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10 Facts About Fluoride. In the United States, health authorities call fluoridation “one of the top 10 public health achievements of the 20th century.”

10 Facts About Fluoride

Few other countries share this view. In fact, more people drink artificially fluoridated water in the U.S. alone than in the rest of the world combined.[1] Most advanced nations do not fluoridate their water. In western Europe, 97% of the population has water without a single drop of fluoride added to it.[2] Fluoridation proponents will sometimes say this is because Europe adds fluoride to its salt.

Only five nations in western Europe, however, have any fluoridated salt.[3] The vast majority do not. It is often claimed that fluoridated water is the main reason the United States has had a large decline in tooth decay over the past 60 years. Fluoridation advocates have long claimed that the safety of fluoridation is beyond scientific debate.[6] However, according to the well-known toxicologist, Dr.

Dental Fluorosis (Photo by Dr. 14) As noted by the U.S. » Associated Press caught lying about water fluoridation Alex Jones. Ethan A.

» Associated Press caught lying about water fluoridation Alex Jones

HuffNatural News June 18, 2012 It seems as though every time an American town or city drops the added fluoride chemicals from its water supply, the dinosaur media comes out with its usual talking points about how water fluoridation is one of the greatest public health interventions ever granted by the government to its minions, and that without added fluoride chemicals, everyone’s teeth would rot right out of their heads. » Top Scientist: Fluoride Already Shown to Cause 10,000 Cancer Deaths Alex Jones.

Mike BarrettInfowars.comApril 14, 2012 Water fluoridation is a highly controversial topic, with many individuals voicing massive concern over the practice.

» Top Scientist: Fluoride Already Shown to Cause 10,000 Cancer Deaths Alex Jones

In contrast, some stick to the concept that there isn’t any association between fluoride and any real negative effects. Fluoride, however, is indeed a toxic substance, and has been tied with numerous health complications in well-established research. Fluoride can be found in many water supplies, toothpaste, and even food at alarming levels. While it may sound shocking to many, some research is even drawing a close connection between fluoride and an increased cancer risk. Top Scientist: Fluoride Already Shown to Cause 10,000 Cancer Deaths One paper entitled Fluoride – A Modern Toxic Waste says the following: Yiamouyiannis documents research showing that fluoride increases the tumor growth rate by 25% at only 1 ppm, produces melanotic tumors, transforms normal cells into cancer cells and increases the carcinogenesis of other chemicals.

Fluoride Action Network. "The Great Culling" Official Water Trailer 1. Dr. Paul Connett on Fluoride Dangers. By Dr.

Dr. Paul Connett on Fluoride Dangers

Mercola Dr. Paul Connett is recognized worldwide as a leader in the movement to eliminate fluoride from the municipal water supplies, and I'm pleased to be working with him to achieve this goal. Earlier this year, he used frequent flyer miles to visit New Zealand and in a month-long tour gave presentations to communities all over the country. In this interview, he shares some of the successes the movement has experienced.Dr. "New Zealand has the ability to say no," he says. What's Driving the Irrational Water Fluoridation Mandates? According to Dr. "Teeth are important, but I can't believe that all these governments are mobilized to protect this miniscule amount of saved teeth," he says.

He may be right, because if they lose credibility on this issue, they stand to lose credibility on other public health policies, such as the childhood vaccination schedule, for example. "I said to the [New Zealand] Ministry of Health: If you had the courage, you would gain credibility. New Study Shows that Fluoride Offers No Benefits. By Dr.

New Study Shows that Fluoride Offers No Benefits

Mercola Why You Need to Get Informed Before Allowing Your Child to Take Fluoride Supplements A review of 11 studies involving more than 7,000 children showed that the effect of fluoride supplements on primary teeth could not be determined, with one study showing no cavity-reducing effect. Meanwhile, the study revealed the supplements have only dubious cavity-reducing effects on permanent teeth, and no difference was noted between fluoride supplements or topical fluoride for preventing cavities.Researchers noted: CDC and ADA Now Advise to Avoid Using Fluoride. By Dr.

CDC and ADA Now Advise to Avoid Using Fluoride

Mercola It was 2007 when the American Dental Association (ADA) first warned that parents of infants younger than a year old "should consider using water that has no or low levels of fluoride" when mixing baby formula, due to concerns about fluorosis. Exposure to high levels of fluoride results in a condition known as fluorosis, in which tooth enamel becomes discolored.

The condition can eventually lead to badly damaged teeth. Then, in 2010, the Journal of the American Dental Association published a study1 that once again found, contrary to what most people have been told: fluoride is actually bad for your teeth. "Results suggest that prevalence of mild dental fluorosis could be reduced by avoiding ingestion of large quantities of fluoride from reconstituted powdered concentrate infant formula and fluoridated dentifrice. " The U.S. This is as far as the CDC warnings go, however, and they insist water fluoridation is safe -- and dental fluorosis is only a "cosmetic" problem. Yes, fluoride makes you stupid. (NaturalNews) The next time somebody tries to tell you that there is no scientific evidence proving that fluoride chemicals are harmful to human health, simply point them to a new study review recently published in the Institute of Environmental Health Sciences journal Environmental Health Perspectives that shows, for something like the 25th time now, that fluoride damages brain development and leads to significantly lower IQ levels in humans.

Yes, fluoride makes you stupid

Researchers from both Harvard University's School of Public health and China Medical University in Shenyang jointly studied the effects of fluoride on children by evaluating 27 different fluoride studies. Upon review, the team found "strong indications" that fluoride exposure, particularly among developing children, is highly problematic for proper cognitive development and brain formation. Water Fluoridation. By Dr.

Water Fluoridation

Mercola Jeff Green has been an activist in the movement to eliminate a toxic fluoride from your water supply for the past 15 years. The practice of adding fluoride to municipal tap water across the U.S. began in 1945. With more than 60 percent of U.S. water supplies currently fluoridated, chances are you're one of the 170 million Americans who drink fluoride on a daily basis. Chances are also high that you're unaware of the sordid history that made water fluoridation a reality in the first place, because contrary to popular belief, its origins actually had nothing to do with protecting your dental health.Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, you might be unaware that the fluoride added to your water is far from pharmaceutical grade… The Manhattan Project Gave Birth to More than the Atomic Bomb… "Part of the protection for the liability was to basically put it everywhere and tell everybody it was great," Green says. But just how do you do that? Know Your Fluoride – Fluoride (Fluorine) Studies Done on Humans Part 5.