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Genome BC

Genome British Columbia leads genomics innovation on Canada’s West Coast and facilitates the integration of genomics into society. A recognized catalyst for government and industry, Genome BC invests in research, entrepreneurship and commercialization in life sciences to address challenges in key sectors such as health, forestry, fisheries, aquaculture, agri-food, energy, mining and environment. Genome BC partners with many national and international public and private funding organizations to drive BC's bioeconomy.

301CGD - Complex Gill Disease Initiative (CGDI)

SRAC - BC COVID-19 Strategic Advisory Committee. Global Organoids Market STEMCELL Technologies. 276OGC - Large Scale GE3LS Project- GenCOUNSEL- optimization of genetic counselling for clinical implementation of genome-wide sequencing. Access to Innovation. GeneSkool 2021. Prevalence and risk factors for cisplatin-induced hearing loss in children, adolescents, and young adults a multi-institutional North American cohort study. CSPC 2020. Pascal Spothelfar CBC News Radio Interview - COVID-19. GEN012 - Sockeye Salmon Genetic Tools to Inform Sustainable Fisheries and Rebuild At-Risk Populations.

Biobank Genome BC Proteomics Centre

Catalina Lopez-Correa. Global Sharing Genomic Data Market Report 2020. Q BioMed Technology Partner Mannin Research Inc. Announced as Member of Canadian National COVID-19 Consortium. GEN017 - Generation of phenotype and genomic resources needed for drought tolerance selection in ponderosa pine. 214PRO - The Proteomics Centre (PC): An Integrated GIN Node for Comprehensive, Innovative Proteomics Research in Canada. Praxis. 20th Anniversary GBC. 292MIL - Integrating genomic approaches to improve dairy cattle resilience: A comprehensive goal to enhance Canadian dairy industry sustainability. RLA004 - Mining - Thompson Rivers University. Provincial funding may be delayed due to fall election and COVID-19. COVID Cloud. Dr. Federica DiPalma, Genome BC, CSO.

GEN013 - Developing an effective, accessible, and affordable SNP genotyping set for the advancement of noninvasive grizzly bear monitoring in British Columbia

Girls In STEAM 2020. SIP024 - Using eDNA for Pacific Salmon Stock Assessments. 189GRP - CLEan plAnt extractioN SEquencing Diagnostics (CLEANSED) for Clean Grapevines in Canada. 188POT - Fast-Track Breeding of Powdery-Mildew Resistant Cannabis. Glioblastoma. GEN008 - Project ACE. BC Forest Professional Magazine - Rahul Singh. Pascal Spothelfar - BIV - The Use of Digital Tools Has Grown Exponentially During COVID-19.

RRFP COV040 - Structure-guided design of therapeutics and antibodies against COVID-19.

GEN010 3D printed pancreatic tissue from genetically engineered stem cells for diabetes

Antibody that may prevent and treat SARS-CoV-2. DRDK 2020 Battle Lines. LSBC Genome BC Award for Scientific Excellence. SOF131 Poplar and cereal rust comparative genomics. RRFP COV092 Structural preparedness during the COVID-19 pandemic and the provision of urgent oral health care. SAfER Project. Sharing Genomics Data Market to Undertake Strapping Growth by 2025 with Leading Companies: DNAstack, Lifelabs, Microsoft, Merck, BC Genome, Molecular You.

Yourgene Health

Supercluster - Flow H2O - Fresh Water Data Commons Project. Akva. Portable DNA Device. Addy Real Estate - Investing in real estate for as little as $1. GEN004 Fish Health in Nass River Watershed to Alleviate Mining Activity Impacts. SIP025 Kudoa in farmed Atlantic salmon. 223SUN Genomics of Abiotic Stress Resistance in Wild and Cultivated Sunflowers. GBC 2019/20 Annual Report. RRFP COV024 Learning in a Time of Crisis: Creating a Canadian COVID-19 Registry.

RRFP E04COV - Responding to Emerging Serious Pathogen Outbreaks using Next-gen Data: RESPOND. VIDO-Intervac work Developing a vaccine to combat Johne’s disease.

Genome BC Proteomics Centre

RRFP COV088 Securing Reagent Supplies and Scaling COVID-19 testing. I2. Podcast - The Code of Life. 5 Questions Wendy Hurlbert Life Sciences BC. RRFP COV115 Testing for Virus presence and quantity in fluids and tissues. RRFP COV067 Barrelwise Filtering Facepiece Respirator (FFR) Decontamination Oven. Rapid Response Funding Program. Improve Drug Treatments For People with Depression. GBC 2020-2023 Strategic Plan. Supercluster - Precision Fungicide. Rare Diseases. Aly Karson - Genome BC Award for Scientific Excellence LSBC. GeneTalk Cranbrook - Fresh Water Monitoring Technology.


Alan Winter Innovation Commisioner. Terramera Supercluster Presticide Load. Foodborne Pathogens. SuperCluster - New cohort of projects announced. Oyster Norovirus SIP5/GeneSolve. Protein Stability Analysis Market Forecast. Mining. SuperCluster - Fresh Water Data Commons Project. Forestry Innovation Centre Quesnel. Pacific Salmon Foundation - The State of Salmon - Conversations That Matter.

Candy Woodward - Ovarian Cancer. DRDK - Claire Fraser.

GeneSkool Quesnel

Government Funding Opportunities for SMEs. CSPC Conference 2019. The Lancet Genomic Medicine Series - Genomic Medicine Time for Healthcare Transformation. Acuva. Western Blotting Market. Research reclaims disturbed ecosystems. Health Diagnosis Tool For Bees. Watershed to Reduce Mining Impacts. New viruses discovered in endangered wild Pacific salmon populations.

Governments of Canada and British Columbia Announce Expert Panel on the Future of Housing Supply and Affordability. Comparison of infectious agents detected from hatchery and wild juvenile Coho salmon in British Columbia. Gut Microbiome and Metabolome of Two Riparian Communities in the Amazon. Deborah Money Lifetime Achievement Award.

Phytonix Waste Gas Converted into flavours and fuel

Alavida. Salmon Variation in Migration Patterns. Healthcare Transformations with Genomics. Increased sulfation of bile acids and polypeptide deficiency. DNA Stack - Supercluster.