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Things to explore in the San Francisco Bay Area

The 20 Best French Fries In San Francisco. French fries are a near ubiquitous item on SF restaurant menus in all but the most high-end, Michelin-starred establishments — and even newly Michelin starred AL's Place has their own unique and delicious version, and one-star Spruce serves a burger and excellent fries too.

The 20 Best French Fries In San Francisco

And while the classic American accompaniment to the hamburger took on wide popularity in the long, thin, McDonald's-esque shoestring version, the OG fried potato from which those "French" ones derive are most likely from 17th century Belgium, where fried fish and frites — double-fried at two different temperatures to create the most perfect texture contrast of creamy inside and crunchy outside — were a staple in the Meuse valley, in what was then part of the Spanish Netherlands.

Beachside's House Cut Fries wait for you at the end of the N. Best Patios To Get Your Drink On. As the weather slowly begins to warm up, we can begin to re-embrace our favorite tradition of drinking beer outside whenever humanly possible.

Best Patios To Get Your Drink On

We hold our patios very near and dear, so we've put together some of our favorites across the Bay. Check out some of our favorite spots! San francisco. The Bay Area's Best Hikes With a View. 22 Things To Do In San Francisco That Are FREE - WANDERINGSTEPH. 1.

22 Things To Do In San Francisco That Are FREE - WANDERINGSTEPH

Walk or Bike the Golden Gate Bridge 2. See the Golden Gate Bridge in a higher perspective at Hawk Hill Located across the Golden Gate Bridge, the beginning of Sausalito . Best Things to Eat in SF - Iconic Foods - Bucket List. Bay Area Hikes That You Need To Check Off Your List. Hikes that are approximately 3 hours within the Bay Area that you need to check off your Summer/Year Bucketlist!

Bay Area Hikes That You Need To Check Off Your List

Castle Rock State Park > Los Gatos, CA This beautiful hike gives you an overview of the Santa Cruz Mountains. The Most Beautiful Places in California - Road Trip Ideas. 8 Hottest New Ice Cream Shops in the Bay Area. Crafts Creamery Fresh and made-to-order, this Danville shop uses the cryogenic method of freezing ingredients together in liquid nitrogen to craft your chilly, one-of-a-kind cup.

8 Hottest New Ice Cream Shops in the Bay Area

Guests choose a size, then the ice cream base, with nondairy, organic, locally sourced and lower-fat options. Add a flavor — anything from natural Burnt Sugar or Black Cherry to far-out Bubble Gum, Birthday Cake or Pumpkin Spice Chai. Best Things To Eat In SF - Iconic Foods - Bucket List. 7 Easy Weekend Getaways Within 100 Miles of San Francisco – UpOut Blog. Put away your passports because you won’t need airfare to travel to these places.

7 Easy Weekend Getaways Within 100 Miles of San Francisco – UpOut Blog

You probably won’t even need a hotel, but we’ll leave that up to you. Pick any weekend and go on a mini-vacation 100 miles or less out of San Francisco! 1. Marin County/Sausalito, CA – Distance from SF: 38 Miles, 1 hour 8 min drive Take a trip to the other side of the bridge, where you can relax and enjoy a weekend away from city life that’s only a short drive away. 9 Beautiful Beaches Within a 3-Hour Drive of San Francisco – UpOut Blog. These 15 Oakland Restaurants Will Blow The Taste Buds Out Of Your Mouth.


These 15 Oakland Restaurants Will Blow The Taste Buds Out Of Your Mouth

Get Acquainted With Ethiopian Cuisine At Enssaro Source: Yelp user Joshua C. Ensarro Ethiopian Cuisine 366 Grand Ave, Oakland, CA 94610 (510) 238-9050Yelp: 4.5 Stars - 772 reviews A staple of Bay Area foodie top ten lists, Enssaro is a palate pleaser for carnivores, vegetarians, everything between. If you’ve never tried Ethiopian cuisine, there’s no better place to start than with Enssaro, which has introduced an entire generation of Oaklandites to injera, beyaynetu, and other dishes they didn’t know they would love.

Best Date Spots In SF - Bars And Restaurants. Best Kept SF Secrets. Is there anything better than knowing a secret?

Best Kept SF Secrets

Yes, there is: TELLING a secret. Especially if it's a really good secret about things in SF, like hidden gems, magical parts, off-menu items, and burgers. Read on, but just remember: two can keep a secret. If one of them is dead. Best Bay Area Dim Sum - Chinese Restaurants In SF Millbrae Cupertino And More. Dim sum: it's one of the most delicious ways to brunch that exists, but it can be a little intimidating at times, with all of those crazy carts and servers who really don't want to take "no" for an answer.

