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Find this. Join our clan #PURG08YG (Gama Land). And meet sj our clan co leader.we are looking for good attackers(th6,th7,th8,th9,th10). Are you sick and tired of getting three starred every single time? Or are you just trying to rearrange your base? Either way, this article will help you! Note: only level 8 buildings are used for building. level 7 builder hall bases Best Town Hall 8 War Base Anti-Everything 2017 Level 8 town hall layout anti everything ere we are, with another Great War base design. Defends against: Gowipe, govalk, minor dragon attack, minor hogs attack, healer-wizard attack, giant-archer-wizard attacks. coc anti everything town hall 8 war base 2017 With the air-defenses being placed at the middle of the village, it is guaranteed that the dragons may struggle to fire the whole place up! Here we are! Defends against: Dragon attack, hog attack, other farming/minor attacking strategies. coc th8 war village anti 3 star level 8 base.