumer Link - Treesort Treehouse. Interactive Toy Concepts. The Fitful Flog » The Three Card Monte. Greetings, Metafiltrationists — what’s up with that $5.00 cover charge?

The Fitful Flog » The Three Card Monte

This post is from a while back and better instructions can be found on this post. Greetings, Boing-Boingers. The files are linked farther down the page. There is a how-to and you can find it here. Make sure you turn the page scaling off when you’re printing the crease pattern or the card model. And hey, feel free to visit the rest of the site, The Fitful Flog. Today is Thanksgiving in America and we celebrate by posting an American letter paper fold – that’s 216mm x 279.4mm to those of you suffering under the conceptual hegemony of the Vichy metric system. Anyhow, I was standing behind one of our students in the dining hall as she was trying to extract her school ID from a very tiny plastic envelope.

But kind of bulky, no? Then I thought, well, I really don’t need most of these cards. The first one I made, I used Tyvek from a large mailing envelope. So, here are a couple PDFs. Tutorial Page1. Welcome to Bricksmith.

Tutorial Page1

This tutorial assumes you want to get building, so it’s written to help you as you start out. Starting Out Okay. So you’ve downloaded the application, and if you’re new to it, you also got the LDRAW library with it. If you didn’t, and you don’t have a copy of it, then go download it. When you first open Bricksmith, notice that the scroll bars are centered. Building Basics To start building, you should probably insert a brick into the model. 1. 2. You should get fairly good results just guessing at it, but the best format is usually "Category size x size". Now that you have the part you want, notice the image of it that’s to your right. *A note about parts: Some parts are Subparts, which means they are part of a larger whole. Okay, now looking at the part is all well and good, but we still need to insert it. Epic 2014. You're about to watch a future history of the media by Robin Sloan and Matt Thompson, with music by Aaron McLeran.

Epic 2014

Click here to watch EPIC 2014! Thanks to all the folks helping us share this with the world: José, Evan, Michael, Ido, and Arno. Also, Robin Good did a transcript in English (ends a little early, though), Coldwind did one in Spanish, Bobby in French, Eneko in Basque, Maciej in Polish, Fabio in Italian, Henry in Brazilian Portuguese, Li in Chinese, and Osman in Turkish. Cool, right? Dead Media Project. Ring of Fire Enterprises: Darwin Fish Car plaques and other products. Join the fish wars today!