Best Bay Area Dim Sum - Chinese Restaurants In SF Millbrae Cupertino And More

Well, here's how to make it intimidation-free: Start with buns, rolls, and dumplings -- but don’t order too much, ‘cause this is a marathon, not a sprint. If the restaurant uses carts, you can always order later from the menu or ask them to return (hahaha good luck with that). Maybe order a few noodle dishes, something weird like tripe or chicken feet, and don’t neglect the vegetables (or do -- the food pyramid is probably a scam anyway, right?). Best Bars Near Every BART Stop - SF Oakland Bay Area. View navigation area Stuff Your Face(book) with more delicious content The first-ever BART bar map Published on 9/19/2014.

Best Bars Near Every BART Stop - SF Oakland Bay Area

Best SF Chicken Wings. Oakland's Top Sushi Spots, Ranked. SF’s best views and where to find them. Sweeping views of San Francisco. Photo: Photography By James Lee Sweeping views of San Francisco. 1. MANDARIN-ORIENTAL HOTEL A stunning view of the Transamerica Pyramid and Coit Tower can be seen from the sky bridges that connect the two towers at the Mandarin-Oriental Hotel. Photo: Holger Leue, Getty Images/Lonely Planet Images 1. MANDARIN-ORIENTAL HOTEL A stunning view of the Transamerica... 2. HAWK HILL For a bird's-eye view of the entire city, head over to Hawk Hill in the Marin Headlands. 26. A Transit Rider’s Guide to Bay Area Hikes. It’s been a year since I started living car-free in San Francisco. Left behind are the expenses of gasoline and maintenance, hours spent circling for a parking spot and the inevitable tickets that came when I would forget street-cleaning day.

I’ve felt liberated by having one less possession to track, but on the weekends a claustrophobia sets in. I’m always itching to get out of the 2-mile radius where my home, work and social life are centered. I need to stretch my legs on some scenic trails, reconnect with the natural world and fully enjoy the perks of living in this beautiful region we call home. Best Places to Have a Picnic. When visitors in other cities swelter in summer's heat and picnic plans are abandoned for air conditioned cafes, San Francisco's typical weather report is an invitation to gather up the picnic basket, blanket and head out: "coastal fog reaching into the Bay will burn off by late morning, then clear skies until late afternoon fog rolls in again. Highs in the mid- to upper-60s, lows in the mid-50s. " For a new take on the traditional picnic lunch in the sun, visitors can orchestrate their al fresco dining around San Francisco's fabulous spectacle of summer fog.

Fortified with a basket full of gourmet food and drink, a blanket (or two) and jackets, foggy day picnickers can later brag of the invigorating and unusual experience for years. A Guide to the Best Sandwiches in the Bay Area : Bay Area Bites. Putting things between two pieces of bread has been around since there was bread. But, these days sandwiches can be anything you want them to be. Photo: Jill Catley/Flickr Sandwiches have been a staple of your diet since you were a kid and your mom was still cutting off the crust. But, these days there’s more options than ham and cheese or peanut butter and jelly. And, in the Bay Area those options pretty much cover anything you can put in between bread. SF Secrets You Didn't Know Existed. Just when you thought you had seen and done everything this city has to offer, some super-handsome city guide (us!) Comes along and tells you that you're wrong.

And Tyler MacNiven -- owner of West of Pecos, former The Amazing Race contestant, and co-founder of SF Secrets -- has the proof. A guide to every single park in SF (even the one with skeet shooting) flickr/Selena N. B. 1. Yes, There Are Places to Hike in San Francisco. By L.C. The Top Seven Bowls of Ramen in San Francisco.

Epic Ramen Festival Coming to SF! If you're a big fan of ramen – and I mean freshly made noodles with complex broth, not Maruchan instant –you'll want to get over to Japantown on July 19 and 20 for Ramen Street. As part of the J-Pop Summit, this event will feature six ramen purveyors from LA (Tatsunoya, Fujin Ramen, Mattou Seimen), Las Vegas (Monta Ramen), SF (Men Oh), and Japan (Horaiya) setting up shop along Post Street hawking their unique noodley offerings, including a ramen burger. 5 Cool New Places to Eat in Berkeley. By Tamara Palmer Jun 25 at 12pm.