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Gemsculpture is a leading in Semi Precious Gemstone Exporter,wash Basin,Table tops Online,Sinks,Counter Tops ,Bathroom Accessories,Pietra Dura,Interior decor,Manufacturer and Supplier in India. Contact for wholesale high quality crystal, healing and semi precious gemstone Slabs & Tiles.

Why You Should Choose Quartz Countertops for Kitchen? - Gemsculpture. Quartz Tiles kitchen floor tiles provide a little sparkle - Gemsculpture. Agates – Get Affordable Semi Precious Gemstones for Today's Interior’s Items - Gemsculpture. Red Carnelian Gemstone: History, Properties, Folklore and Uses. A silicon deposit of the mineral ‘Chalcedony’, Carnelian gemstone is considered Semi Precious Gemstone Tiles and is recognizable for its dark brown-red color due to the presence of iron oxide within its composition.

Red Carnelian Gemstone: History, Properties, Folklore and Uses

The stone is traced back as a birth stone meant for the zodiac signs Leo and Virgo. The stone predominates from the ‘Quartz’ family and originally was called ‘cornelian’ due to its cherry red color which was analogous to the fruit ‘cornel cherry’. Red Carnelian Geological History of the Carnelian Gemstone: Back in the late centuries, this stone was unearthed in the Bronze Age, so early that the time dates back till the 1800 BC. Red Carnelian Gemstone: History, Properties, Folklore and Uses. The Gemstone Agate. This is part of a non-scientific approach to various gemstones used in Home Decor Product.

The Gemstone Agate

What Is Agate It is a quartz crystal, or Semi Precious Gemstone Manufacture, that can come in many different, bright, colours like: White to Grey, Light Blue, Orange to Red, Green, Brown and Black. It is reported to first be discovered a few thousand years ago and was used, extensively, as gemstones and other decorative items. Gems Culpture: The Last Word in Luxurious Interiors Items – Semi Precious Decor. Gone are the days when gemstone use was limited to posh custom jewelry pieces and lavish decorative pieces.

Gems Culpture: The Last Word in Luxurious Interiors Items – Semi Precious Decor

Most people closest encounter with gemstones is either in the form of a ring or multiple rings, or cutesy gemstone pendants. But, if you have the bucks, if you are someone who truly understand the word luxury, and if you are someone who enjoys being envied by his or her neighbors than semi precious decor is for you. The use of gemstones in residential and hospitality decor is becoming inseparable. Why Choose a Quartz Bath Vanity? Bathroom vanities are often overlooked even though they are an important aspect and a key element of bathroom décor.

Why Choose a Quartz Bath Vanity?

They are remarkably useful in providing the necessary space for our hygiene supplies and toiletries. The right countertop and vanity will enhance visual appeal while facilitating the use of the bathroom by making things convenient. There are many choices available for the types of bathroom vanities available in the market, including marble, wood, granite and Smoky Quartz. While each has its own set of features, quartz stands out from the rest because it offers an elegant blend of cost and quality. Benefits of a White Quartz Bathroom Vanity: Semi Precious & Gemstone Sink - Surrounds. Semi Precious Gemstone bathroom vanity set,Amethyst,black agate,black mop,tiger eye,lapis,LimeStone,Malachite,Mother of pearl,Natural black agate,rose quartz,smoky quartz, bathroom accessories, Inlay Products Designs - GemSculpture. Gemstones Kitchen Backsplash,kitchen island,kitchen counterblue agate kitchen sink - Gems Sculpture.

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Gemstone & Semi Precious Tiles & Slabs,Manufacture Interior decoration, Bathroom Vanity, Countertops. Semi Precious Gemstone Stone Slab & Tiles, Blue agate stone slabs,wash basin,counter tops Manufacturer & Supplier India - Gemsculpture.