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Degree Project: Ornament Sublime. QuaDror, a New Structural Joint to Build On. Posted by Robert Blinn | 23 Feb 2011 | Comments (8) Core77 had the opportunity to be invited into Dror Benshetrit's Studios to take a glimpse at QuaDror, his new structural joint.

QuaDror, a New Structural Joint to Build On

QuaDror is a lap joint construction that provides for limited freedom of movement without the use of a traditional pin. The design is elegant enough to prompt wonderment that it hasn't already been built in the world, even as forgotten carpentry. By superimposing two lap joint frames with miter cuts, Dror makes the formation of a collapsible structure possible. Once a load is applied to the top of the two frames, it spreads out to an optimal angle for load distribution.

Just unveiled at the Design Indaba conference in Cape Town South Africa, Dror sees a future where his joint could be used in everything from modular housing to wind absorbing highway barriers. QuaDror from Dror on Vimeo. Chicago housing. Location: chicago, illinoisprogram: residentialstatus: designdate: 2009 Advancement in technology has allowed architects to explore new ideas for structural systems, now moving from the more conventional styles of bearing walls, lateral framing, and bracing to more intricate and appealing approaches.

chicago housing

Lattices, exoskeletons, and the like, have all been precedents of these investigations and offer a unique aesthetic to an already efficient make-up. Being interested in this approach, I attempted to expand on this idea and apply other systems to the same language, having the ability to incorporate structure with lighting, air, and /or water to areas deemed fit. using branching as an organizational strategy, the cores and envelope of the building were envisioned as the “trunks” of the project. Locating these cores on the perimeter, the systems are pushed to the outer edge of the building, were they are then networked toward the interior.

Stress Sensitive Mesh. Adaptive Structure. Adaptive Structure An adaptable framework for temporary structure. Project performed in conjunction with "Popup Factory" (click Previous Project to view). In an effort to explore the lifespan of a factory, from its' moment of industry to its vacancy or alternative reuse, it was necessary to design a structural unit consistent with this analysis. The intention was to design a modular system which carries utility and load in an inter-connective manner. I started by designing a 'specie' of structure with connective accumulation in mind. P_007 evolutionary computation. Form follows function.

p_007 evolutionary computation

This famous and disputed demand, associated mainly with architectural modernism in the 20th century, seems to be most valid when looking at biological systems: In these systems the form and structure of a biological entity equips the organism best for survival. In order to succeed, biological structures are highly complex systems with the aim of reaching an optimized solution for any given requirement. Every organism and life form emerges through the process of evolutionary self-organization. While the principles of morphogenesis tend to become an increasingly attractive paradigm in the field of architectural design and the aesthetic appeal of natural form has always been important to architects and designers, the inherent principles of these systems have gained significance ever since evolutionary and genetic computation have become utilized for design and optimization purposes.