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1.1 Characteristics of Living Things

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Martin Hanczyc: The line between life and not-life. Characteristics of Living Things" Tank Attack Q and A. The game below is just one of the thousands of games at What2Learn.

Characteristics of Living Things" Tank Attack Q and A

Sign up for free access! Interactive game 5724: Questions include: An action by an organism or part of an organism causing a change of position or placeThe chemical reactions that break down nutrient molecules in living cells to release energyAnswers include: excretion, growth, movement, nutrition, reproduction, respirationrespirationrespiration If you can see this text, then either you have JavaScript turned off, or Flash Player is not installed, or both.

Description. Lesson Plan: Characteristics of Living Things. Review with students these six easily observable characteristics of living things: movement (which may occur internally, or even at the cellular level) growth and development response to stimuli reproduction use of energy cellular structure The student data table includes links to all the information and videos necessary to complete this activity.

Lesson Plan: Characteristics of Living Things

Entire class—projecting the videos Click on each link in the "Category" column on the data table. Characteristics of Life - Interative Lesson.