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by Dori Smith, coauthor of Mac OS X Unwired 03/02/2004 I once read a review of a bug zapper -- a product that killed flying insects. The reviewer concluded that once you took into account the product's pros and cons, your best value for the dollar was to buy one and then give it to your next-door neighbor. Listening to Bluetooth (or at least trying to) Listening to Bluetooth (or at least trying to) - The Official Bluetooth Membership Site <div id="ctl00_g_e5f15daa_2b01_45cc_a24d_46a1340b4977_noscript">It looks like your browser does not have JavaScript enabled. Please turn on JavaScript and try again.</div> English 日本語 - The Official Bluetooth Membership Site
Shmoo: Bluetooth Security Shmoo projects: Fine Tooth Comb is a bluetooth detection program for FreeBSD 5.x. It will run a periodic inquiry, report on devices that try to connect to the detecting system, and optionally attempt a brute force connection scan to find other bluetooth devices. Bluesniff is proof of concept UI code for a bluetooth wardriving utility. See the DefCon 11 presentation on Bluetooth wardriving for more info. Shmoo: Bluetooth Security
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