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Employee Engagement

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Guide Your Employees to the Why. Improving employee engagement and culture. Food for thought: In 2013, the percentage of Americans who believed there was at least a small chance of a zombie apocalypse was greater than the percentage of individuals worldwide who said they were engaged in their work.1 Truth be told, the percentage of Americans who report feeling engaged at work is actually much higher than the global number—coming in at a whopping 31.5 percent in 2014, according to a Gallup survey.

Improving employee engagement and culture

As one might expect, the engagement level of managers and leaders is higher, but it isn’t grounds for celebration; 38.4 percent of respondents say they are engaged by their work responsibilities. But that means 61.6 percent of surveyed managers in business and government don’t really care. According to Deloitte’s Global Human Capital Trends Survey for 2015, employee engagement and culture issues have become the top concern for many businesses worldwide. What if the issue is even more fundamental? Reduce your share of air time at staff meetings. 7.15.14essinteractionassoc. Empowering Employees - Links. The Problem with Empowerment. How To Create A Workplace People Love Coming To. Sure, fancy perks and high pay factor in employee satisfaction.

How To Create A Workplace People Love Coming To

But when it comes down to it, what really matters is a workplace where employees are challenged, satisfied, and appreciated. Contrary to popular belief, such lists of most desirable workplaces aren’t completely made up of technology companies--or even large companies. And many of them don’t provide expensive, lavish perks. They simply know how to give employees what they want. This year, Glassdoor’s annual list the Best Places to Work includes organizations from a variety of industries, from retail and finance to oil and gas, and everywhere in between. 1. Top employers know that having good people on board helps them attract more good people. From the moment a candidate interacts with your company and brand, it’s an opportunity to show what your company is made of. 2. EOCs listen to their employees. Keep in mind, simply listening to employees isn’t enough.

How To Create A Workplace People Love Coming To. 4 Employee Engagement Ideas for Monday Motivation. Monday morning is a pivotal moment for your team that happens every week.

4 Employee Engagement Ideas for Monday Motivation

In order to have the best week possible, you’ll want to start it off on the right foot. Ideally, you and your employees come back rested and rejuvenated from the weekend and naturally ready to reach your goals. But there are some ways to maximize their engagement after the short break. Here are 4 employee engagement ideas for your employees that will provide extra Monday motivation, not only this week but every week: Ask about their weekend Career coach Susan Somanchi suggests asking questions like ‘How was Suzie’s soccer game?’ Share your enthusiasm Your employees will feed off of your passion for your job and the mission, so set the Monday motivational tone first thing at the morning meeting. Accountability, Leadership, Ken Blanchard. When you are discussing top leadership challenges, accountability is an issue that comes up often.

Accountability, Leadership, Ken Blanchard

Many people find it difficult to hold others accountable for results and to call them on it when necessary. But leaders might be spending the majority of their time looking at the wrong end of the problem, says Scott Blanchard, principal and executive vice president with The Ken Blanchard Companies. “You cannot crack the whip enough, or hold someone accountable enough, to achieve the kind of results you can if, instead, you focus on helping people understand the vision, care about it deeply, and see themselves as a part of it. What Makes an Employee Happy. Ten Charts That Show We've All Got a Case of the Mondays - Gretchen Gavett - Our Editors. By Gretchen Gavett | 2:46 PM June 14, 2013 If you’re in a workplace in America right now, chances are most of the people around you are pretty checked out.

Ten Charts That Show We've All Got a Case of the Mondays - Gretchen Gavett - Our Editors

You might even be plodding through the day yourself, counting down the hours until you can fly out the door. How Ideal Is Your Company? - Andrea Ovans - Our Editors. By Andrea Ovans | 11:30 AM June 28, 2013.

How Ideal Is Your Company? - Andrea Ovans - Our Editors

Communication 101: Manage the Message Yourself or They'll Do It For You. 10 Reasons Your Top Talent Will Leave You. Why The Happiest People Have The Hardest Jobs. "The happiest people I know are dedicated to dealing with the most difficult problems," Rosabeth Moss Kanter writes for HBR.

Why The Happiest People Have The Hardest Jobs

Whether reversing schools' struggles, making unsafe water potable, or helping the terminally ill, "they face the seemingly worst of the world with a conviction that they can do something about it and serve others. " Why Your Company's Worst Performers Are Happy As Clams. Your slacker employees may be going to great lengths to avoid doing much at work, but they actually love their jobs.

Why Your Company's Worst Performers Are Happy As Clams

A new study by Leadership IQ found that in 42% of companies, low performers report high levels of engagement. These employees are more motivated and more likely to enjoy working at their organizations than middle and high performers do. When I first heard this news, I couldn't believe my ears. And then, the light bulb went on. In most organizations, low performers are pretty much left alone.