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Savour The Flavour With Purest & Safest Products. Buy Sidr Kashmir Honey Online 450 gm. Buy Honey Chocolate Online. Can’t Imagine the World without Bees! The Fascinating Benefits of Bee Honey. Among the many creatures in this world, the honey bee is one such creature in which God's blessing is so clear that all mankind sees it.

Can’t Imagine the World without Bees! The Fascinating Benefits of Bee Honey

This wonderful creature affects the society, economy, and our well being. These bees are truly miracles, and this is the reason why a whole chapter in the Quran is dedicated to them. Sura 16 of the Quran is called "the Bee. " Bees and humans have a strong connection as they have been around the world, producing this sweet nectar for about 15-20 million years. But are we humans really taking care of these little creatures? Goodness of Manuka Honey during Pregnancy & Baby Birth. Are you in your pregnancy days?

Goodness of Manuka Honey during Pregnancy & Baby Birth

We know about that combined feeling of excitement and discomfort! It is the time when you need to pay extra attention to health and wellbeing. During this period, women become more aware of everything they apply on their skin and ingest in their bodies. It is because these things have the potential to be passed onto their unborn baby. The Sweet Danger of Sugar l Is Honey Nutritious? How True Honey Is Made. Polyfloral Honey. Monofloral honey. Manuka Honey - Skin Benefits. Worldwide Honey Products. Unpasteurised Honey & Refined Honey. Honey Investment. Beekeeping in Honey Business. Global Honey Index. Benefits and Nutrition. Honeycomb- All You Need To Know!! Know the Best Way to Harvest Honey. World Most Expensive Honey Online. Buy 100% Raw Honey Online, UAE.

Raw & Natural Honey Online. Buy Honey Wax Online. Exclusive Honey Deals - GeoHoney. White Honey. Citrus Honey. International Honey Brands. Buy Honey Online in Dubai. International Honey Brands. Honey: Swap Over-The-Counter Cough Syrups. Raw Honey Vs Regular Honey. Raw Honey for Children: Boon or a Bane. Honey with its multiple benefits may allure your attention towards imparting its very many benefits to your kids.

Raw Honey for Children: Boon or a Bane

In their growing age, parents are very much excited to see the quick growth step-by-step and to provide them the health supplements that can aid in the same. Having said that, honey being one of the most naturally healthy supplements for growth along with varied benefits like curing allergies, boosting immunity, and providing a healthful alternative for the white sugar, parents are highly enticed in using raw honey for the children’s growth years.

Hey! Raw Honey Masks for Oily Skin. Oily skin brings with it many troubles including acne, dullness, patches, clogged pores, and what not!

Raw Honey Masks for Oily Skin

Expensive clinical treatment also tends to be unresponsive after a while and drench out a lot of savings from your bank. However, there is a natural remedy for this! Raw and unprocessed honey! As good as honey is for boosting immunity as good it is for treating the oily skin. You can use the SIDR honey to prepare masks, scrubs, cleansers, etc. for getting rid off the excessive oil. Moisturizing Raw Honey After-Scrub Mask For Dry Skin. Dry skin, also termed as Xerosis, is a skin type that has lack of moisture in its outermost layer.

Moisturizing Raw Honey After-Scrub Mask For Dry Skin

Many problems arise with this like itchiness, aging, redness, burns, etc. The only effective remedy to this is keeping the skin moisturized well enough to avoid any of these issues. Store-bought treatments are available, but nothing can really beat the naturals ever. Raw honey is a perfect organic supplement that your dry skin needs to be cared and pampered. Geohoney observed milk to be highly effective for getting rid off the dry skin, hence, this scrub is highly recommended. Here, we share the chocolate honey scrub recipe and uses to help you get your dry skin problems tackled hassle-free.

Ingredients with benefits for dry skin: Honey for Better Immunity. With historical records tracing back to over 4000 years depicting that raw honey is widely known for its immunity-boosting properties; it has been observed that honey has been in medicinal era since a long tenure.

Honey for Better Immunity

Geohoney is well informed about the health benefits of raw honey, just a mixture of honey with herbs works wonders to provide the human body with energy and vitality. Especially in the modern era, incorporating raw honey in your diet can be the magical potion to instill a healthier metabolism and boost the body’s immunity. Honey also has had a long relationship with Ayurveda, mainly on account of its immunity enhancing properties. Honey is said to stimulate the production of immune cells thereby improving immunity. Being rich in antioxidants, it is said to have immune-boosting properties. Fixing Acne Issues with Unprocessed Honey.

Besides serving benefits like immunity boost, alternative for sugar, low calorie diet supplement, etc. raw honey has also proven highly beneficial for skin care.

Fixing Acne Issues with Unprocessed Honey

As much as it acts as an applicant over skin and treat the acne, as much it helps to reduce the root causes of acne by oral consumption. Both the ways are described in detail here. Chronic Bee Paralysis is Destroying the Entire Honeybee Colonies Again. Nature has always been the same and viruses have been a vital part of nature.

