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Gennaro Brooks-Church

Gennaro brooks-church is a living wall installer Nyc and a photographer. With a team of skilled professionals and art technology, we offer from consulting, creating, and designing to installation services of living walls for both residential and commercial spaces.

How to Maintain your Indoor Vertical Garden? The idea of a vertical garden, also known as living walls is quite in trend these days.

How to Maintain your Indoor Vertical Garden?

With the dynamic designs including natural plants, these are actually gardens that grow either vertical to the walls or free-standing. To uphold its natural beauty, maintenance is the fundamental key! Light Since these amazing structures grow on walls, the need for light is certainly higher. This need may vary from one plant to another: some plants need direct sunlight while others need shade. Maintenance Check your plants daily and pay attention to any growth problems or rot.

Plants Since these structures are natural, it is very normal that it will go through different phases. Just like normal gardening, indoor vertical gardens require the same attention. Vertical gardening can be easy and fun even in a small space year-round, Gennaro Brooks-Church can help you how to care for a vertical garden. Plants that can be used for Living Wall Installations.

Tips on How to Create a Living Wall. Preparing to decorate your home or workplace with the appropriate wall décor and designs can be quite difficult if you don’t have the expertise.

Tips on How to Create a Living Wall

You will have to choose from a lot of styles, designs and much more. Wrong choices can make a space cluttered and messy while the right choice can provide elegance and style to your wall. Living walls, also known as green walls are becoming more and more popular both in the residential and commercial sectors. Such walls are used to enhance the appearance of a building and provide a dramatic façade. When it comes to survival gardening, living walls will prove to be the most secure garden you will ever use on the interior walls along with experiencing so many advantages in properties.

If you run out of ideas, check out these top tips on how to decorate with green walls: Vertical allotments If you live in a limited space and wish to grow fruits and vegetables, vertical allotments are the ideal choice. Gennaro Brooks-Church. I have extensive experience in different cultures.

Gennaro Brooks-Church

I'm trilingual in French, Spanish and English with proficiency in various other languages. I've lived in over 34 countries. My parents were political refugees and they traveled non-stop, giving me a respect for activism, global awareness and culture. My ability to understand culture is illustrated by the vote his high school peers gave me at graduation, jokingly labeling me “most likely to become Ambassador to the World.” In 1989, after two years studying photography at the University of Santa Cruz, California, I started the Roma project.

In 1997 I moved to New York and returned to college, graduating Magna Cum Laude from Columbia University with a degree in Creative Writing and Comparative Religion. In 1999 I finished the ten year long Roma project and stored all the photos in my closet where they stayed for 20 years. It wasn't until 2019 that I undertook the massive task of editing the photos and sharing them with the world. What are the Common Types of Green Wall Systems? A wall completely made of living plants is the most impressive decorative addition to any place.

What are the Common Types of Green Wall Systems?

Also, known as featured grasses or green walls, such systems come in different types: Modular Living Wall It is a greenway which is more than just an efficient and simple installation. These days, the modular living wall is becoming more and more preferred choice that offers so much versatility and appeal that makes its popularity naturally on the rise. Climbing Plants Climbing plants used for the wall can add a beautiful vertical element to a horizontal landscape. Climbing wall systems are great for covering old fences' ugly walls, and covering arbors and pergolas. The best part is that the climbing plants are usually pretty self-sufficient and require little care to grow. With sunlight and water being the basic needs, climbers’ soil type or soil pH level is usually a less important consideration. Soil-based/Hydroponic complex and expensive to run. Systems. Benefits of Living Walls in your House or Workspace.

Green Walls Construction. A biophillic company, we see the home as a living being with inner organs, lungs, a skin, and a body. that is meant to be cared for and loved.

Green Walls Construction

We attempt to build the home so that it will remain healthy and safe for many years to come. We specialize in what we call the “green aesthetic” or Wabi-Sabi design, which incorporates the use of natural materials, like plants, wood and clay, and provides a home that is soothing and invigorating. We combine these elements with attention to the overall Feng Shui of each microcosm and macrocosm in the home. Our clients are forward thinking Brooklyn and Manhattan property owners seeking to make the world a greener place through innovative green building techniques.

Our renovations push the envelope of and redefine green building for Brooklyn and NY brownstones. We have handled many green building building, from Passive House construction, green roofs, natural swimming pools, and countless projects using salvaged non-toxic materials.