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Digital Marketing: History, Impact and Success Tips. COVID-19 has upended the world of business.

Digital Marketing: History, Impact and Success Tips

RaaS: A New Way to Address Your Hiring Needs. What happens when business grows, and a company has to increase its talent pool exponentially?

RaaS: A New Way to Address Your Hiring Needs

Every growing business faces a challenge with recruiting. The management either hires a recruitment agency or builds a recruitment team. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. A new approach, Recruitment as a Service (RaaS), can provide you the best of both worlds without any hassles. Let’s look at how it works. Source: COVID-19 Impact: The Rise of the Digital Transformation. The COVID-19 global pandemic has affected businesses of all sizes across the industries.

COVID-19 Impact: The Rise of the Digital Transformation

However, with most businesses rapidly adopting technology to navigate the various challenges, the IT industry is expected to witness an enormous boom in business in the coming years. Compared to other industries, a Market Data Forecast study projects that the IT industry is expected to grow from $131 billion in 2020 to $295 billion in the period between 2020-2025. The report highlights the increased demand for software and technology solutions as primary drivers for the growth. A global survey by McKinsey has found that businesses have increased the pace of digitization of their customer touchpoints, supply-chain interactions and internal operations by several years. It also points out that the share of digital products in the portfolios of organizations has increased by seven years. It is likely that much of the demand and growth, we are seeing now can subside over time. Top Trends in Digital Transformation.

COVID-19 has changed the way we live.

Top Trends in Digital Transformation

While most businesses suffered in 2020 due to the pandemic, they slowly began to embrace digitalization to tide over the crisis. As a result, the digital transformation of businesses started accelerating by the end of 2020. What’s in store in 2021? Let us take a look at the key trends driving digital transformation this year. Technology, especially digital, saved us from a lot of hardships last year amidst the COVID-19 global healthcare crisis. Build Faster Apps with AWS Mobile Services. The mobile app development space is highly competitive.

Build Faster Apps with AWS Mobile Services

AWS Mobile Services offer a wide range of tools and services to build new-age apps to cater to the needs of mobile users. Know the best practices that can drive the success of your app. The world is increasingly becoming digitalized. Digital transformation has impacted the way businesses connect and engage with their customers. Best Programming Languages for Enterprise Applications. There are many programming languages in the world with each having its own pros and cons.

Best Programming Languages for Enterprise Applications

As 2022 is just a few months away, it is important to know the most popular programming languages used by developers and why they use them. Enterprises today have plentiful choices in programming languages. Accelerate Digital Transformation with Intelligent ERP. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software has come a long way since its introduction.

Accelerate Digital Transformation with Intelligent ERP

Originally designed as monolithic on-premise systems for managing inventories and supply chains in the manufacturing industry, they gradually spread their applicability to other departments and industries. From on-premise, ERP systems have moved onto the cloud and have now transformed into intelligent ERP powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). The ERP market is growing at a rapid phase.

The global market for cloud ERP solutions is projected to reach $101.1 billion by 2025 from $45.3 billion in 2020, at a CAGR of 17.4%. Growing demand among businesses to streamline business processes and improve operational efficiency, the COVID-19 pandemic impact, and the growing adoption of cloud-based technologies are some of the factors driving the ERP market. ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. The history of ERP systems dates back to 1960. ERP for the Public Sector: What to Look for? Choosing a new ERP system is not one that is easy.

ERP for the Public Sector: What to Look for?

More so in a public sector organization where the decision process is long and involves many people. Digital Tech to Help Fitness Trainers Expand Business. The advent of new digital technologies is changing the way we live our lives.

Digital Tech to Help Fitness Trainers Expand Business

Technology has transformed the way we communicate, shop, order food and entertain. Not surprisingly, it has also extended its influence on the way we exercise and keep fit. The digital fitness industry revenues in the United States are estimated to be at $3.6 billion. COVID-19 pandemic has further fueled its growth as people stayed at home for the most part of 2020. Most people don’t think of fitness clubs and gyms as pioneers of new technology. And we’re seeing a lot of advancements in technology adoption in the fitness industry.

At Gemini Consulting & Service, we can help you in the digitalization of your business. So, if you’re a fitness trainer or own a gym, and want to usher your business into the new normal then here are 5 ways you can leverage new technologies to sync your services with your member needs. AI/ML to Redefine the Music Streaming Industry. Wide scale penetration of smartphones, cheaper data and the advent of AI and other data science technologies are transforming the online music streaming industry like never before.

