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Diabetes Care Tips: Foods and Drinks to Avoid. Diabetes is a chronic disease that has managed to reach epidemic proportions among adults and children across the globe.

Diabetes Care Tips: Foods and Drinks to Avoid

Research shows the highest prevalence of diabetes in adults (10.9%) is recorded in the Middles East and North Africa. The Western Pacific region, on the other hand, has the highest number of adults diagnosed with diabetes and has countries with the highest prevalence of diabetes (37.5%). What Are the Benefits of Generic Medicines? Several types of health conditions require patients to take prescription medications to keep the symptoms controlled.

What Are the Benefits of Generic Medicines?

However, many of these patients find it challenging to follow their medication regimen due to the high costs of their prescriptions. As a provider of pharmacy services in Brooklyn, New York, we recognize that you may be one of these individuals. This is why we offer a generic plan to help you manage your health condition. Our Black owned pharmacy has listed down some of the reasons why you should explore generic medications: They are just as effective as their brand-name counterparts. Why Take Multivitamins Daily? Taking care of your overall health requires more than just a healthy diet and exercise.

Why Take Multivitamins Daily?

There are still certain kinds and amounts of vitamins and minerals that we need every day. At Gena Care Pharmacy, your trusted provider of pharmacy services in Brooklyn, New York, we guide customers to know the perfect multivitamin they can take daily. Please keep in mind the following: Taking multivitamins helps increase your energy levels. Discover Effective Ways to Manage Your Hypertension. Hypertension is a long-term condition that occurs when the blood pressure in the arteries is elevated.

Discover Effective Ways to Manage Your Hypertension

More popularly known as high blood pressure (HBP), it is a highly common condition that affects approximately 1.13 billion people worldwide. Medication Non-Adherence: What Can You Do? How to Start a Healthy Eating Habit. Fruits That Replenish the Body. The summer season is fast approaching.

Fruits That Replenish the Body

Do you know how you can manage the extremely hot weather and protect yourself from dehydration? Some Benefits of Countering Obesity. Obesity, or excess body fat, is a common health concern that many people face.

Some Benefits of Countering Obesity

With the rise of processed foods, consumers opt to buy these instead of cooking their meals. And even though they cook their food, most ingredients would include processed fats, sugar, and sodium. Also, the rise of fast-food chains reeled in the masses to have a taste of oily, fatty food designed to look healthy and properly balanced. Unsupervised eating can be quite dangerous. The high amount of unbalanced ingredients can lead to an increase in body fat. Some Foods That Help Boost Immunity. Some foods that contain medicinal properties can help treat and/or prevent illnesses as well as boost immunity.

Some Foods That Help Boost Immunity

Here are examples of foods that contain such properties: Ginger According to studies, ginger contains antioxidants that fight against free-radicals that cause damage to the body. It can also help relieve various forms of nausea as well as reduce muscle pain and soreness.Garlic Garlic contains sulfur, a compound that helps thin the blood. Having thin blood can help improve blood circulation which helps lower the risk of high blood pressure.Honey Used historically by ancient Egyptians in treating wounds and burns, honey remains contains antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that help in healing wounds and burns.

These foods may be good supplements for medicines! Eating Clean and Its Benefits to Your Wellness. Eating is an important part of our daily routine.

Eating Clean and Its Benefits to Your Wellness

Of course, it gives us the much-needed nutrients for our bodies to create energy, keeping us alive and active throughout the day. Eating food and drinking enough fluids every day allows us to have well-maintained health, especially when paired with regular exercise. Observing a clean diet is when you eat six small meals every day and pairing it with regular strength exercises. According to WebMD, you should focus your diet on whole grains, fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, and protein while controlling portion sizes. It is also advised to minimize sugar, alcohol, salt, saturated fat intake. A clean diet can give you numerous benefits. A balanced diet is very helpful if you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle and prevent chronic diseases as you age. What Are HIV/AIDS Specialty Drugs?

Individuals suffering from rare or complex diseases would need a specialized type of medicines.

What Are HIV/AIDS Specialty Drugs?

However, these specialized medicines often cost a lot. These medicines are called specialty drugs. Medicare classifies any type of drug that costs at least $670/month as a specialty drug. A specialty drug is used to treat the symptoms of complex illnesses like cancer, HIV/AIDS, and multiple sclerosis. Although it may not completely cure the disease, a specialty drug can manage the symptoms to allow the patient to live a normal life.

Gena Care Pharmacy, a minority-owned business in Brooklyn, New York, offers specialty drugs for HIV/AIDS patients. Five Ingredients You Should Get from Your Multivitamin. In a time when meeting your daily nutritional requirements is harder to do, multivitamins provide us with a convenient source of vitamins and minerals.

Five Ingredients You Should Get from Your Multivitamin

These supplements provide a good foundation of health for those dealing with poor sleep, stress, and a white-collar dominated job market. But with all the multivitamins available in the market, which one should you get? As a minority-owned business in Brooklyn, NY, we offer some helpful info on what your multivitamin should have: Medication and the Importance of Healthy Living. In an April 2013 article published in the AMA Journal of Ethics, healthcare experts have concurred with the idea that medicine alone cannot guarantee wellness.

According to former HHS Secretary Tommy G.