Chronic Bee Paralysis is Destroying the Entire Honeybee Colonies Again

Viruses have been around for as long as plants and animals, if not longer. Some viruses being beneficial for human life has not been able to overlay the fact that on the other hand, we have some extreme deadly viruses with major consequences. Geohoney retraced the evidences available for the chronic bee paralysis which was supposed to become rare but have found some intriguing data. Lately, a distinct viral disease for honeybees has been observed namely the chronic bee paralysis, which is depicting severe effects on honeybees, including the entire colony loss. Anecdotal evidence indicates a recent increase in virus incidence in several countries, however there is no mention of concomitant disease. It is important to raise awareness about the devastating situations we may find ourselves in by ignoring the bees, and the threats they have to face. Benefits of Natural Beeswax for Skin Care. Beeswax can be utilised in unimaginably enormous ways.

Benefits of Natural Beeswax for Skin Care

It is used for crafts and candles, surfboard wax, foods, furniture polish, and in many other applications. It’s benefits on skin are interesting and Geohoney thought of bringing it to you. Being an antibacterial agent, beeswax heals and softens skin. It also helps you defend conditions like acne, eczema, dry skin, and stretch marks. Raw beeswax can be used to create your very own skin care moisturizers and lotions particularly framed just for you with exact ingredients that your skin needs based on its types. Why Is Manuka Honey So Expensive? Unlike many kinds of honey, Manuka honey is among the rarest honey and the only honey which is essentially tested in laboratories before the dispatch for the customers to use.

Why Is Manuka Honey So Expensive?

This is because it musthave the exact concentration of Leptosperin, Methylglyoxal, and DHA. These are in turn the compounds which make the Manuka honey more efficient and beneficial for use. Moreover, this honey is almost as thick as wax and hence only one spoon is enough to provide you enough of the required nutrition which may be equal too around three spoons of other honey. Real manuka honey is expensive also for the reason that its occurrence and creation is very subjective and requires a lot of efforts which adds on to its cost. 10 Ways to Make Raw Honey your Routine. Raw honey is credited to reduce the possibility of heart disease; it improves the wound healing process and is even used to treat coughs.

USDA Announced Updates for Honeybee Producers. USDA’s (The U.S. Department of Agriculture) Farm Service Agency (FSA) updated the Emergency Assistance for Livestock, Honeybees and Farm-Raised Fish Program (ELAP).For honeybees cultivators, ELAP covers certain colony losses, hive losses (in case of the physical structure alongfeed losses (in case of natural disasters, or in cases of colony loss by colony rupture, however, the losses must exceed the normal mortality in such cases). Emergency assistance is also granted through ELAP to eligible livestock producers including grazing and feed losses. Five Absolute Benefits of Raw Honey with your Daily Coffee. Coffee is among the most loved beverages of all time! With the immense benefits of coffee for health, coffee is also proven to enhance our cognitive abilities and keeping our brain more alert.

Additionally, there is also an alarming fact which suggests that many youngsters add extra sugars to make the coffee sweet and to lessen the bitterness of the coffee. Agreed that some of like our coffee as dark, yet there could be immense benefits of adding honey to your coffee, which may be surprising too! Geohoney suggests that coffee’s abilities and the benefits increase by adding a teaspoon of raw honey instead of sugar for the following reasons: 1. Caffeine and Raw honey, both help in boosting the metabolism. 2. It is highly satisfying that raw honey is the only sweetener that contains immense health-benefits. 3.

Honeybees Life Span Reduced on Exposure to Transform and Sivanto. In a recent study published in the journal PLOS ONE, researchers found damaging effects for bees’ lives on exposure to the two pesticides Transform and Sivanto. According to the researchers, in the study to investigate "sub-lethal" effects (effects which may not cause sudden death, but create physiological stress resulting in shortened lifespan) of sulfoxaflor, the vigorous element in Transform, and flupyradifurone, the active ingredient in Sivanto, are dangerous. We, at Geohoney, are very well aware of the adverse effects of the life reduction in honeybees. Top 5 Benefits of Yemeni SIDR Honey. Top 5 Benefits of Honey for Eyes. Raw Honey - The Best Natural Sore Throat Cure. One of the most common problems with temperature and air change is a sore throat.

Sore throats and coughs are truthfully the worst combinations that keep you up all night when you still have lots of chores to take care of during the day. So, why should coughs and sore-throats keep you awake all night when you know about the best natural cure i.e. Organic Honey – Natural Remedy to Soothe Sunburn Instantly. Keystone Habits and Honey- The Means to a Better Life. Habits, in current times, often seem to get a lot of flak. We're always looking to break out of patterns, reject practices, and so on.

But, what would you say if you learned that your mother had been right all this while - that routines could be foundational to your success? 7 Remarkable Health Benefits of Pure Honey That Will Leave You Amazed. Wild Honey – A Blissful Treat To Relish On. Immunity is considered as a biological defense of our body system. Our immunity system fights diseases, illnesses, and builds tolerance keeping our body healthy and fit.