AI/ML to Redefine the Music Streaming Industry

Although the use of AI in music is not new, there are many significant developments and innovations in the journey forward. The music industry has always been one of the early adopters of new technologies. From the days of vinyl records, cassettes, CDs, Walkman, pen drives and MP3 players to music streaming apps like Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music etc., — it is fascinating how technology has transformed the industry in the last few decades. Grandview research estimates that global music streaming, which is valued at $20.9 billion in 2019, will expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 17.8% from 2020 to 2027.

The research cites the increasing popularity of digital platforms and wide scale adoption of smart devices as the key growth drivers during the forecast period. ERP for Banking: Integrate Data, Processes & Analytics. Digital technologies are having a profound effect on today’s banking players. Customer demands and new economic realities are compelling banks to leverage technological solutions. An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system can be a valuable ally to banks in their efforts to gain agility, drive operational efficiency and match customer expectations. The strategic priorities of banks have shifted from managing loans and risks to managing assets and providing financial services. How Big Data Can Transform E-Governance? Data is the new oil. The public sector, while still trailing behind the private sector, is increasingly becoming aware of the transformative power of big data and its applications in various areas of e-governance.

Big data, a term used for the massive amount of digital data collected from various sources, offers new opportunities for innovation, value creation, and decision making to any organization. Reduce Digital Risks and Secure Your Enterprise Data. A digital footprint is generally considered as an individual’s concern. However, with employees accessing emails, other company data and information on their personal devices, it has also become an employer’s concern due to the sensitive nature of the company data. More so when telecommuting is the new normal due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The digital footprints of your employees can be a huge company risk if it falls into the hands of cybercriminals. In today’s digital world and ‘Bring Your Own Device’ culture with ubiquitous Internet access, employers and employees face a ‘double-edged sword’ of technological progress and digital transformation. Every interaction or engagement on the internet creates a footprint giving hackers and cyber criminals an opportunity to trace it and carry out their nefarious designs. Embrace AI/ML to Enhance Digital Experience. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are used by enterprises to improve efficiency and enhance customer experience.

With many digital and social media companies embracing AI/ML, both technologies have begun to play a significant role in our day-to-day activities as well. Let’s find out where and how. AI and ML have gone mainstream. An IDC report projects revenues for the global AI market, including software, hardware, and services, to surpass $300 billion in 2024 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 17.1% in the 5-year period.

While the common perception is that AI & ML are advanced technologies used in complex business activities, these technologies are also changing our personal lives. Secure Smart Cities Through Data Encryption Best Practices. Data is at the core of smart cities. Privacy concerns among citizens and government regulations require this data to be secured. Data encryption can be an effective technique to secure smart city data and an approach driven by the best practices is the most efficient way to do this. As per a 2008 study by UNFPA, more than 50% of the world’s population lived in cities and towns.

Today, 1.3 million people per week are moving into these areas. The world is fast becoming urbanized. Smart cities are built around Information and Communication Technology (ICT) based infrastructure with the Internet of Things (IoT), AI and other advanced technologies. ERP: Digital Transformation in Healthcare. Healthcare organizations today are looking at ways to improve the quality of patient care, increase operational efficiency and enhance treatment outcomes. Education Sector: Manage Processes Better with ERP. Educational institutes usually have multiple departments, courses, staff and facilities like hostels, transport services, seminar halls, libraries etc.

Managing these is a very difficult, hard, and expensive task. Virtual Education: Embrace Digital for Today & Tomorrow. ERP Migration for SMEs in the Chemical Industry. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is the key to the process-centric chemical industry. An ERP system can help the industry manage its various processes efficiently. ERP for Media & Entertainment: Change the Way You Function. Top 5 Best Practices to Implement Cloud Native DevOps. Cloud native DevOps is a set of principles that describes how people work to build, deploy and manage apps in a cloud native environment.

Containers, microservices and Kubernetes have changed how people work. Top 5 Reasons to Use Golang for Enterprise Apps. Enterprises today have a plethora of language choices when it comes to building apps. One of the programming languages that has gained significant traction in recent years is Go or Golang. Working from Home? Tips to Maintain Work-Life Balance. COVID-19 has seriously altered the way we live and work. ERP for E-Governance: Driving Agility and Efficiency. Integration of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software for e-governance can help public sector organizations manage their services better and make them easily accessible to the citizens.

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