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Gene’s Heating & Air is a Home Energy Contractor — we are the one stop shop for making your home comfortable and energy efficient. Is your home too cold, too hot, too dry? Are your utility bills too high? We have over 20 years experience installing HVAC systems that work. We are prompt and priced right.

Regular Air Conditioning Tune-ups Really Can Save Your Money. Your local Colorado Springs Dealer will tell you that regular AC maintenance is similar to getting a health check-up or preventative maintenance for your car.

Regular Air Conditioning Tune-ups Really Can Save Your Money

AC maintenance doesn’t guarantee that nothing will ever go wrong, but it helps to reduce the possibility. People, cars and air conditioners all operate much better when they receive regular maintenance and attention. If you are a Colorado Springs home or business owner who has never scheduled AC maintenance, we recommend that you do it this year. Even though summer is almost here, it’s not too late to ensure that your air conditioner will get you through it comfortably. AC maintenance helps you save money because it gives our service technicians the opportunity to detect problems early. The service technicians at your local Colorado Springs HVAC Dealer come to each appointment with a checklist of at least 20 items.

Schedule An Energy Audit & Start Savings On Energy Costs in Colorado Springs. To keep your home or office cool in the Colorado Springs area, you must be certain your heating and air conditioning unit is in excellent working order.

Schedule An Energy Audit & Start Savings On Energy Costs in Colorado Springs

A neglected HVAC system could easily equate to higher energy costs, expensive air conditioning services and the premature replacement of your system’s components. Scheduling an energy audit will make sure your home is energy efficient. During an energy audit, we provide a full assessment on your commercial or residential system. Three Basic Ways to Keeping Your Home Comfortable. Keeping your Colorado Springs, home comfortable is not a difficult task.

Three Basic Ways to Keeping Your Home Comfortable

A local Colorado Springs Dealer can help make your home comfort the best it can be. It could be that you need an HVAC tune up or to replace your air conditioner. There are three basic ways you can help raise your home comfort level this year. Top 5 Things Consumers Should Know About Air Conditioning! We first provided you with information about the function of your AC, the size of your AC what might go wrong with your AC, the role of the filters and benefits of maintaining your system.

Top 5 Things Consumers Should Know About Air Conditioning!

However, that is not all you need to know about your air conditioner. There are five other top things you should know that will help you identify or prevent future issues! What is the importance of AC Ducts? Sometimes your systems may appear not to be producing enough cold air and that is because of duct leakage. If the ducts pass outside the cooled space, which sometimes includes attics, crawlspaces and garages, duct leakage can drain 20 to 40 percent of the energy out of even a well-operating air conditioner. In hot, humid climates the incidental dehumidification that occurs may not always be enough to keep the indoor humidity conditions acceptable. Make Sure to Include Duct Cleaning on Your Spring Cleaning List in Colorado Springs.

Have you made your spring cleaning list yet for your Colorado Springs home?

Make Sure to Include Duct Cleaning on Your Spring Cleaning List in Colorado Springs

When you make your spring cleaning list, do not forget to add professional duct cleaning services. Helpful Tips to Increase Energy Savings in Your Colorado Springs Home. If you own an older home in Colorado Springs, Colorado it is probably not as energy efficient as the newer homes of your friends and neighbors.

Helpful Tips to Increase Energy Savings in Your Colorado Springs Home

Building contractors in past generations did not have the information available about energy savings that is so readily available today. As a result, most homes were not built with energy savings in mind. Don't Neglect Your Air Conditioning Maintenance – It Can Cost You Big Time. People who have air conditioning units at their home know how they depend on it.

Don't Neglect Your Air Conditioning Maintenance – It Can Cost You Big Time

If the unit fails to work temporarily, it can be highly discomforting. This is more so during hot summer months. Hence, fixing the AC repair quickly is essential to avoid such a scenario. Don't Forget A/C Maintenance: Extend the Life of Your Air Conditioner! Are you tired of getting air conditioning repair services for your air conditioner?

Don't Forget A/C Maintenance: Extend the Life of Your Air Conditioner!

In that case, you need to take a good look at your machine and the way you are taking care of it. Most of the time air conditioning repair isn’t required, but because of negligence on the part of the owner, the machine tends to go out of order and lose its efficiency, calling for the need of repair services. Benefits of Programmable Thermostats. Be of complete control in your homes and offices with programmable thermostats, the new trend in homes and offices.

Benefits of Programmable Thermostats

Gene’s Heating and Air will equip your home or commercial space with programmable thermostats, to maximize your comfort. Heating and cooling the rooms of your homes and offices will never be a burden again once you install a thermostat which is designed to pre-set and pre-programmed settings that take effects at the programmed times each time of the day.

You no longer need to adjust your thermostat manually and spend a great deal of effort each time of the day when you can simply program it once. Aside from this convenience, programmable thermostats are also great ways to save money on your bills and use less energy resources. Benefits. Duct Free Split Systems. Duct Free Split Systems seem to be the new trend in many offices and residences nowadays mainly because of the huge advantages that comes with its minimalist size.

