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Many many months back, me and Jason were featured in one of Shanghai’s most popular English magazine CityWeekend. It’s basically the TimeOut mag (apart from the actual TimeOut Shanghai) of Shanghai. There Sumo and I and Sumo and Jason were, posing all cool and calm like we had no idea we were gonna be magazine ~~centerfolds~~! Oh gosh looking at these photos I’m even just missing my shoulder length hair soooo bad. Some people say I look better with my shorter hair now but honestly guys, I’m majorly regretting cutting my hair. Longer hair made me feel ~girlier~ and it was fun to have more options in hairstyles. SUPERWOWOMG SUPERWOWOMG

(studs and pearls)

Rain Blanken here, your DIY Fashion expert over at and Kirsten and I often cross paths on social media, where fashion and craft inspiration abounds. When she challenged me to craft a New York Minute with the theme ‘flowers’, I had the perfect project in mind. No matter how many times I do business in Manhattan, I always feel like a wild hillbilly given free-reign of the city. Sometimes I just want to kick off my shoes and run barefoot down 5th Avenue… hey, it doesn’t happen; I’m just saying that I have the urge to. (studs and pearls)
Giles Deacon - Designer Fashion Label Giles Deacon - Designer Fashion Label Ever since his groundbreaking debut in 2004, British designer Giles Deacon has fine-tuned his vision of high craft mixed with a steady stream of wit. He spent time at the Louis Vuitton, Bottega Veneta, and Gucci studios, among others, and he’s honed his knack for mixing superior craftsmanship with whimsical irreverence. One of the hottest tickets on London runways, Giles dabbles with unlikely proportion and padding, wild prints, and pop-culture references that range from Poe to Peter Saville. As his style matures, he’s transitioning from editorial to wearable, and retailers are watching. Designed By
Rachel Gilbert