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GeoHoney is a provider of choice natural honey worldwide. They provide facility to buy raw honey online with 100% quality assurance in reasonable prices. If you are looking for world's best honey prefer to go for them as they are one of most reliable and quickly emerging global honey brands today.

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Understanding The Benefits Of The Symbiotic Relation Between Honey Bee Hives & Solar Farms. We all are aware that thousands of honey bees are working hard every day and are responsible for providing raw honey & boosting agricultural production.

Understanding The Benefits Of The Symbiotic Relation Between Honey Bee Hives & Solar Farms

But did you ever come across a study that shows a symbiotic relationship between solar farms and honeybee hives? This information sounds exciting, right? To gain more insight about this new study, read on the blog below – Honey bees are essential pollinators, as they are responsible for pollinating around 70% of the natural products, vegetables and nuts we people devour day by day. Unfortunately, though, since the mid-2000s, a species-threatening "Colony Collapse Disorder" has seen commercial honey bee populaces demolished. Therefore, logical analysts have been exploring novel land management practices, and probably the most encouraging include the advantageous connection between agribusiness and PV.

Enter Agrivoltaics – The cooperative advantages of agrivoltaics are progressively documented. Solar P-Bee - According to Mr. Polyfloral Honey, USA. Youtube. Types of Honey Bees. 50th UAE National Day - Geohoney Offers Spectacular 15% Off On All Honey Products. Dubai, UAE – November 12, 2021: The United Arab Emirates will celebrate its 50th National Day on December 02, 2021.

50th UAE National Day - Geohoney Offers Spectacular 15% Off On All Honey Products

People who call Emirates their home are invited to celebrations that have already started across the nation. To make this golden jubilee celebration bigger, Geohoney brings an incredible sale for the incredible people. The world’s leading honey brand offers a flat 15% off on all organic honey products to make this day more special for the people. Geohoney has planned to give away an exclusive discount on the entire range of their honey products. Mr. In a bid to brighten up the upcoming National day vibes, this exciting discount on products is a great chance to let people enjoy healthy products at the best possible prices.

As Dubai has become one of the fastest-growing Middle East places economically, the brand is proud to be headquartered here. Commenting on the sale, Mr. Amazing Facts of Honey Bee. Knowing How Caffeine Can Boost Bees Focus? Reading Time: 2 minutes, 36 seconds Post Views: 1021 When we need to do something that requires focus, there is nothing like a shot of espresso.

Knowing How Caffeine Can Boost Bees Focus?

The same thing goes with the bees also. Amazing Facts of Honey Bee Queen. Reading Time: 14 minutes, 57 seconds Post Views: 1784 Facts about Queen Bee The term queen bee is typically used to refer to an adult, mated female (gyne) that lives in a honey bee colony or hive; she is usually the mother of most, if not all, of the bees in the beehive.

Amazing Facts of Honey Bee Queen

Queens are developed from larvae selected by worker bees and specially fed to become sexually mature. There is normally only one adult, mated queen in a hive, in which case the bees will usually follow and fiercely protect her. Youtube. Honeycombs Vs Honey Bee Nests. Natural Honey - Its Neurological Effect Is Worth Knowing! Reading Time: 2 minutes, 9 seconds Post Views: 1023 Honey is a sweet liquid that is made by honey bees utilizing nectar from blossoms.

Natural Honey - Its Neurological Effect Is Worth Knowing!

It has been used as a conventional medication since the old days. Honey is available in raw or pasteurized and in an assortment of colour grades. It additionally contains 80% of sugar content. A portion of various studies recommends that consuming raw honey might assist with occasional hypersensitivities and can recuperate the injuries. Honey is used in many therapeutic, nutritional, traditional, and cosmetic fields. High-Time For Varroa Mites Control – How To Do This? We all have undoubtedly read, discussed, or listened about varroa mites, one of the critical factors behind bee colony collapse.

High-Time For Varroa Mites Control – How To Do This?

We love our honey bees — tragically, mites do as well. The varroa mite is an excellent danger for the European honey bee. Beekeepers need to increase their efforts in the fall to control varroa. List of Flowers for Producing True Honey. Anatomy of Honey Bee. The honeybee has been one of the most useful insects known to man, as well as other forms of life.

Anatomy of Honey Bee

It's been able to do so because of special organs endowed by nature enabling it to live a particular way of life. Let's try to understand this beautiful creature by studying its anatomical structure giving it, and it alone, ability to perform complex functions; gathering and ripening nectar, collecting pollen and propolis, producing wax, etc., and incidentally fertilizing flowering plants. Just like other insects, the honeybee has three main parts: head, thorax, and abdomen.

