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Geoff Boyd

With over 30 years’ experience in technology and audio visual innovation, Geoff founded Silicon Valley-based Coleridge Design Associates with the objective of building a team of designers, scientists and engineers who are driven by the user experience to innovate by creative design and invention primarily in the Consumer Electronics (CE) and Green Energy (GE) markets.

TOUCH PEN. The Coleridge Design aCUBE BMR speaker system by Geoff Boyd. Firstly, a huge thanks for giving me the opportunity to introduce myself and my company, Coleridge Design Associates based in San Jose, California - the heart of Silicon Valley.

The Coleridge Design aCUBE BMR speaker system by Geoff Boyd

I’m a scientist by training with a passion for music, however, what I do most of the time and do best is use my skills in physical science engineering to design, make and sell products. My passion for music is what brings me here. Clear sound.

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