Duct Free Split Systems

Gene’s Heating and Air technicians will provide you all of the information about it. There are numerous advantages of getting a duct free split system for your ventilation, cooling and heating needs. These include: Hassle-Free Installation Unlike installing a centralized air conditioning system for your homes or offices, installing a duct free split system is hassle-free, easy and definitely not that costly. Coils and Air Handlers. As the world is trying to deal with temperature change every day, humans learned to roll with it and made ways on how to cope with it. Heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) system has its means to resolve the issue. Hiring professionals to maintain and/or install this system is the best option. Gene’s Heating and Air is the reliable choice for the HVAC Colorado Springs service area.

Most people are aware that this system exists but not al can tell what this system really is. Essentially, an air handler plays a major role in regulating and circulating air in this system. Gene's Heating and Air. Better Health A faulty and leaking air duct can lead into a great waste of heat energy. Home Air Conditioning: A Modern Convenience. In the early 1900s, air conditioning soared in popularity.

It began as a convenience in the workplace allowing laborers to work in comfort thereby increasing productivity. Eventually, the technology advanced so that it could be used in personal residences as well as offices. Interestingly, the New York Stock Exchange was the first major office building to benefit from air conditioning. At the time the stockbrokers, doing their work in their cool air conditioned building, were considered by themselves and others to be working in a truly modern and luxurious environment.

The experiment with air conditioning paid off — the air conditioning at the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) raised the productivity of that revered institution such that the economy of the entire country expanded. Have You Replaced Your Furnace Filter Recently? Your furnace filter may not seem too important, but it’s actually one of the most essential components of your HVAC system. If you’ve noticed higher than usual heating costs, lots of dust in your home, or poor heating, these may be signs that your furnace filter needs to be replaced. Central Air Conditioning System: Quiet and More Efficient Cooling of Entire Buildings. As summer temperatures soar and humidity rises, indoor life can become miserable — working, relaxing and even peaceful sleep can become nigh unto impossible.

In severely hot weather most people dream of methods to cool their residences and work spaces. Central Air Conditioning Compressor: A Vital Cog in Every Air Conditioning Unit. You usually don’t realize how important a central air conditioning compressor is, or even what it is, until it breaks and must be replaced. What a central air compressor does can be inferred from its name — it compresses. Basically what the compressor does is compress low pressure, low volume gas and increases the pressure so that it will cool the air. Preventative Heater Maintenance 101. Preventative Heater Maintenance 101 1. Temperature Display To ensure that your furnace is ready for below-freezing nighttime temperatures, remember to conduct basic preventative maintenance regularly.

Programmable Thermostats: An Overview. Programmable Thermostats: An Overview – Gene’s Heating & Air Many people try to adjust their homes’ thermostats for optimal energy efficiency. But if you have trouble remembering to turn your thermostat up or down, or if you’re not getting the ideal temperature you desire, a programmable thermostats may the best option for you. Take a look at how upgrading to a programmable thermostat for your HVAC system can help you save money without sacrificing comfort. What is Baseboard Heating & How Does It Work.

How To Buy The Right HVAC Filter in Colorado Springs. Some Furnace Repair Tips and Guidelines. When it comes to making sure that your furnace is working properly, you want to make sure that you do not spare any expense and overlook any detail. Keep in mind that while reading Colorado Springs HVAC blog’s like this one for tips and repair guides is a very important thing to do so you can get a sense of what is working and not working, you also need to be financially and personally prepared to hire a professional Furnace Repair Colorado Springs technician in certain cases where doing some basic upkeep and fixes might not be enough. There are a number of different possible causes as to why your gas furnace might not be producing any heat. Saving Energy With Commercial HVAC System. Conserving Energy With Business HVAC Program. HVAC Tips and Suggestions. In the wintertime, heating can be extremely expensive and fairly difficult to manage particularly if you are in an older home which has a lot of inefficiencies which need to be repaired.

Basic Heating Tips From HVAC Technicians. Air Conditioning And Heating Repair. As a house owner you should be concerned about your indoor air good quality. Air conditioning and heating program operate for days and weeks, and most of the time go un-serviced or without inspection for a long period of time. Hiring a Professional HVAC Technician. Gene's Heating and Air. Common Air Conditioning Issues. Air Conditioning Repair Tips. Window Mounted Room Air Conditioner Troubleshooting. Window Air Conditioner Maintenance from HVAC Professionals. Central Air Conditioning Unit and Heat Pump Maintenance. TYPES RESIDENTIAL HVAC SYSTEM. How to Find A Superior Commercial Air Conditioning Service.

Remote Control Thermostats. Hiring a Contractor for Your HVAC For Installation or Repair. Is It Time to Replace Your Central Air Conditioner? Know How to Prepare your HVAC System for Winter. Is It Time to Replace Your Central Air Conditioner? HVAC System Failure: Three Warning Signs. Diagnosing HVAC Problems. HVAC Summer Maintenance. Increase HVAC Lifespan. Gene's Heating and Air. Gene's Heating and Air. Choosing Best Air Filter. Defrosting Air Conditioner. Importance of Air Filters. Professional Care For Your HVAC Units. Benefits of Your HVAC Technicians. How to Hire an HVAC Expert Company ! 5 Things to Know Before Replacing Your Central AC System. Maintaining Your Air Conditioning.

New Construction HVAC Colorado Springs. HVAC Professionals: Benefits Of Working With Them. Things To Think About When Choosing Your HVAC Company.