Each section serves its purpose and supports the functions of the attached body parts. Head featuring eyes, antennae, mandibles, and brain Thorax is base for legs and wings The abdomen contains stinger, wax glands, and reproductive organs All these form honeybee’s external skeleton- covered in a layer of hair to aid the bee in gathering pollen and regulating body temperature. Tropilaelaps Mites - A New Threat For The Adult Honey Bees.

We all have heard about the varroa mite and how it has been a significant threat to honey bees.

Tropilaelaps Mites - A New Threat For The Adult Honey Bees

While the varroa mite is the most significant and common parasite of honey bees worldwide, Tropilaelaps mites have emerged as another danger for these pollinators. Though smaller in size than the varroa mites, Tropilaelaps has a quicker reproductive rate. These mites have a more limited phoretic phase (i.e., the stage when the bug is on adult honey bees and is most effectively controlled), productive vector infections, including Deformed Wing Virus (DWV), and it continues on honey bees and in provinces like an acrobat.

Tropilaelaps mites are local to Asia and normally parasitize the brood of the Giant honey bees of Asia, for example, Apis dorsata. What Is Cirrhosis: Symptoms, Causes & The Best Diet To Cure It. Cirrhosis is a medical condition where your liver is scarred and damaged permanently.

What Is Cirrhosis: Symptoms, Causes & The Best Diet To Cure It

Scar tissue replaces solid and healthy liver tissue causing difficulties in the proper working of the liver. Scar tissue additionally hinders the flow of blood through your liver. As this condition gets worse, it leads to liver failure. Many people don't know they have cirrhosis since they might not have signs or side effects until their liver is severely harmed. Unfortunately, the liver harm done by cirrhosis can't be undone. Is White Honey The Best To Keep Up Your Beauty Game? All varieties of honey are rich in enzymes and nutrients that have a variety of health benefits.

Is White Honey The Best To Keep Up Your Beauty Game?

It has been used since olden times for medicinal purposes, and the taste, colour, and exact nutrient of various types of honey depends on where the bees collect nectar from. White honey is yet another popular honey type known for its smooth, creamy texture and goodness of beneficial compounds. White honey, despite its name, is not strictly white but is lighter than traditional honey varieties available in the market. It is produced using the nectar of Kiawe trees in Hawaii. Honey bee Colonies. Types & Roles Of Honey Bees Within Colonies & Anatomy Of Worker Bees: An Overview Honey bees are social insects living in huge, efficient family colonies.

These are exceptionally evolved insects that take part in variety of complex tasks. Connection, nest build up, natural control, defense, and division of the work are only a portion of the behaviors that honey bees have created to exist effectively in social provinces. These captivating practices make social insects in general, and honey bees specifically, among the most entrancing creatures on earth.

What Is Linden Honey & How It's Produced? Over the years, honey has been one of the essential natural products that humankind consistently appreciated. What makes it seriously captivating is that it is loaded with plenty of valuable properties that can cure various diseases. Youtube. Buy Pure Honey Online in Dubai l World Best Honey Supplier l 100% Organic Products. The majority of the studies detailed that Tualang honey contained over 20% moisture content, accordingly violating European Honey Legislation and Codex Alimentarius Standards.

In any case, honey samples from tropical nations, like Malaysia, commonly have higher moisture content, which could be because of the stormy season all around the year. Thus, Malaysia's honey is in every case previously treated by evaporation to lessen the water content, subsequently at the same time enhancing the quality of honey. How Is Clover Honey Good For Improving Heart Health? Honey is always marketed as a natural and healthy alternative to sugar that we use daily. We all love to add honey as a replacement for sugar in various recipes, as it not only enhances the food taste but provides a healthy boost to our system. However, before adding this beneficial ingredient to your diet, it is worth knowing about an incredible honey variety, i.e. clover honey. Artificial Pollination Technology Adopted By Israeli Ag Startup: How It Works? Pollination is the exchange of pollen grains from the anthers of one flower to the stigma of the same or another flower.

It is a fundamental cycle for the fertilization of the flowers and the development of seeds furthermore, fruits. The huge dependency of food crops on pollination to reproduce makes it an essential approach in agriculture production. But due to various environmental factors and pesticide usage, the population of natural pollinators like bees, flies, butterflies, etc., is decreasing rapidly. Thus, to guarantee adequate pollination in crops, artificial pollination is done. 9 Ways to Attract Honey Bees. Ways to attract Bees Give them cover. Understanding The Efficacy Of Natural Honey In Treating Yeast Infection. Yeast infections are too unpleasant, and for some women, managing yeast is an ongoing fight. Yet, enticing to go after the over-the-counter ovules that claim to treat the itching and burning problems, natural remedies are obviously better for your general well-being and maintain the balance in your body that will keep future yeast infections under control.

