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The Genius Planner is a web and mobile application that allows busy people to manage and coordinate their lives— offering easy-to-read dashboards, intuitive setting of daily tasks and actions, daily time management, and goal tracking. For further guidance and support, the Mentor’s Portal helps you to share your life with your personal coach and get into flow. Earn fun rewards and deals from our trusted partners when you complete a goal. Track your life goal by App :

6 Things That Will Help You Improve Your Productivity. Are you struggling to balance your work, personal and social life?

6 Things That Will Help You Improve Your Productivity

Consider these 6 tips to manage your time and improve your productivity. Eat the Frog First That’s right, make that unpleasant phone call, write that email, or start the first steps to that massive project that you’ve been putting off before working on anything else. “Frogs” hang over your head and fill you with remorse because you keep making excuses not to do them. Not doing these things only drag you down, so get them done before anything else at the start of your day, that way it is done and you can stop feeling guilty and get on with the real important things!

Author Michael Hyatt terms it as ‘kill your dragons before breakfast’. If you can’t finish that task in a day, at least start on it. Recommended Reading: “Eat that Frog, 21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating” by Brian Tracy Intentional Activity. Benefits of the State of Flow. Benefits of the State of Flow. Benefits of the State of Flow. Meditation – Catalyst for Productivity. We normally associate meditation with peace, calm, yoga and happy monks.

Meditation – Catalyst for Productivity

But, can meditation really make one more productive? The answer is an overwhelming “YES” and there has been loads of research to back it up. Meditation improves how we manage our focus and to works to enhance our memory capacity. An increased working memory results in more thinking power and the ability to complete more challenging tasks. Meditation is one routine that many of the most successful people in the world have in common. Your Future Vision in 6 Easy Steps. We are coming to the end of the year and the end of the decade.

Your Future Vision in 6 Easy Steps

For most of us it has been quite a disruptive decade with volatile financial markets and weather patterns with one major city nearly running out of water and others nearly drowning in too much water. We have also seen major technological advancements particularly in the medical, retail and transport fields. With all this behind us, what does the next year have in store, never mind the next 10 years. We will all feel more compelled than ever before to make New Years resolutions and promise ourselves to stick to them. The problem is, we don’t. There are three major reason why we do not stick to our resolutions; They are not specific enough.They worded to negatively andThey are not relevant or believable.

Why Planning And Alignment Are Important Parts Of Goals Setting. Envision that you just woke up from a good night’s sleep.

Why Planning And Alignment Are Important Parts Of Goals Setting

You jump out of bed, turn on some soothing music, follow your morning ritual, pull on your running shoes and head out for a good jog near the beach. You return home, take a shower, make a healthy breakfast, you feel pumped and yell out ‘I am fantastic!’. Because you’ve made a verbal commitment to it, you’re are fantastic. The Month Of Love – Mythology & How The Stories Remind Us Of What Matters. Cupid & Psyche The story of Cupid & Psyche is a story that reminds me a little of the tale of Cinderella… The extracts are quoted from the story told by Apuleius, who is a Latin writer of the second century A.D. and the book is written by Edith Hamilton, ©1969, one of the greatest teachers and scholars of our time.

The Month Of Love – Mythology & How The Stories Remind Us Of What Matters

It is a delightfully told story that allows us to remember that True Love will always prevail… and mortals are very seldom content with what they have, until all is lost…. So here it begins…. There was once a king who had three daughters, all lovely maidens, however the youngest, Psyche, outshone her sisters in beauty that she could have been called a goddess…. The reputation of her beauty spread through the land and men everywhere journeyed to see her. 10 Success Habits That Will Improve Your Business. Success is not only based on a financial return and these points will hopefully give you some perspective.

10 Success Habits That Will Improve Your Business

“Success” means a deep commitment to the pursuit of the fullness of life. Along the way, the following ten habits of success will serve to improve all areas of life, both personal and professional. 1. There is value in the details. Rewards-Based High-Productivity Tool. Latest Updated Blog. How to Achieve Your Goals and Dreams. Our No.1 GOAL Genius Planner is the only fun to use Rewards-Based High-Productivity tool which aligns Purpose, Passions and Values with everyday activities.

How to Achieve Your Goals and Dreams

A Global impact company helping people be the best possible versions of themselves. Genius Planner. Online Training. Simple Steps To Set And Achieve Your Personal Goals. The brain is a goal-seeking entity.

Simple Steps To Set And Achieve Your Personal Goals

After decades of research into how the human brain functions, researchers concluded that for the mind to know ‘how to get what we wish for,’ we should first choose ‘what we need.’ Whatever goal you provide to your subconscious mind, the mind will begin searching for resources, opportunities, for circumstances and different approaches to accomplish the “need” you have recognized. What We Know So Far. A LIFE TOOL – Not Just Another Planner There are many productivity tools on the market, but none provide the user with a sense of purpose.

What We Know So Far

There is NO tool that helps people track and align their efforts to their purpose, passions and values. There is NO tool offers customizable dashboards and metrics. Furthermore, in our fast-paced world the reward for task and goal completion, is just more tasks. Best App to Keep Track of Daily Tasks. IKIGAI: WHAT IS IT AND HOW TO FIND IT? A sense of purpose – is all we need to make our lives meaningful.


There are chances that you have found yours already, or are at the beginning of the journey, enjoying the liberty to discover your purpose. But where does this journey start? The Japanese believe that you can attain a happier, more balanced life by discovering your ikigai (pronounced ick-ee-guy). The word ‘ikigai’ consists of two Japanese words: iki which means life, and kai, meaning “realization of what one wants and hopes for.”