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Claude Cahun (2011)

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Claude Cahun - EXHIBITION. Born in 1894 in Nantes, state of surrealism: BRETON, VALHE, Lucy SCHWOB, from a rich intellectual Jewish family, daughter of Maurice, niece of Marcel Schwob, the writer, she could have lead a quiet bourgeoise life, but the 2 world wars, her Judaism, her homosexuality and her artistic and libertarian spirit didn’t make it a walk in the park -Her mother is schizophrenic and in !

Claude Cahun - EXHIBITION

909 sees the birth of a heated passion for Suzanne MALHERBE, who will sign under the name MOORE, and very rare fact, this passion will last their whole life, until Lucy’s death in 1954. From 1917 on, she will write under the name Claude CAHUN and will collaborate as a poetess, write and photographer with several magazines (Mercure de France) avant garde (BIFUR) or homosexual (INERSIONS)in 1925... Participates in the DADA manifestations or in ADRIENNE MONNIER and Sylvia BEACH’s bookstore, and hangs with the sculptress CHANA ORLOFF. 41XpEClzUrL._SL500_.jpg (JPEG Imagen, 364x500 pixels) Cahunnn.jpg (JPEG Imagen, 419x540 pixels) Claude0101.jpg (JPEG Imagen, 584x790 pixels) - Escalado (79%) 624.jpg (JPEG Imagen, 738x540 pixels) Cahun.jpg (JPEG Imagen, 486x356 pixels) CLAUDE_CAHUN_01.jpg (JPEG Imagen, 320x427 pixels) 92.jpg (JPEG Imagen, 382x517 pixels) Virreina Centre de la Imatge.

CLAUDE CAHUN: SESIÓN 2. AUTORRETRATO A CUATRO MANOS: PERFORMATIVIDAD AFECTIVA. CLAUDE CAHUN: SESIÓN 3. PARÍS ERA UNA MUJER. CLAUDE CAHUN: SESIÓN 4. SURREALISMO (Y) QUEER. Claude_cahun_500.jpg (JPEG Imagen, 386x500 pixels) 4072249111_3006a6e218.jpg (JPEG Imagen, 382x500 pixels) Lover_Other.jpg (JPEG Imagen, 600x426 pixels) 2+claude+cahun+que+me+veux+te+1928.jpg (JPEG Imagen, 1167x807 pixels) - Escalado (78. Cahun.between.jpg (JPEG Imagen, 430x436 pixels) CC19.jpg (JPEG Imagen, 274x400 pixels) CC05__0.jpg (JPEG Imagen, 318x400 pixels) CC12_0.jpg (JPEG Imagen, 310x400 pixels) ClaudeCahun.jpg (JPEG Imagen, 265x400 pixels) Playing a Part: The Story of Claude Cahun (2006.