Importance of Pollination: Honey Bee. Wildflower Honey - An Ultimate Guide To Enrich Your Knowledge About This Super Nutritious Food. About Beekeeping. Honey & Its Importance In Different World Religions. Bees and honey have played a vital part in religious customs and folklore worldwide for a long time. Honey and Beeswax Extraction. Traditional Method. Oak Honey: A Comprehensive Guide About This Distinctive Honey Variety. Oak honey is high in sugar content, so bees gather it excitedly. The moment the honey bee gathers the resin from an Oak tree, it is blended in with a protein within the bees mouth.

Youtube. Video Recordings Are A New Way Of Understanding Rare Honey Bee Behaviors. Honey bees are social creatures and live inside colonies with a queen, many worker bees, and a few male drones. Worker bees make their hives from wax, which they emit from their abdominal glands. Poop As A Tool: A Defensive Approach Of Asian Bees To Repel The Invaders. All You Need To Know - Honey Bee Queen in Beekeeping. Queen Rearing This introduces the beekeeper to simple techniques for inducing bees to rear queen bees, in order to replace failing queens and expand his operations. Natural Honey: A Super Tonic To Improve Eye Health. How to Protect Honey Bees: Beekeeping. Importance of Honey Bees: Pollination. Buckwheat Honey: A Detailed Guide About This Beneficial Monofloral Honey Variety.

Strong Evidence Of Beeswax In Nok Pots - Reveals Latest Study! What Is Elvish Honey? A Comprehensive Guide On Elvish Honey. 8 Honey Beekeeping Tips for Beginners. Bee Propolis - A Treasured Bee Hive Product. Youtube. Fascinating Honey Bee Dance. Pure Honey: A Comprehensive Information About The Facts & Advantages Of This Natural Liquid Gold l Geohoney. Honey Bee Trap. Honey Bee Health Issues: Potential Reasons Of Bee Colony Collapse. Best plants for honey bees. Body Parts of Honey Bees. Ancient Significance of Honey Bees. Youtube. Importance of Honey Bee Garden. QR Scan Feature: Unveiling The Easy Way Of Ordering Honey Products. Beekeeping in India. Honey Bee Farming. Manuka Honey: A Detailed Guide About Unknown Facts & Benefits Of This Natural Superfood.

Are Honey Bees Helping The Environment? Let\\\'s Know The Truth! Honey Bee Swarms. White Honey - A Comprehensive Guide On Nature's Finest Gift From Honey Bees l Geohoney. What Is The Secret Behind The Hexagonal Shape Of Honeycomb Cells? l Geohoney. Raw & Organic Honey: Is There A Real Difference Between The Two? Knowing Everything About The Fascinating Honey Bee Biology. What Is Sidr Honey? A Comprehensive Guide On Sidr Honey. Youtube. Honey: Swap Over-The-Counter Cough Syrups. Types Of Bees - Diet, Habitat And Their Impact. What Is Cave Honey? A Comprehensive Guide On Cave Honey.

Does MGO in Manuka Honey Slow the Process of Diabetic Ulcer Healing. Youtube. Expo 2020: World's Biggest Show Is Starting Soon! Comprehensive Guide On Uses Of Honey. What Is Acacia Honey? A Comprehensive Guide On Acacia Honey. Acacia Honey - Efficacy Level On Healing Lacerated Wounds. Youtube. Ultraviolet Spectroscopy: An Effective Method To Authenticate The Purity Of Yemeni Sidr Honey. Knowing The Secret Behind The Healthy Sugar Found In The Stingless Bee Honey. Youtube. MGO - Does This Key Component Reduces The Ability Of Manuka Honey In Wound Healing. Enhance Your Sexual Appetite With Natural Aphrodisiac: The Honey.

Youtube. Youtube. Exploring The Top 5 Honey Varieties Of The World and Their Benefits. Youtube. Health Benefits Of Royal Jelly. White Honey: Health Benefits. How Bees Perceive Colors And Get Attracted To Flowers? What Is Monofloral Honey? Types And Benefits. Youtube. Sidr Honey: A Natural Aphrodisiac With Extraordinary Sexual Health Benefits. Bee Colony Loss : One Of The Greatest Decline Is Noticed In The Past Year. Honey Boosts Brain Health Surprisingly! Know How? Types Of Honey: Properties and Uses. How is Bee Honey Made. Next Generation Sequencing - An Effective Approach To Save Bees From Multiple Stressors. Black Seed Honey - Finest Variety With Health-Promoting Nutritious Values. Youtube. Bee Honey - Full Of Health Benefits and Skin Care Goodness. Eid-Al-Adha Fall Sale Is Live Now! Save 15% On Honey Products Purchase At Geohoney.