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Imfname 10916407. Annuaire des "think tanks" et centres de recherche sur les affaires (...) - RPUE - Représentation Permanente de la France auprès de l'Union européenne. (PDF - 3.5 Mo) Atomium Culture « The Permanent Platform of Atomium Culture » rassemble des universités, des médias et des entreprises dans le but de contribuer à la sélection, l’échange et la dissémination des recherches scientifiques les plus innovantes en Europe. L’objectif est de contribuer au développement d’une réelle aire européenne de la recherche et de promouvoir l’engagement citoyen dans la société de l’information voulue innovante, concurrentielle et créative. Atomium Culture organise à ces fins séminaires et conférences et diffuse à l’intérieur et l’extérieur de son réseau les recherches scientifiques de ses membres. Statuts : Association internationale sans but lucratif Date de création : 2006 Direction : Valéry Giscard d’Estaing, Président honoraire, Michelangelo Baracchi Bonvicini, Président Contacts : Adresse : 4, rue Louis Hymans, 1050 Bruxelles, Belgique, Tél. : +32 (0)2 888 7010Adresse électronique : atomiumculture@atomiumculture.euSite internet :

Au Parlement européen, les rapports de force dans les commissions traitant du numérique. [Document Contexte] La Commission ouvre le chantier de la directive e-commerce. The Commission’s tech policy suggestions for the next five years. Imfname 10916407. STARTUP PRE-SEED STAGE: FINANCING AND ADVISORY – Part 1 – GROET CONSULTING. There is much talk of startups in Italy and there is a strong push by the new legislation on the innovative startups. (So called “startup innovativa”). More information about Italian legislation on startup innovative. Digitalic has produced an interesting graph on the success of innovative startups in Italy. More than a 1000 are in Lombardy. Which is a clear indication of the favorable environment for startups in this region.

On the market we find interesting startups with quite a mature product, business model and tested management teams of excellence. And Italy now has its “unicorn”, Yoox. Seed funding is considered as the first round of equity financing for a startup company. The sources of Seed financing include crowdfunding, angel funds and Seed VCs. Banks usually do not lend themselves to fund and assist in the launch of startups because of the high risks, and venture capitalists tend to stay away from the seed financing.

Original presentation November 2015. Pilar del Castillo : sans économie numérique, « les États européens risquent de peser de moins en moins » INT- EUnited We Code. Factsheet disinfo elex 140619 final. Communication annex. Commission Européenne - COMMUNIQUES DE PRESSE - Communiqué de presse - Digital Single Market: Commission calls for swift adoption of key proposals and maps out challenges ahead. It takes stock of the progress made, calls on co-legislators to swiftly act on all proposals already presented, and outlines further actions on online platforms, data economy and cybersecurity. Since May 2015, the European Commission has delivered 35 legislative proposals and policy initiatives as announced in its Digital Single Market strategy.

The focus is now on obtaining political agreement with the European Parliament and the Council on all proposals, above all the updated EU telecoms rules which will boost investments in high-speed and quality networks, which are critical for the full deployment of the digital economy and society. In today's mid-term review communication the Commission has identified three main areas where further EU action is needed: (1) to develop the European Data Economy to its full potential, (2) to protect Europe's assets by tackling cybersecurity challenges, and (3) to promote the online platforms as responsible players of a fair internet ecosystem.

@Ansip_EU. A Europe that protects: EU reports on progress in fighting disinformation ahead of European Council. Today the Commission and the High Representative report on the progress achieved in the fight against disinformation and the main lessons drawn from the European elections, as a contribution to the discussions by EU leaders next week. Protecting our democratic processes and institutions from disinformation is a major challenge for societies across the globe. To tackle this, the EU has demonstrated leadership and put in place a robust framework for coordinated action, with full respect for European values and fundamental rights. Today's joint Communication sets out how the Action Plan against Disinformation and the Elections Package have helped to fight disinformation and preserve the integrity of the European Parliament elections.

“The record high turnout in the European Parliament elections has underlined the increased interest of citizens in European democracy. In particular, EU action focused on four complementary strands: Update by online platforms under the Code of Practice Next Steps. Numérique : un droit bientôt codifié ? Le 18 janvier 2019 - AP REDACTION - Droit - Actualité du droit Fabien Waechter, président de l'Association pour le développement de l'informatique juridique (Adij), a récemment annoncé l'élaboration d'un code des activités du numérique.

L'année 2019 sera-t-elle celle de la codification ? À l'occasion de sa dernière assemblée générale de 2018, l'Adij a annoncé l'élaboration prochaine d'un Code des activités du numérique. « Aujourd'hui les activités numériques ont besoin de droit », considère l'association. Cette initiative inédite en France se base sur une méthodologie innovante, mettant la collaboration entre les différents acteurs du droit et du numérique au centre du processus. Depuis 40 ans, l'Adij mène une action constante pour coordonner la régulation des activités du monde numérique, en genèse ; tout en encourageant leur développement le plus large possible, en France comme à l'étranger. Ce code sera ouvert et disponible pour tous. MP Training Designing Interfaces for Intelligent Things Canvas. The Smart Things Canvas: A Tool to Help You Design for AI. Written by: Erik von Stackelberg It’s easy to get caught up in the hypestorm that surrounds machine learning (ML) and the broader notion of artificial intelligence.

Like any interesting, newly-accessible technology, AI could easily become the next impetus to create hoards of useless stuff — sexy solutions to problems that no one really has. It’s also easy to treat these technologies with unfair cynicism. The UX community has rightfully mobilized to point out the drawbacks of building something just because we can. To help our teams get up to speed on the key considerations for designing intelligent products (whether truly based in ML or not), we’ve been working to synthesize our own thoughts with some of the great ideas we’ve found in new articles, books, and discussion forums this year.

What are the premises that underpin the canvas? Both human cognition and machine cognition can be boiled down to a see-think-do loop. What’s the canvas good for? What isn’t the canvas good for? Cocréer un canevas d’évaluation (simple) pour un gouvernement ouvert/Tech Civique. .Social. Funding & tenders. Open Source Software Is Philanthropy. It is increasingly important that any serious enterprise—whether startup, media brand, government agency, foundation, or nonprofit organization—have access to cutting edge, reliable, and useful digital tools that extend their reach and accelerate their success. While commercial software continues to play a role for many organizations, more and more institutions are tapping into the less constrained and often less expensive world of open source software for solutions. Open source is vital for the digital community, providing an accessible, predominantly free forum for building everything from websites to analytic data platforms.

Open source also spurs creativity and resource sharing among groups that otherwise would rarely connect. It’s a form of collaboration that is becoming mission-critical for many nonprofits that lack the budgets to build robust digital products on their own. As open source software proliferates, so do the ways to get involved as an individual and an organization. Publi eafrd brochure 07 en 2018 0. The Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition. Become active All organisations who take action to boost digital skills in Europe can become members of the Coalition and pledge to take actions to tackle the digital skills gap. Actions can range from training unemployed people, giving MOOCs for teachers, offering coding classes for children or cutting edge training for ICT specialists. The Digital Opportunity traineeships scheme is a pilot project giving students and recent graduates an opportunity to get hands-on training in digital fields such as cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, coding or digital marketing.

The Coalition also shares and promotes digital skills initiatives through the European Digital Skills Awards, which can be replicated and scaled up across Europe. Each year the European Commission highlights excellent initiatives that help improve the digital skills of citizens, the labour force, ICT professionals, girls and women as well as in education through the European Digital Skills Awards.

Governing Board Get in touch. Digital NonprofitNetHope Solutions Center. Organigramme (administratif) | European Economic and Social Committee.


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