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Mozilla Firefox. TESTA/WEISER. BAD_Intro : Built with Processing. Dan Shiffman Is Awesome! Joana Garrido. Yong Ju Lee's Page. Sofia Borges. Ruy Klein. Architectural Design. Design Research by Sakthivel Ramaswamy. NANAN - nanan. The Ascension of Peter Zumthor. Galerie de jedolci. 건축문화 소통의 공간 {Voice Maker}SPACE. 영국의 제이슨 브루즈 스튜디오는 건축, 인터랙티브 디자인을 바탕으로 한 장소 위주의 작품을 다양한 환경적 인지와 혁신적인 기술을 토대로 제작 설치한다.

제이슨은 건축을 전공한 후 Foster & Partners에서 실무 경력을 쌓은 후 Imagination에서 인터랙티브 디자인 컨설턴트로 활동했다. 2001년에 설립된 제이슨 브루즈 스튜디오는 15명의 건축가, 조명 디자이너, 인터랙션 전문가, 산업 디자이너, 프로젝트 매니저 등 다양한 배경의 팀원들로 구성되었으며, 현재 영국과 세계 곳곳에 여러 프로젝트를 진행 중이다. 최근에는 선더랜드 기차역, W 호텔 외관, 오레곤 대학의 경기장에 프로젝트를 완성했다. VMSPACE는 영국 런던에서 제이슨 브루즈와의 인터뷰를 진행할 수 있었다. Panda Eyes, 2010 ⓒJason Bruges Studio Q. Q. Q. Index. YEW. Ferda Kolatan – NSO. Ferda Kolatan is co-founder of su11 architecture+design, New York City.

Ferda Kolatan – NSO

He was the recipient of the Honor Award for Excellence in Design and the Lucille Smyser Lowenfish Memorial Price from Columbia University. His firm received the Swiss National Culture Award for Art and Design and the ICFF Editors Award for ‘Best New Designer’ in 2001. Evan Douglis Studio. 2007 FEIDAD Submission - Evan Douglis Studio. Statler & Waldorf » Evan Douglis Interview [Issue 10.1] Between JOHN WALLACE, News Analysis Editor and EVAN DOUGLIS, Dean, School of Architecture.

Statler & Waldorf » Evan Douglis Interview [Issue 10.1]

Atelier manferdini. Ideoo. 21CD. a3. # The Oblique Function by Claude Parent and Paul Virilio. Sometimes I like to revisit the classics !

# The Oblique Function by Claude Parent and Paul Virilio

The Oblique Function was first developed in the 60's by Architecture Principe (Claude Parent & Paul Virilio) and since then is still the main element of Parent's architecture (see previous article).The idea was to tilt the ground in order to revolutionize the old paradigm of the vertical wall. In fact, being inclined, the wall becomes experiencable and so are the cities imagined by the two French architects. The oblique is fundamentally interested in how a body physically experience a space. # Claude Parent's Villa Drusch. 내핍의 건축가, 데이비드 치퍼필드. LA.NSite. E/Ye Design. Nimish Biloria > Design Informatics — AZ: Portal. JULIA KOERNER. SJET. Interview with roland SNOOKS. New york NEW YORK suckerPUNCH will be posting interviews in a new section – in the ring the first five interviews will also be featured in the upcoming publication of TARP, coding parameters.

interview with roland SNOOKS

TARP is the architecture manual published by PRATT. image: swarm matter by kokkugia images clockwise from top left: taipei performing arts center, fibrous tower, taipei performing arts center, taipei performing arts center all by kokkugia suckerPUNCH: Could you tell us a bit about starting your practice, Kokkugia? Neri Oxman. Performance-Driven Design by Neri Oxman. Photo: PopTech 2009 presenters, day 3 – 198 by Ed Yourdon on Flickr _ The video below presents the design thinking of the architect and researcher Neri Oxman, who is proposing a different way of thinking about the design of things around us: instead of thinking about forms of objects she suggests to understand first their performance and “how they should or need to behave in space as most natural systems do, such as trees”.

Performance-Driven Design by Neri Oxman

These purposes are especially interesting for us as in a past article titled Methodology of complexity (in French) we have defined form as “the spatial configuration of a physical object that is responsible for the relations between that object and the environment”. I especially like the way she explains the professional relationship between architects and engineers, that I think it’s strictly related to what Hugh Dutton called “Integrated approach to design” in his paper “An integral approach to Structure and Architecture” available below.

Rivka Oxman. Rivka Oxman Rivka Oxman is an architect, researcher, professor, and author.

Rivka Oxman

She holds graduate and undergraduate degrees from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, where she has been Vice Dean for Teaching at the Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning. Rivka Oxman has been a Visiting Professor at Stanford University, Delft University of Technology and held research appointments at MIT and University of California, Berkeley, and other universities. She has been involved with research and teaching activities with the University of Sydney and Kaiserslautern University of Technology. Oxman has been invited to deliver keynote lectures around the world in leading conferences, including USA, ACADIA 2000; Europe, CAAD Futures 1997; 2011; South America, SIGraDi 2004, 2009; Australia, CAADRIA 2011; Asia; as well as universities and institutions. Recently she has co-edited with Professor R. Research Contribution[edit] Artificial Intelligence[edit]

GAGE/ CLEMENCEAU ARCHITECTS. The Nature of Code at daniel shiffman. The Nature of Code Book Project by Daniel Shiffman. A book about applying topics from mathematics, physics, and generative algorithms to computational systems.

The Nature of Code Book Project by Daniel Shiffman

With Processing! I want to put this into a book with expanded tutorials / examples! I've been saying that I'm going to do this for 2 years now and I've only drafted about 4 chapters. It's time for me to suck it up and finish the book by summer 2011. TEDxBrooklyn - Karl Chu. Performative Design Processes for Architecture.

Peter Macapia. Patrik Schumacher. Videos – theorizing architecture.