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Gene’s Heating & Air is a Home Energy Contractor — we are the one stop shop for making your home comfortable and energy efficient. Is your home too cold, too hot, too dry? Are your utility bills too high? We have over 20 years experience installing HVAC systems that work. We are prompt and priced right.

Home Air Conditioning: A Modern Convenience. In the early 1900s, air conditioning soared in popularity.

Home Air Conditioning: A Modern Convenience

It began as a convenience in the workplace allowing laborers to work in comfort thereby increasing productivity. Eventually, the technology advanced so that it could be used in personal residences as well as offices. Interestingly, the New York Stock Exchange was the first major office building to benefit from air conditioning. At the time the stockbrokers, doing their work in their cool air conditioned building, were considered by themselves and others to be working in a truly modern and luxurious environment.

The experiment with air conditioning paid off — the air conditioning at the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) raised the productivity of that revered institution such that the economy of the entire country expanded. Have You Replaced Your Furnace Filter Recently? Your furnace filter may not seem too important, but it’s actually one of the most essential components of your HVAC system.

Have You Replaced Your Furnace Filter Recently?

If you’ve noticed higher than usual heating costs, lots of dust in your home, or poor heating, these may be signs that your furnace filter needs to be replaced. Here’s a quick look at what your furnace filter does and how it can keep your home clean and healthy. Gene’s Heating and Air is guaranteed to help you clean out your filters. What is a Furnace Filter? Furnace filters are screens used to keep pollutants and particles out of your HVAC services. Why Should I Check My Filter? Over time, furnace filters will get clogged and dirty from pollutant buildup. When Should I Replace My Filter? Check your furnace filter at least once a month, but more often during the heating season, if you smoke indoors, or if you own pets. Central Air Conditioning System: Quiet and More Efficient Cooling of Entire Buildings.

As summer temperatures soar and humidity rises, indoor life can become miserable — working, relaxing and even peaceful sleep can become nigh unto impossible.

Central Air Conditioning System: Quiet and More Efficient Cooling of Entire Buildings

In severely hot weather most people dream of methods to cool their residences and work spaces. Central Air Conditioning Compressor: A Vital Cog in Every Air Conditioning Unit. You usually don’t realize how important a central air conditioning compressor is, or even what it is, until it breaks and must be replaced.

Central Air Conditioning Compressor: A Vital Cog in Every Air Conditioning Unit

What a central air compressor does can be inferred from its name — it compresses. Basically what the compressor does is compress low pressure, low volume gas and increases the pressure so that it will cool the air. The professionals at Genes heating and Air know all about this. If you suspect you have a problem with this, contact them today! The central air conditioning compressor also removes vapors from the evaporator thereby ensuring a lower temperature. Preventative Heater Maintenance 101.

Preventative Heater Maintenance 101 1.

Preventative Heater Maintenance 101

Temperature Display. Programmable Thermostats: An Overview. Programmable Thermostats: An Overview – Gene’s Heating & Air Many people try to adjust their homes’ thermostats for optimal energy efficiency.

Programmable Thermostats: An Overview

But if you have trouble remembering to turn your thermostat up or down, or if you’re not getting the ideal temperature you desire, a programmable thermostats may the best option for you. What is Baseboard Heating & How Does It Work. What is Baseboard Heating & How Does It Work Although forced-air furnaces or Forced Air Heating are now the most popular kind of heating system in the United States, this was not always the case.

What is Baseboard Heating & How Does It Work

For a very long time, baseboard heating systems were widely used in homes . Because of their unique heating abilities and space-saving design, many homes still use baseboard heaters. How To Buy The Right HVAC Filter in Colorado Springs. How To Buy The Right HVAC Filter in Colorado Springs Regularly changing your air filter is critical to maintaining HVAC efficiency and service life.

How To Buy The Right HVAC Filter in Colorado Springs

Furthermore, the type of filter you purchase has a huge impact on your home’s air quality. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency identifies air quality among one of the top five nationwide health risks. These dangers are caused by micro organisms and airborne pollutants circulated throughout the home. Some Furnace Repair Tips and Guidelines. When it comes to making sure that your furnace is working properly, you want to make sure that you do not spare any expense and overlook any detail.

Some Furnace Repair Tips and Guidelines

Keep in mind that while reading Colorado Springs HVAC blog’s like this one for tips and repair guides is a very important thing to do so you can get a sense of what is working and not working, you also need to be financially and personally prepared to hire a professional Furnace Repair Colorado Springs technician in certain cases where doing some basic upkeep and fixes might not be enough. There are a number of different possible causes as to why your gas furnace might not be producing any heat. The first thing they need to do is to check to see if the thermostat is working properly and to check to see if it is set too low. If it is set too low, it might not automatically signal for the heat that the gas furnace is meant to provide. Saving Energy With Commercial HVAC System. Conserving Energy With Business HVAC Program Operating business HVAC systems all year round could be pricey, despite the fact that, there are specified approaches to reduce charges and make productive vitality use.

