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Fillet Bug v.0.8.0009. Hi David, Could you have a look into why the Fillet component is behaving differently in the same definition.

Fillet Bug v.0.8.0009

Some corners are square because the input curve is too short for the given radius. Highlight in blue. Whilst others are rounded at a smaller radius. Highlight in Magenta. I must say that it wouldn't be a bad option to be able to choose either of these results but having them at the same time is undesirable. Thanks. Danny PS I love the new SET Components and If you haven't already seen, the Slider=10 for integers 10.0 for decimals. Tags: Fillet, bug ▶ Reply to This.

Grasshopper 0.8.0010 available for download. Last update for a while.

Grasshopper 0.8.0010 available for download

My holiday starts this weekend. Download the installer from the usual place. Changes since 0.8.0009: ● Added a first attempt at a half-way decent Preferences interface (Window menu). ● String matching algorithm rewritten in an attempt to improve Popup search fidelity. ● Windows linked to the Grasshopper main window will no longer be repositioned when Ctrl is down. ● The Extend Curve component now accepts negative lengths in order to trim the curve. ● Added Fit Line to Points component (Curve.Primitive dropdown) ● Added Fit Circle to Points component (Curve.Primitive dropdown) ● AutoSave file format is now customizable through the new Settings interface. ● Mouse scroll wheel can now be used to adjust slider controls (not Number Slider objects). ● Added tooltips to the Popup Search box. ● Added Info Mode to the Canvas (hold Ctrl+Alt and click on an object). ● Added initialization code to the Cull Nth component. ● Added initialization code to the Cull Index component.

Grasshopper 0.8.0008 available for download. Hey everybody, a few days late but here none-the-less.

Grasshopper 0.8.0008 available for download

Not all reported bugs have been fixed but I did not want to wait any longer. Download the installer here. Please be aware that this release involves some changes to the Rhino SDK, so it's likely that there will be problems running 0.8.0008 under Rhino5 until the next Rhino5 WIP goes out. Custom Grasshopper Ribbon layouts. Because of this discussion, I started typing on a customizable ribbon layout for Grasshopper.

Custom Grasshopper Ribbon layouts

First test (it worked right away! Must be the heavy coffee smells in Arlanda Airport Starbucks... The basic idea is this: - If no custom layouts are defined, the default layout is used. - If even a single custom is defined, the default layout is discarded. - Any number of custom layouts can be active at any time. - A single layout defined a collection of Tabs, Panels and Items. - The order of Tabs can be specified, but the order of Panels and Icons is always alphabetic (just like it is now) - Items can be grouped though into Panel sub-sections, separated by the vertical fading etches. New Set Components (sniffing for wishes) Hey everyone, BooleansIntegersNumbersComplex NumbersStringsPointsVectorsColoursIntervals You cannot use them on anything else (at present at least).

New Set Components (sniffing for wishes)

The following examples all use Strings, but that's just to make it obvious what's happening. Basically I'm looking for ideas for other (useful) components that operate on sets. A note on Sets (read the Wikipedia article for a basic explanation). Grasshopper 0.8.0005 available for download. Hello Everybody, it's been a while, but here we are at last.

Grasshopper 0.8.0005 available for download

The next version of Grasshopper is available for download from the usual place. Alternatively, I've uploaded an installer-less zip archive here, which you can use in case you have problems downloading or running exe files. There are several known issues that have not yet been fixed, among these are the Cluster Data Output Layout discrepancies and the lack of flatten and graft state icons on several objects such as Gradients.

Here's a list of changes since 0.8.0004, and you can see the full update history using the 'Version History' entry in the Grasshopper help menu. Additions: 1500+ Lolcats! Fixes: Fixed a problem with the popup search box not showing up sometimes.Floating parameter icons now center themselves in the space left over by the state tags.' Some general notes about the new stuff: The Group data type basically allows you to bundle together geometry during transforms. Enjoy, David David Rutten. Grasshopper 0.8.0007 available for download. An incremental update is available for download from the usual page.

Grasshopper 0.8.0007 available for download

A Zip file without installer is also available. Changes and additions: The slider popup editor now has fields for Name and Expression. Digit scrollers now have a text input button for single click text input. Digit scrollers and Sliders embedded in menus can now be double-clicked for text input (not everywhere yet, I'm working on this). Fixes: Adding and removing objects while large groups were present was slow, this is fixed. This release is a bit pre-mature, but since it contains several important fixes I didn't want to delay any longer. If you have existing files that contain sliders with expressions, they will most likely generate errors now (unless you named the slider "x"). David Rutten.