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V. Bonjour, A mon tour de vous faire partager mon expérience de croisiériste.


Je n'ai pas le talent de certains pour la narration, mais je vais faire de mon mieux... Nous sommes partis sur le MSC LIRICA pour l'Islande du 16 au 27 juillet 2012 à 8 : mes 4 enfants (13, 10, 8 et 5 ans), mes parents, mon mari et moi. Super croisière, pleins de bons souvenirs, itinéraire très bien malgré une suppression d'escale suite à une tempête (j'en parlerai plus tard). Nous avions réservé les forfaits "eau" à l'avance (ce qui évite de payer 15% supplémentaire) et pris des forfaits Dorémi à bord pour les coktails sans alccol (pas de possibilité de réservation à l'avance). J'en viens à l'esentiel : la croisière. 16 juillet : arrivée à Hambourg à 15h00 pour l'embarquement au Cruise Center Hafen City. 15h20 : nous étions dans le bateau! 17 juillet : journée en mer, repos, prise de repère sur le bateau. 18 juillet : arrivée à Lerwick (Iles Shetland) sous un ciel bas. 19 juillet : journée en mer Bonne soirée,

Westraak Guided Tours of Westray: Bookings Calendar. Your Westraak ‘Mallymack’ Tour will start when you arrive, by boat, at Rapness; by plane at Westray Airfield, or, when we pick you up from your base on Westray in the Westraak minibus.

Westraak Guided Tours of Westray: Bookings Calendar

Our ‘Mallymack’ Tour is designed to take in each of the following: Noltland Castle: The home built by Gilbert Balfour in the early 1560’s, which has a very interesting history. Noup Head RSPB: Second only to St. Kilda, Noup Head is an accessible and safe (with Guide) viewpoint for tens of thousands of nesting seabirds, during the Summer months. Aikerness Craigs: Here there are some wonderful photo opportunities, where you can, safely, view some spectacular cliff scenery. Noltland Links Neolithic Site:Visit this fascinating site and see the-archaeologists at work. Rackwick Kelp Pits: This was the area of greatest harvesting of kelp from the early 1700’s.

Quoygrew: Whilst in Rackwick, visit the 10th Century Viking settlement at Quoygrew. Viking Boat Noust: at Quoygrew Lady Kirk: The Lady Kirk, or St. Compte rendu de notre croisière en Écosse et en Irlande sur le MSC Magnifica. Orcadian Wildlife. Orkney's Walks and Wildlife - Orkney Uncovered. Come on an exciting tour to uncover the wonders of Orkney’s scenic walks and amazing wildlife.

Orkney's Walks and Wildlife - Orkney Uncovered

Orkney Uncovered will take you on a rugged experience visiting awe inspiring coastal and hillside locations around Orkney. Allow the fresh Orkney air to awaken your senses and breathe in the beauty of Orkney. You may choose from any number of the following walks for your tour. Please note that the Hoy trip will be a full day. Prices are dependent on number of people and are on request. Yesnaby Walk to the famous ‘Yesnaby Castle’ sea stack and other great locations. Old Man of Hoy Take the ferry with Orkney Uncovered to the Island of Hoy and discover the beautiful landscapes and coastal scenery. Warbeth Beach and Hoy Sound Orkney Uncovered will pick you up and drive you past the Point of Ness in Stromness.

Marwick Head and the Kitchener’s Memorial. Google Traduction. Peedie-orkney-tours. Peedie Orkney Tours Privately Guided Tours of the Orkney Islands Peedie Orkney Tours offer a wide range of tours tailored specifically to your needs.


We can offer half-day, full-day or multi-day tours to the sites that you want to visit. Here are some samples of tour plans available: Orkney Through The Ages: This tour takes you through the Heart of Neolithic Orkney visiting some of the most spectacular archaeological sites in the UK and then a coastal drive with panoramic views over the beautiful Scapa Flow to discover Orkney’s wartime history. Standing Stones of Stenness - the smaller of two stone circles we will visit today, a beautiful monument built around 3100BC.Ring of Brodgar - an amazing henge monument estimated to be around 4,700 years old.

. © Thomas Wilke Coasts, Cliffs and Cairns: This tour takes you to some of the smaller, less visited sites that Orkney has to offer as well as spectacular panoramic views and beautiful coast lines. Orkney Explorer - Orkney Uncovered. Collection from accommodation @ 9:00am.Scenic drive to West Mainland and Neolithic Orkney World Heritage.

Orkney Explorer - Orkney Uncovered

Pointing out coastal scenery, wildlife.YesnabyShort drive to Yesnaby to see the most stunning views over the North Atlantic. Spot Great Skuas and Puffins. Try and spot the very rare Primula Scotica only found on Orkney.Skara Brae3200 BC. See great presentations, the Neolithic House mock-up and walk to the Neolithic Village. Amazing views of the Atlantic.Skaill HouseSkaill House is the finest mansion in Orkney steeped in 5000 years of history.

Lunchtime – Standing Stones Hotel Scapa FlowScenic drive back to East Mainland, passing by Scapa Flow. Tour Notes: Tour plan may be subject to change due to weather conditions.Please bring warm, waterproof clothing as well as comfortable walking shoes. If you would like more information or to enquire about this tour send an enquiry directly from this website. Orcades et Shetland l'aventure vers le grand nord.