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How can it be crucial for Equipment Manufacturers to use the Remote Assistance Platform in the post-COVID world? For equipment and industrial OEMs, the standard solution to address the problems with the equipment on the floor has become extremely difficult due to the existing travel constraints and the evolving nature of the work affected by COVID-19.

How can it be crucial for Equipment Manufacturers to use the Remote Assistance Platform in the post-COVID world?

Industrial OEMs are moving to AI-powered Remote Assistance technologies to change how they serve and help their customers and ensure the quality of field service during this extraordinary period. The Remote Assistance Tool integrates augmented reality (AR) with artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML), empowering equipment manufacturers to increase the security, productivity, and throughput of their technicians/service engineers both during the COVID-19 crisis and beyond. Remote Assistance is a blended reality solution that combines a remote specialist with another user to automatically diagnose, resolve and verify problems. How Remote AR/VR based Inspections Benefits: Best Robotic Process Automation Use Cases for All Industries.

Organizations who are experiencing digital transformation today have more potential than ever to further, automate their business processes.

Best Robotic Process Automation Use Cases for All Industries

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is one of these technologies that you can use to expand on the current automation to make them more effective. RPA helps staff to record manual, tedious activities across application screens. How RPA is impacting across industries. Robotic Process Automation is the use of automated bots to automate extremely repetitive routine processes.

How RPA is impacting across industries

Robotic workers simulate the basic actions that people will take when dealing with IT systems, the decisions they make, and the rational procedures they adopt, while communicating between various systems and applications. Though RPA is embraced through sectors, a range of industries have taken the lead. Industries such as Banking and Finance,Insurance,Healthcare,Manufacturing,Oil and Gas,Logistics,Education,Automobile,Telecommunication,Hospitality and Retail are at the top on using RPA.Together, these sectors account for 66% of RPA spending. 45% of all work.

Web, Mobile App Development & Digital Marketing Agency - Evoort Solutions. Professional Services - EvoortSolutions. Professional Services - EvoortSolutions. Professional Services Organizations MANAGE360° Remote AR/VR based inspection to ensure continuity of business - EvoortSolutions. Deployment of centralized real – time AR/VR based inspection using smart phone, tablets, smart glasses to better manage operational timelines as health and safety constraints threaten business continuity.

Remote AR/VR based inspection to ensure continuity of business - EvoortSolutions

Industrial and engineering industries depend on high – quality inspections to ensure that their machinery and facilities follow industry requirements. These inspections help to improve efficiency, minimize risk and ensure protection. Retail IOT - EvoortSolutions. Retail is experiencing major disruption as the balance of influence shifts to the consumer.

Retail IOT - EvoortSolutions

Empowered customers, active competitive landscape, new commitment models, disintegration in the industry, and a developing technology landscape have created turbulent conditions for all players. The key to maintain leadership lies in making “Meaningful Customer Experiences” and associating with customers at each step of the journey – transcending virtual and physical boundaries. Retailers are embracing IoT solutions through a number of applications that helps in improving store operations, theft reduction, increasing purchases through cross selling, allowing precise inventory management, and most significant to improve the consumer’s shopping experience. The IoT is allowing physical retailers to strive more strongly against the online challengers, to recover lost market share and continually attract customers into the store, thus creating easier for them to buy more while saving money.

Healthcare – Evoort’s state-of-the-art Medical IoT - EvoortSolutions. Digital Manufacturing - Industrial IOT - EvoortSolutions. Web, Mobile App Development & Digital Marketing Agency - Evoort Solutions. Top IoT Data Analytics Platforms, IoT Analytics Services. Network Services for Software Defined Networking - Evoort Solutions. In Digital disruptive era We are connecting the physical world to the cloud– That’ s Digital Twin.

Network Services for Software Defined Networking - Evoort Solutions

Robotic Process Automation Company USA - Evoort Solutions. Data Analytics Services Solutions. Cybersecurity - EvoortSolutions. Cloud Computing Service Provider USA. Through cloud growth, the way company handle their IT infrastructure has seen a significant transformation.

Cloud Computing Service Provider USA

Many companies have moved to cloud these days, and few still have to. While most companies want to take advantage of the cloud, but with the challenge of moving essential IT services and infrastructure to the cloud, they are setting back. All companies today have some form of cloud presence, but how they maximize the opportunities the cloud provides can vary widely. Business Process Transformation - EvoortSolutions. Web, Mobile App Development & Digital Marketing Agency - Evoort Solutions. Empower the workforce with Augmented Reality enabled Remote Assistance - EvoortSolutions. Why will COVID – 19 impact our Schools or Institutes in the long run? - EvoortSolutions. In the middle of an ongoing situation, it could be impossible to see the future for more than a few days.

Why will COVID – 19 impact our Schools or Institutes in the long run? - EvoortSolutions

It’s like we’re walking about in a thick (and deadly) fog. We are living in extraordinary times. The epidemic of Coronavirus has flipped the planet upside down, and it seems unfamiliar and unclear. Although all sectors have been hit by the COVID – 19 pandemic, the education industry is witnessing disturbances like never before and on a global scale – all major exams have been cancelled or delayed and almost all schools, colleges and universities have temporarily closed their doors. While closures of educational facilities appear to have a logical explanation for implementing social distancing, prolonged closures seems to have a disproportionately negative impact.

