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Prof. Block chair at FABRICATE 2014 Prof. Block has been invited as Session Chair for the FABRICATE 2014 conference, which will be held at ETH Zurich on February 14-15, 2014. The conference is hosted by Fabio Gramazio and Matthias Kohler, Professorship for Architecture and Digital Fabrication at ETH Zurich, in cooperation with Bob Sheil and Ruairi Glynn from the Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London. Mozilla Firefox Mozilla Firefox
BAD_Intro : Built with Processing
Dan Shiffman Is Awesome! Replica by Jeff Howard and Alex Vessels Replica is a performance using live image processing to explore how the awareness of time affects the perception of self-image. Patterns unfold creating a dialogue between the performer and her representation, bringing the contrast of control and authenticity into question. Dan Shiffman Is Awesome!
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Architectural Design
Design Research by Sakthivel Ramaswamy
NANAN - nanan
The Ascension of Peter Zumthor
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건축문화 소통의 공간 {Voice Maker}SPACE 영국의 제이슨 브루즈 스튜디오는 건축, 인터랙티브 디자인을 바탕으로 한 장소 위주의 작품을 다양한 환경적 인지와 혁신적인 기술을 토대로 제작 설치한다. 제이슨은 건축을 전공한 후 Foster & Partners에서 실무 경력을 쌓은 후 Imagination에서 인터랙티브 디자인 컨설턴트로 활동했다. 2001년에 설립된 제이슨 브루즈 스튜디오는 15명의 건축가, 조명 디자이너, 인터랙션 전문가, 산업 디자이너, 프로젝트 매니저 등 다양한 배경의 팀원들로 구성되었으며, 현재 영국과 세계 곳곳에 여러 프로젝트를 진행 중이다. 최근에는 선더랜드 기차역, W 호텔 외관, 오레곤 대학의 경기장에 프로젝트를 완성했다. 건축문화 소통의 공간 {Voice Maker}SPACE
Ferda Kolatan – NSO Ferda Kolatan is co-founder of su11 architecture+design, New York City. He was the recipient of the Honor Award for Excellence in Design and the Lucille Smyser Lowenfish Memorial Price from Columbia University. His firm received the Swiss National Culture Award for Art and Design and the ICFF Editors Award for ‘Best New Designer’ in 2001. Ferda Kolatan – NSO
Evan Douglis Studio
2007 FEIDAD Submission - Evan Douglis Studio
Statler & Waldorf » Evan Douglis Interview [Issue 10.1] Statler & Waldorf » Evan Douglis Interview [Issue 10.1] Between JOHN WALLACE, News Analysis Editor and EVAN DOUGLIS, Dean, School of Architecture S&W: You’ve been here for just over one academic year. How’s it been so far? DD: It’s been an amazing experience since my arrival.
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# The Oblique Function by Claude Parent and Paul Virilio Sometimes I like to revisit the classics ! The Oblique Function was first developed in the 60's by Architecture Principe (Claude Parent & Paul Virilio) and since then is still the main element of Parent's architecture (see previous article).The idea was to tilt the ground in order to revolutionize the old paradigm of the vertical wall. In fact, being inclined, the wall becomes experiencable and so are the cities imagined by the two French architects. The oblique is fundamentally interested in how a body physically experience a space. # The Oblique Function by Claude Parent and Paul Virilio
# Claude Parent's Villa Drusch
내핍의 건축가, 데이비드 치퍼필드 | 건축가에게 ‘영웅’이란 칭호를 주는 나라도 있다. 영국이다. 지난 달 10일쯤 파이낸셜 타임스(FT), 가디언, 텔레그래프 등 영국 일간지들은 한 건축가를 조명하는 기사를 일제히 쏟아냈다. 영국왕립건축협회(RIBA)가 주는 평생 공로상과 로열골드 메달(일생의 작업을 인정하는 의미로 영국 여왕이 수여하는 상)을 받은 데이비드 치퍼필드(David Chipperfield, 58)에 관한 기사였다. 내핍의 건축가, 데이비드 치퍼필드 |
E/Ye Design
Nimish Biloria > Design Informatics — AZ: Portal
JULIA KOERNER Bankside Paramorph. Integration of environmental, structural and architectural parameters in a seamless, synchronized and parallel software architecture. The project radicalizes process-form-material logics with significant gains in corresponding efficiencies.
SJET SJET 10.2013 - Skylar Tibbits and Arthur Olson have recently exhibited a project titled, "Autonomous Mass Assembly" at the Calit2 Gallery at UCSD. 11.2013 - Skylar Tibbits and Arthur Olson have been published in, Molecular Aesthetics, a new publication by Peter Weibel and Ljiljana Fruk. 11.2013 - Skylar Tibbits has been interviewed by the Architecture League of NY as a winner of the League Prize. 10.2013 - Fast Company has produced a new video on the Self-Assembly Lab as part of their Change Generation series.
new york NEW YORK suckerPUNCH will be posting interviews in a new section – in the ring the first five interviews will also be featured in the upcoming publication of TARP, coding parameters. TARP is the architecture manual published by PRATT. image: swarm matter by kokkugia images clockwise from top left: taipei performing arts center, fibrous tower, taipei performing arts center, taipei performing arts center all by kokkugia interview with roland SNOOKS

Comput-DIY / workshop 07 june - 07 july 2013 GREECE / CRETE with: François Roche (Columbia GSAPP university) / Ezio Blasetti (UPenn, GSAPP, Pratt) / Stephan Henrich / (USC-Angewandte) Camille Lacadee Danielle Willems Lydia Kallipoliti Andreas Theodoridis Info and application Pratt Institute - Undergraduate School of Architecture prof. Ezio Blasetti - Arch 400.05: Research Studio | Fall 2012 students : Melissa Balcazar, Sharon Jamison, Sylvia Lee, Greg LeMaire, Dimitris Moustroufis, Juan Carlos Naranjo, Konrad Remiszewski, Gillian Shaffer, Jason Uhm, Sofia Xanthakou, Malika Yapa course website : heterotopic gardens
Neri Oxman
Performance-Driven Design by Neri Oxman :: complexitys
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The Nature of Code Book Project by Daniel Shiffman
TEDxBrooklyn - Karl Chu
Performative Design Processes for Architecture | Marco Verde
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