Saving Energy With Commercial HVAC System

Upgrading the existing industrial HVAC program with the one particular, obtaining controls that are more precise is a great thought however, decreasing vitality bills by creating an upgrade is not supposed to be the only way. Practically, up to 25 % power utilised to run HVAC system could be saved merely by altering the way you use it. Luckily, there are numerous value-efficient methods to lessen the vitality consumption of HVAC technique one of them is normal inspection and servicing of the technique. HVAC Tips and Suggestions. In the wintertime, heating can be extremely expensive and fairly difficult to manage particularly if you are in an older home which has a lot of inefficiencies which need to be repaired.

Basic Heating Tips From HVAC Technicians. Heating your home can be a rather expensive endeavor, particularly if you have a limited budget and you are fairly inexperienced when it comes to making sure that your home is the most energy efficient and heat friendly place to live it can be. If you feel uncomfortable doing any of this type of work yourself, you might want to consider hiring a heating and air conditioning Colorado Springs technician to give an assessment of what you might need to have done. If you are on the fence about hiring a technician, at the very least you will want to make sure that you read our blog’s like this one for basic tips on what to look for. Often you will have a room or two in your house or apartment that just seems to be colder than the others.

There are a number of different reasons why this might be the case, thankfully there are also an equal amount solutions that range from fairly easy to do all the way up to complicated. Air Conditioning And Heating Repair. As a house owner you should be concerned about your indoor air good quality. Hiring a Professional HVAC Technician. With the winter coming in full swing, hiring a contractor for furnace repair is a necessary step to ensure comfortable home and office life.Gene’s Heating and Air is eager to help meet your HVAC needs this season. One of the first problems that you might run into when it comes to the gas furnace not properly working is the gas furnace blower not turning off when it should. There are a couple different causes as to why this might be the case, but the first thing you will want to consider looking at and certainly mention to the HVAC technician is that thermostat might be set so that the fan blows continuously regardless of the other settings on the furnace Another reason why the gas furnace blower might not be turning off is that the fan itself is faulty; a faulty control switch on the furnace might be having issues, particularly if the thermostat does not have a fan setting.

Gene's Heating and Air. With air conditioning being an absolutely vital utility in many homes throughout the United States, particularly in the hotter areas such as the South and Southwest, it’s important that you make sure that your air conditioners running at peak efficiency and you deal with any problems that might arise. One of the more common issues that many people experience is major room temperature swings within a particular space. When you feel that the room temperatures are swinging back and forth more than 3°F, particularly during the time that the air conditioner is cycling on and off again, it usually suggests that the pump itself is not cycling on enough. Another similar problem is that the room temperature drops too low. When the room temperature drops below are then what has been set on the thermostat, usually an indicator of the fact that the thermostat is not properly calibrated. One problem is the air handler makes noises.

Common Air Conditioning Issues. One of the more common issues that people run into with their air-conditioning unit is the fact that it doesn’t turn on at all, and this can often be a symptom of the fact that you may have overlooked certain settings on your air conditioning controls. Air Conditioning Repair Tips. The variety of different issues that you can run into with air conditioning can often be more numerous than the average person would expect. Window Mounted Room Air Conditioner Troubleshooting. Window Air Conditioner Maintenance from HVAC Professionals. Central Air Conditioning Unit and Heat Pump Maintenance. This is a fairly complicated type of cooling system due to the fact that it is a central air conditioner as well as the additional part of the heat pump, so it is highly advise that you consult a professional AC repair Colorado Springs technician before doing any extensive work yourself, at the very least you want to make sure you become more informed by reading blogs like this one which have regularly posted HVAC Tips.

The condensing unit of the central A/C or heat pump is located outside throughout the entire year and will need at least some basic annual attention just like any other part of your home’s heating or air conditioning system. Some of that annual maintenance that you should include in your regular routine is to clean the dirt as well the other types of debris such as leaves and other things that are natural and occurrence and remove them from the condensing coils on the outside.

TYPES RESIDENTIAL HVAC SYSTEM. We all expect our heating and cooling system to keep us warm during the winter and cool during the summer, but most of us take our Residential HVAC system for granted. However, when we don’t pay proper attention behind its repair and maintenance as a result of which our house is cold in winter and hot in summer. How to Find A Superior Commercial Air Conditioning Service.

Finding and hiring the best commercial air conditioning service for any job will eliminate a lot of stress and help you to save some cash. There is a vast array of providers that commercial property owners can work with, but only some of these entities will be committed to professional excellence. Remote Control Thermostats. Hiring a Contractor for Your HVAC For Installation or Repair. Is It Time to Replace Your Central Air Conditioner? Know How to Prepare your HVAC System for Winter.

Is It Time to Replace Your Central Air Conditioner? HVAC System Failure: Three Warning Signs. Diagnosing HVAC Problems. HVAC Summer Maintenance. Increase HVAC Lifespan. Gene's Heating and Air. Gene's Heating and Air. Choosing Best Air Filter. Defrosting Air Conditioner. Importance of Air Filters. Professional Care For Your HVAC Units. Benefits of Your HVAC Technicians. How to Hire an HVAC Expert Company ! 5 Things to Know Before Replacing Your Central AC System.

Maintaining Your Air Conditioning. New Construction HVAC Colorado Springs. HVAC Professionals: Benefits Of Working With Them. Things To Think About When Choosing Your HVAC Company.