Digital Innovations Helping Schools Hold COVID – 19 System leaders around the world – at the federal, state and district level – are addressing three main concerns relevant to the secure return of students to the classroom: Edge Insights, Business Knowledge and Convergence - EvoortSolutions. Data is something when you need it you don’t have it !!

Edge Insights, Business Knowledge and Convergence - EvoortSolutions

Digital transition is what occurs to companies by introducing modern and creative methods of doing business focused on technical advancements. Digital transformation is a revolutionary overhaul about how a company utilizes technologies, resources and procedures to radically improve business efficiency. In the digital world, IT and OT convergence are still presenting problems and companies are unable to reap real benefits of Digitization, we help our clients to break Data Silos and gather data from any source, i.e. sensor, object, system and process. Integrate Standardize Analyze Modular Available Meaningfully Bridge the Source of Truth and Business !!

Image Source by FogHub: Boost System Uptime and Reduce Rising Operating Cost - EvoortSolutions. Real – time analysis of asset safety to enhance asset efficiency.

Boost System Uptime and Reduce Rising Operating Cost - EvoortSolutions

Combine expenses with optimal product usage, efficiency and monetization! Getting a strategic advantage on the market is a prime prerequisite for every company to be interested in the competition. Remote Monitoring - EvoortSolutions. Reduce repair journeys, boost customer service and take direct care of the heavy machinery and facilities from anywhere at any moment! The basic problem in manufacturing for machine builders is the pace at which they will react with machine service in the event of failure. Many questions arise: How do you handle automated equipment in an effective manner?

How can you get a clear overview of the parameters from your devices? How do you keep track of remote machinery/ equipment without visiting every day? If the consumers need after – sales support, they want their issue to be addressed with a minimum of time. Web, Mobile App Development & Digital Marketing Agency - Evoort Solutions. How Connected Workmen Creates Distinctions - EvoortSolutions. Connected processes, connected devices and connected goods are all known as core facets of an Industry 4.0 “Factory of the Future” approach. To date, most businesses have based investments in digitalization on leveraging asset – and operations- related data to enhance key operating areas such as durability of equipment , energy conservation and productivity in output.

Boost productivity for employees and plants. Minimize downtime and draw out improved operational efficiency. Ensure enforcement – and – health – in the whole workforce with the legislation. Connected Workers can help : Current Days: How do businesses tackle IoT and visual dynamic problems? - EvoortSolutions. Web, Mobile App Development & Digital Marketing Agency - Evoort Solutions. COVID - 19 Effects and How IT Service Provider Should Support - EvoortSolutions.

The emergence of COVID-19 is a catastrophe that would have severe and long-lasting consequences for society and our world environment. When coronavirus begins to propagate across the globe, more and more businesses may miss their revenue goals owing to delays in the supply chain and dampened market demand. This is still uncertain how long this pandemic will continue, because there is no antidote to fight it yet, nor is there any accepted treatment to slow down the human body’s toll. What should be obvious is that COVID-19 would have a drastic effect on most companies for months, potentially years. Bottom line: this is not likely to be a short – term occurrence, and companies ought to plan for the long haul. With this kind of mindset, it is crucial that companies put up the requisite organizational flexibility to withstand this new world. The main three adverse effects of COVID – 19 on companies are: The top positive impacts on enterprises are: Creating visibility of Non – powered assets from Anywhere & On-Go !! - EvoortSolutions.

Most Companies when they think of GPS tracking, straightaway thinks about their vehicles and trucks, valuable assets that are sometimes lost. GPS monitoring in vehicles is now ubiquitous and is enabled by the option to access existing power supplies to ensure constant power and charging for every GPS tracking application is possible. Non powered assets in this regard is minimal. An object that does not have its own power source (usually an engine with an alternator) is commonly referred to as a non – powered object few examples are shipping containers, freight, skip bins, chassis, palettes, trailers, generators, chair, tools, frac tanks, roll –offs and other container types, mobile traffic signs etc.

Non – powered asset management is a method for monitoring the position and usage of such non – powered assets in an energy – efficient way. Evoort provides an end – to end asset management system for both outdoor and indoor monitoring. Professional Services Organizations MANAGE360° Digitally Transforming the Asset Management - EvoortSolutions. Our easy to use Asset Tracking and Management System guarantees that your valuable assets are constantly tracked and accurately managed. Asset Utilization has increasingly become a top – level example for all companies implementing the Asset Management System. Businesses are often forced to locate the assets in the field and consider how successfully they are being used. The asset utilization can provide real – time insight to the operations managers of these revenue generating assets.

Asset tracking System offers you complete transparency about what all assets you have, where it is, who uses it, and when it needs to be maintained. The equipment tracking software provides you all the critical information about your assets at your fingertips, so that you can easily maintain your work on track and ensure productivity attainment. Employee Tracking Fleet Tracking Equipment/Machine Tracking. Best Asset Management Software USA - Evoort Solutions.

IoT based Building Management Platform. The Energy Savings Potential of Smart Manufacturing - EvoortSolutions. Reduce Energy Spend And Optimize Equipment Performance - EvoortSolutions. The internet of energy (IOE) - EvoortSolutions. Energy Management System - EvoortSolutions. Web Development Company USA - Evoort Solutions.

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